Mini LED Screen Manufacturer in China

Mini LED Screen Manufacturer in China

A wide range of mini LED screens with high refresh rates, high contrast ratios, and ultra-fine pitch designs are available at NSE.

  • Offering OEM/ODM services
  • With 2-year warranty
  • RoHS, FCC, CE, and ISO-certified
  • Worry-free pre-sales, sales, & after-sales service

NSE Mini LED Screen

Mini LED are a type of screen that has miniaturized LED backlights. Unlike other typical LED backlights, the mini LED screens have more efficiency and higher degrees of contrast ratio and localized dimming. Mini LED screens can display more vibrant and bolder colors.

NSE manufactures mini LED screens in various sizes, shapes, structure design, and other specifications. To meet your specific project or business needs, we can customize them to your exact requirements.

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p2 led display

Small pitch Mini LED screens are widely used in various indoor places because of their high resolution features

mini rental led display

Mini indoor rental LED screens, easy to operate, can be easily installed and removed. Can be reused in different events.

taxi led mini display

Mini car LED screens can be placed inside the car to help display some information, such as weather forecasts, car owner information, contact information, etc.

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Various Applications (5)

  • Our mini LED screens are ideal for use as an interior LED video wall for security monitoring. Usually, they have COB technology to enhance the longevity of mini LED screens.

  • The mini LED screens are used in conference rooms due to their high refresh rate, ultra-fine pitch design, and high contrast ratio. They can present exceptional images for the viewers.

  • For home cinema and to have an excellent visual experience, choose mini LED screens. They have over 160° of viewing angle that enables your viewers to enjoy watching.

  • Mini LED screens are commonly used for broadcasting because they can display excellent visual effects. They also have high grayscale and wide color gamut.

  • The mini LED screens are also widely used in airports, museums, planetariums, theme parks, 3D theatres, for sports and simulation.


The features of mini LED screens include:

  • Energy-efficient
  • Uses inorganic GaN or Gallium nitride
  • Better at resisting burn-in than OLED
  • Will not degrade over time like OLED screens
  • Deeper blacks
  • High brightness
  • High contrast ratio
hanging mini led display

Mini LED Improvements

Mini LED screens can provide darker and deeper blacks, richer colors, brighter brights, and higher contrast since there are more dimming zones and LEDs, which gives the display more control over what is shown on the screen.

Compared to the cold cathode fluorescent illumination that is previously utilized for LCD panels, the mini LED screens have more power efficiency.

Mini LED Screen Advantages Over Other LED Alternatives

The mini LED screens have a lot of advantages over other LED alternatives. Some of their advantages include:

  • richer color accuracy
  • brighter peak luminance
  • far better HDR performance as a result of the big increase in full array local dimming support
  • wider color gamuts
  • greater local dimming zones
  • less expensive
Mini LED Improvements

Your Professional Mini LED Screen Manufacturer – NSE

Your Professional Mini LED Screen Manufacturer – NSE
Your Professional Mini LED Screen Manufacturer

NSE is a global manufacturer that provides you one-stop mini LED screen solutions for enterprise, consumer, organization, and other sectors. We have been manufacturing since 2011 and our R&D capabilities and OEM services will help grow your more projects!

We can customize mini LED screens based on your required sizes, shapes, surface treatments, and other specifications. Your logo and other designs can also be printed on the LED screens.

Contact us for your custom mini LED screen projects.

Why Choose NSE Mini LED Screens?


The size of the mini LED screen’s chip is only one-tenth of the typical chip set. As a result, you can save a lot of material costs. Mini LEDs are soldered on the PCB directly. That results in reduced manufacturing costs or processes and saving on packing expenses.

Improved Protection

The mini LED screens have great reliability and protection. Their waterproof and dustproof grades can reach an IP54 rating. They are also protected from bumping effects and static.

Immersive Visual Experience

NSE designed the mini LED screens with HDR or high dynamic range display technology in order to provide the viewers with the most realistic image and videos.

Mini LED Screens for Automobile Displays

Mini LED screens are used in automobiles since they have

  • brightness control
  • fine granularity

Compared to OLED displays that have a problem with being too dim when viewed indirectly yet excessively bright when viewed directly, Mini LED screens do not have issues like that.

The mini LED screens are ideal for direct-view compact applications since they can be integrated with COB or “chip on board” that allows them to have more brightness and colors of each mini LED in the screen without needing an externally integrated driver. This kind of integration enables the mini LED screens great for direct-view applications.

Skyrocket Your Business with NSE Mini LED Screen!
Skyrocket Your Business with NSE Mini LED Screen!

At NSE, we manufacture mini LED screens that offer ultra-wide viewing angles, exceptional visual effect, and high contrast ratio. Our mini LED screens can provide viewers with outstanding visual experience from any viewing angles.

What is the Difference Between Micro and Mini LED Screen?

The main difference between micro and mini LED screens is that the micro LED screens uses a front-lit display while mini LED screens use an LED backlight to light up the display.

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