LISTEN: Top 14 LED Display Software

LISTEN is an LED display software solution with a visionary enterprise commitment to transforming visual experiences. Since 2006, LISTEN has been powering LED innovations, delivering comprehensive solutions. With ISO9001, CE, and RoHS certifications, LISTEN guarantees excellence in every product. 

With a global reach spanning over 40 countries, LISTEN ensures superior customer support through its international offices and distributors. Its growth and achievements, including listing on the capital market are a testament to its dedication to LED display control software and industry-wide LED Display Projects.

Shanghai LISTEN VISION Technology INC. has launched three sub-brands under the LISTEN VISION umbrella—LISTEN Sports, LISTEN DIGIT, and LISTEN OPTO—to showcase the breadth of LISTEN’s expertise. 

These products span single and double-color LED display controllers, asynchronous and synchronous full-color LED display controllers, cloud platforms (APP, WIFI, Wireless communication), LED Video Processors, and LED Sports Scoring Software & hardware. Some of LISTEN’s LED display software and their respective features include:

LED MPlayer

LISTEN’s LED MPlayer is a marvel of versatility and performance, designed to deliver seamless visual experiences. 

Key Features

  • Support for single, double, and full-color displays, both RGB synchronous and asynchronous.
  • Broadcast at 30fps for smooth video playback and precise animations.
  • Instant playback within 1 second of powering on, eliminating waiting time
  • Zoom function for customizable display sizes between PC and LED screen.
  • High refresh rate (16K Hz), gray level (max.65536), and brightness for outstanding display quality
  • User-friendly software supporting dynamic text, animations, flash clocks, and videos

LED Player 6.0

LISTEN’s LED Player 6.0, introduced in 2015, revolutionizes the LED display experience with enhanced features that include:

  • Intuitive interface design for simplified operation.
  • Unique separate preview window for flexible editing.
  • Automatic alignment and regional adsorption support.
  • Real-time preview during restricted editing.
  • Addition of multiple background animations for captivating displays.
  • USB data file reading capability for convenience.
  • Automatic updates ensure the latest features and functionalities.
  • Powerful cluster management for seamless program deployment.
  • Streamlined control card selection process.
  • Unified software for Single, Double, Seven, and Full-color control cards.

LED Media Player

This LED display control software offers excellent configuration, control, and customization with an array of key features, including:

  • Screen Parameter: setting for ultimate control.
  • Test Display function: The Listen test display function allows you to experiment with patterns and colors.
  • Reset Parameter: This Listen LED display function is an option for quick resets.
  • Screen Grouping: Built for or efficient LED screen organization.
  • User Management capabilities.
  • Adjust time function for precise timing control.
  • Multi-function plate management for sensor integration.
  • Timing Strategy: The time strategy allows you to control brightness and power.


With its suite of software solutions designed to elevate visual displays, LISTEN LED display software is positioned as an innovative, quality, and versatile solution. Backed by a decade of expertise, a global presence, and a commitment to excellence, the LISTEN software suite features among the best software for LED display boards.

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