Merry Christmas & Happy New Year-Best wishes from NSE Team

Time flies like an arrow, and the sun and the moon fly like a shuttle. I am very glad that after a year of hard work, everyone has ushered in the annual Christmas and New Year holidays. We are thankful to be a part of your business for another year and send you warm Christmas greetings. Wish all customers Good luck, good health, and good cheer. I wish you a happy New Year.

Christmas is also a festival of family reunion and celebration. Every family will decorate Christmas trees to increase the festive atmosphere. Christmas trees are generally made of evergreen trees such as fir and cypress, which symbolize the longevity of life. The tree is decorated with various lights and candles, colorful flowers, toys, stars, and various Christmas gifts are hung on the trees. It is known from many European and American customers that the decorations they hang on the Christmas tree every year will be kept intact, and they will be taken out and hung on the new Christmas tree the next year at Christmas. Therefore, many decorations are very old and also It is very memorable. While people feel the joy of Christmas now, they will also miss the family members who spent Christmas together in the past.

No matter which country Christmas is in, gifts are indispensable in the festival. In the past, people tied some small gifts to the branches of Christmas trees. During the festival, people shook the tree and these small desserts would fall to the ground. Later, as the meaning of the gifts gradually became more important and the gifts became heavier, people placed them under the Christmas tree. Because some family members and friends are far apart and cannot spend Christmas together, people will give each other Christmas cards on Christmas to express their wishes and care. Therefore, Christmas cards are also one of the must-have gifts for Christmas.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year-Best wishes from NSE Team

The wind is different for a hundred miles, and the customs are different for a thousand miles.”” Countries around the world have very different ways of welcoming the new year. On this day of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new, what is the difference between people from all over the world welcoming the new year?
In Germany, during the New Year, every household will place a fir tree and a horizontal tree, and the leaves will be filled with silk flowers, which means that the flowers are like brocade and the world is full of spring. At the last moment of New Year’s Eve, they climbed onto the chairs, and as soon as the zero o’clock bell rang, they jumped off the chairs and threw a heavy object behind the chairs to show that they had cast off the disaster and jumped into the New Year.

In Greece, on the first day of the new year, every Greek family makes a big cake with a silver coin inside. The host cuts the cake into several pieces and distributes them to family members or visiting relatives and friends. Whoever eats the cake with silver coins will become the luckiest person in the New Year, and everyone will congratulate him. In addition, on New Year’s Day, the Greeks who go out as guests will carry a big stone in their arms and throw it at the owner’s house when they enter the door, saying something in their mouth: “”I hope the owner’s purse is heavier than this stone…

New Year,

In Italy, Italians like to throw away old things when they welcome the new year. On New Year’s Eve, some people go crazy throwing everything out the window, including irons, tables and chairs, and, of course, trash. In the Italian countryside, people will bring buckets of spring water home on the morning of New Year’s Day, and put olive branches in the buckets. Such a bucket of spring water is not only a symbol of auspiciousness but also a good gift for relatives and friends. On New Year’s Day, every household in Italy traditionally burns a fire and keeps it on throughout the day, because they believe that fire comes from the sun, and turning off the fire on New Year’s Day will make the coming year “”dark.”
The customs of each country are very different. We also have many interesting New Year customs in China. Friends from all over the world are welcome to communicate with us.

Now that many overseas customers have entered the holiday, NSE will adhere to the principle of not disturbing customers if it is not necessary and hope that all overseas customers can have a happy holiday. During the customer holiday, we will use this time to review our work summary and improvement for this year. During this time, our main focus is on how to improve our customer service and develop new products to provide customers with more products in 2023. High-quality service brings a more pleasant LED display cooperation experience.
However, if you have any needs or questions about LED displays during this period, please feel free to contact us. NSE will continue to provide 7-24 hours of service, and we also have a large inventory for delivery, helping some customers who need led displays for some New Year events to receive the goods in time.

Last but not least, many thanks for your continuous support and understanding throughout the year. On the road to success, the rule s always to look ahead. May you reach your destination and may your Journey be wonderful; Wish you all the joys of Christmas and a prosperous New year filled with lots of Happiness, Health, and wealth.

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