Magnimage: Top 14 LED Display Software

Magnimage is a visionary leader dedicated to using advanced LED display software to transform visual experiences with innovative technology and innovation. Let’s delve into the Magnimage LED display software realm and uncover the brilliance that sets it apart.

The Magnimage LED-F7xx Series embodies limitless possibilities, offering a constellation of features for amplifying your LED display screen. The video wall controller, an LED display controller card software, orchestrates a symphony of visual brilliance, delivering various features designed to elevate your displays. The Creator R5 enables dynamic visual aesthetics for presentations.

Magnimage is a revered national high-tech enterprise with over 200 independent patents, and LED displays software copyrights, substantiating its position as an industry pioneer. With an unwavering commitment to serving over 6000 corporates and retailers, Magnimage has cultivated an industry-leading technical team.

Here are some Magnimage software for LED display boards and their key features: 

Magnimage LED-F7xx Series – Redefining Possibilities

The Magnimage LED F7 Series offers unparalleled connectivity with standard multiple input interfaces encompassing HDMI2.0, DP1.1, HDMI1.4, DVI, and Audio, opening vistas of creative potential. Elevate your content with support for HDMI loop-out, extending the reach and impact of your visuals.

Key Features

  • High-Definition Resolution: Elevate your displays with support for a single input port 4K x 2K 60Hz (HDMI2.0) resolution, ensuring crystal-clear clarity.
  • Multilayer Mastery: Ignite your creativity with the power to display four layers, granting depth and dynamism to your content.
  • Dynamic Subtitles: Enrich engagement with scrolling subtitles, seamlessly weaving informative narratives into your displays.
  • Network Expertise: Harness the prowess of a single network port that can support 650,000 pixels while bandwidth expansion capabilities extend to 1 million pixels.

Video Wall Controller 

The Video Wall Controller immerses you in full channel RGB 24bit 60HZ architecture, delivering vivid visual experiences. Embrace a resolution revolution with support for DP and HDMI 4K x 2K 60Hz input, complemented by DP’s 8K x 1K 60Hz capabilities.

Key Features

  • Creative Layering: Command creativity with single outputs supporting four separate layers and a high-definition background, enriching your canvas.
  • Caption Magic: Elevate content with Caption Overlay Function support, seamlessly integrating text for compelling narratives.
  • Effortless Management: Seamlessly save work scenes and promptly access templates, streamlining content creation for efficient displays.
  • Versatile Control: Embrace versatility with compatibility for multiple control devices, including IPAD and computer software, enhancing accessibility.

Creator R5

The Creator R5 enables easy interface navigation, granting access to functions and video output ports through a user-friendly design. Automated detection of connected video output ports lets you stay ahead, delivering insights at a glance.

Key Features

  • Support Various Video Formats: Creator R5 accommodates an array of video formats, ensuring compatibility with diverse content materials, from videos to pictures and more.
  • Dynamic Capture Control: Effortlessly capture multiple camera signals and execute PPT page flips, catering to a diverse range of creative and presentation needs.
  • Vivid Customization: Enrich content with color adjustments, mirror settings, special-shaped editing, angle rotations, and more, enhancing visual narratives.


Magnimage suite of LED display board software ignites your creativity and catapults your visual experiences to new heights. With a repertoire that includes the LED-F7xx Series, video wall controller, and Creator R5, Magnimage empowers you to reimagine the art of visual storytelling, making it a compelling choice for anyone seeking unparalleled excellence in LED display software.

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