LED Video Wall Manufacturer in China

NSE is manufacturing LED video walls that are suitable to use in both outdoor and indoor applications. Our range of video walls delivers the highest resolution and good visibility under the sun. They are also fully customizable to match your exact requirements.

  • Provides ODM & OEM production services
  • Has 12 years of production experience
  • Wide range of applications, resolutions, & pixel pitches
  • Certified by ISO, ROHS, CE, & FCC

NSE LED Video Wall Manufacturer

The LED video walls from NSE are available in a variety of sizes, pixel pitches, resolutions, and shapes. Our LED video walls are ideal for various indoor, outdoor, and rental applications. They are commonly used in conference rooms, TV studios, command centers, sports venues, shopping malls, concerts, and many more.

Moreover, they can display ultra-high-definition videos and images so the viewers can have a spectacular viewing experience. They are the ideal way of sharing information, entertaining people, or promoting your brand.

Some of the features of the LED video walls include lightweight construction, ease of installation, dustproof, waterproof, excellent weather resistance, wide viewing angle, high-resolution display, long service life, durability, and more.

To meet your specific needs, we can customize the LED video walls in accordance with your required specifications. Feel free to contact us if you want customized solutions.

LED Video Wall

The cube LED video walls have four LED screens. Each LED screen can play video content in a smooth transition. Different content can also be displayed separately.

Outdoor Flat LED Video Wall

The outdoor flat LED video walls are water-proof, dust-proof, weather-resistant, moisture-proof, light, and thin. They have a seamless butt joint and die-casting aluminum edge.

DIP Front access LED Facade Screen

The LED video walls that have a front service are easy to maintain. They have ultra-light design, and delivers high-contrast and more fluid image movements.

curved led transparent led display

The Cylinder LED Video walls are made of soft LED modules, and can play 3D and surround video programs in a vivid performance.

Indoor Rental LED Stage Backdrop Screen

NSE Rental Type LED Video walls have innovative design, wide viewing angle, high brightness, high refresh rate, and are easy to install. They can be used for brand presentations, stage shows, and so on.

smd digital led display

The outdoor advertising LED video walls can be used for shopping mall advertising, road advertising, and other advertising applications. They have IP65 protection, high-definition display, and low power consumption.

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NSE LED Video Wall Advantages

High Contrast Rate

NSE LED Video wall use brand IC to drive the screen with High contrast rate, that with vivid image and video performance.

Easy to Install
Easy to Install

NSE LED video walls have a light weight. Due to that, they can be installed easily. They can be wall-mounted, hung, or base-mounted easily.


The LED video walls can display crisp and high-resolution images and videos. They have high-resolution displays when viewed from a close or far distance.


NSE has the expertise in manufacturing custom LED video walls to satisfy the customers’ needs and we will follow every specification that you provide.

Why Choose NSE LED Video Wall

  • Quality Control – NSE performs a strict quality inspection at each stage of the manufacturing process of the LED video walls. Some of the quality inspections we have performed include raw materials, quantity, brightness, size, waterproof performance test, and more.
  • Provides OEM Services – NSE has excellent manufacturing capabilities, advanced manufacturing equipment, 12 years of manufacturing experience, and an expert R&D team. Therefore, we are capable of producing LED video walls to your specifications. We are providing OEM & ODM services to promote your business or brand.
  • Warranty – All of our LED video walls are covered by a minimum of a 2-year warranty. If there are issues with the quality of the LED displays within the warranty period, we can give free maintenance service. We also have continuous after-sales service.
  • Quality Standard – The LED video walls have passed the CE, ISO, RoHS, FCC, and other global quality standards.
Standard P4 LED Screen

NSE LED Video Wall Highlights

  • Largest Venues – When the viewers are a long distance away, displaying seamless, huge, and high-resolution videos and images are important. The LED video walls from NSE are suitable for large venues. They have wide viewing angles and high visibility.
  • Highest Resolution – When viewed from close distances, the LED video walls still display high-resolution content. Some of our LED displays have pixel pitches as small as 0.6mm for high-detail images and videos.
  • Ruggedization & Interactivity – The LED video walls can be added with a proprietary protective coating so they will have more durability in high-traffic conditions. They can also be added with a 32-point simultaneous touch system for interactive LED touch solutions.

What We Offer

Indoor LED Video WallsNSE offers a diverse range of indoor LED video walls in a variety of pixel pitches, sizes, and resolutions. They can display high-resolution content even when viewed from a close distance.

Outdoor LED Video Walls – Our outdoor LED video wall products have a high level of brightness so the content will be visible even under the bright sun.

LED Video Walls for Rental & Staging – The LED video walls for rental and staging applications are designed to have ease of installation, lightweight construction, and exceptional color quality.

Custom LED Video WallsNSE manufactures custom LED video walls that meet your exact specifications.

What We Offer

Choose NSE LED Video Wall for Your Business

Choose NSE LED Video Wall for Your Business1
Choose NSE LED Video Wall for Your Business1

NSE is a professional manufacturer of LED video walls for 12 years. We have a complete range of LED video walls, from high-resolution indoor LED walls to outdoor and rental LED walls. They can give the viewers a spectacular viewing experience due to their high-resolution display, wide viewing angle, excellent performance, and great visibility. Also, they have different types of installations such as standing, hanging, or wall mounting.

All of our LED video walls can be customized to your specifications. You can send us your specifications such as pixel pitch range, maximum viewing distance, service access, size, resolution, and others. We c

Our LED video walls also have a 2-year warranty. They comply with the ISO, CE, FCC, RoHS, and other international quality standards.

Leave us a message for your inquiries.

NSE LED Video Wall

NSE LED Video Wall

The LED video walls can be used for a wide range of outdoor and indoor applications such as:

  • Corporate areas
  • Retail
  • TV studios
  • Sports venue
  • Stadium
  • Concert venue
  • Transportation signage
  • Storefront advertising
  • Rental & staging applications
stage led display

The LED video walls have a lot of features such as:

  • Ease of installation
  • Excellent brightness
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Lightweight & durable
  • Weather-resistant
  • Dust-proof & water-proof
  • High-resolution

Custom LED Video Wall to Skyrocket Your Business

Fine Pitch LED Display

The P1.875 LED Video Walls are featuring lower power consumption, auto-adjusting brightness technology, and aluminum die-casting technology. They are suitable for indoor high-definition application

P2.5 Thin LED Screen

The P2.5 LED video walls have an ultra-thin and ultra-light design. They also have a synchronized control system, cable-free design, and high-resolution display.

P4 Thin LED Screen

The P4 indoor LED video walls have outstanding visual performance, high reliability, and a high-resolution display. They are lightweight and have a slim design.

Indoor P5 Fixed Installation LED Display Panel

The P5 outdoor LED video wall has a wide viewing angels, lower power consumption, and efficient heat disipation. They are very light and easy to install.

P10 DIP Full Color LED Display

The P10 outdoor LED video walls are commonly used for outdoor advertising. They can be used in exhibitions, stages, stations, stadiums, KTV, airports, and other outdoor places. Also, they are protected from weather conditions.

NSE – Professional LED Video Wall Supplier
NSE – Professional LED Video Wall Supplier

NSE is a leading manufacturer of LED video walls for rental, indoor, and outdoor applications. Since 2011, we have been producing high-quality LED displays at competitive rates. We are supplying them to more than 100 countries. No matter where you are, we can deliver them to you.

  • “If you are looking for a supplier of LED video walls that you can trust, let me introduce NSE to you! We have been teaming up with NSE for many years. Their after-sales services, OEM services, and high-quality LED video walls really help my business improve! NSE is really professional and trustworthy!”

  • “I would highly recommend NSE to anyone who needs LED video walls. Their LED video walls are durable and have a long service life. Aside from that, they can truly customize the LED video walls to your exact specifications.”

  • “NSE really never disappoint us with their LED video walls. The LED video walls that we got from them are all customized in accordance with my requirements. They help my business grow.”

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