• Small Pixel Pitch LED Display (3)
  • Small Pixel Pitch LED Display (2)
  • Wall Mounted Smart Display (1)
  • Small Pixel Pitch LED Display (3)
  • Small Pixel Pitch LED Display (2)
  • Wall Mounted Smart Display (1)

  • Micro LED screens use microscopic LEDs for high-performance display with high brightness and contrast.
  • Micro LED screens are a next-generation display technology that uses microscopic LED arrays to produce high-brightness, high-contrast, and wide-color gamut images with a long lifespan, making them ideal for a range of applications, including consumer electronics, automotive, and commercial displays.

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Micro LED Screen Manufacturer

  • NSE is a leading micro LED screen manufacturer in China with more than 15 years of expertise.
  • We can provide ODM/OEM services and have strong R&D.
  • All of our products, including Micro LED screens have passed several certifications like FCC, ROHS, CE, and many more.

Micro LED Screen Application

NSE micro LED screen is widely used for:
  • AR/VR/MR
  • TVs
  • Automotive
  • Mobile Phones
  • Wearables
  • Tablets
  • Laptop
  • Large Video Display
Micro LED Screen Advantage
Micro LED Screen Application

Micro LED Screen Advantage

NSE is a professional manufacturer of micro LED screens with the following advantages:
  • Increased brightness
  • Long-life span
  • Low power consumption
  • Greater color fidelity
  • Wider contrast
  • Thinner
  • Lighter
How does a Micro LED screen work?

Each Micro LED in the screen emits its own light, which allows for precise control over the brightness and color of each pixel. This results in a high contrast ratio and improved color accuracy compared to other display technologies.

What are the advantages of Micro LED screens?

Micro LED screens offer several advantages over other display technologies, including high brightness, high contrast, wide color gamut, and low power consumption. They also have a long lifespan and are resistant to burn-in, which can be a problem with other display technologies.

How do Micro LED screens compare to OLED screens?

Micro LED screens and OLED screens are both self-emissive, meaning they don’t require a backlight. However, Micro LED screens have a higher brightness and longer lifespan than OLED screens. They also don’t suffer from the risk of burn-in which can be a problem with OLED screens.

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