LED video wall in USA school

Location: USA

Application scenario: School

Product: 5 indoor LED poster screens

Recently, we have received feedback from American customers. They are very satisfied with the products and technical service support we provide. They said that the LED video wall we provided has brought a new experience to the school and decorated the campus environment. We are also very grateful to the customer for our support and trust.

LED video wall in USA schoolDigital LED Poster–Popular LED Display USA

Our LED poster screen is the most popular product. According to annual data, the United States accounts for the largest share of LED poster screen sales. So what are the characteristics of LED poster screens?

1. High-quality and durable screen with a unique design

NSELED has 13 years of experience in developing LED poster screens. The raw materials used for LED poster screens are all of high quality, and the lamp beads are of high quality. Even indoor LED poster screens are brighter than other poster screens. , the outer frame is aluminum, which is not only beautiful but also moisture-proof and rust-proof. Outdoor LED poster screens have excellent performance in terms of waterproof performance, and NSELED has mature glue-filling technology. After glue filling, the screen surface is not afraid of flying sand, rocks, and scratches.

In terms of appearance, NSELED has a unique design, which stands out among many LED poster screens and brings a different feeling to customers. It is ultra-light and ultra-thin, with a screen thickness of less than 5mm, and has wheels on the bottom, making it very convenient to move. The gap between the screens is less than 3mm after splicing, which is visually comfortable. It is precisely because of these characteristics that more and more customers continue to choose us.

2. In stock in the United States, delivery and repair are convenient

To better facilitate customers, we established NSELED USA in the United States, set up showrooms and warehouses with our partners, and continuously improved our team. Now we can provide customers with delivery, installation, equipment debugging, maintenance, and after-sales service. As long as the customer needs it, our local team can provide you with many complete services. And our LED posters will provide module spare parts. When there is a fault, customers can ensure the availability of the entire screen by replacing only one module.

3. Flexible and convenient to use, plug and play

The biggest feature of LED poster screens is their flexibility. Each one has a separate control box and built-in WIFI. It can be switched between single use and multiple use at any time according to the needs of customers, bringing more benefits to customers. Free choice and combination. Our LED poster screen only needs to be installed on the base, and it can be plugged in and used. The software operation is also very simple. It can be operated through mobile phones, computers, and tablets. The screen can be connected or controlled through WIFI, 4G, network cables, HDMI, and USB, which is very smart and convenient.

4. Support customization and can be personalized

To meet the needs of different customers, NSELED not only launches standard models, but also supports customization in terms of dot pitch, screen size, and installation method, giving customers more possibilities. As long as you dare to imagine, we can produce it. For example, the LED poster screen can be double-sided, with a bracket that can adjust the tilt angle, and the screen height can also be adjusted. Customization is equivalent to providing customers with unique products, allowing customers to enjoy customized services while also adding the particularity of customer content.

NSELED–Professional Importer of LED Displays in USA

As a Chinese LED display manufacturer, NSELED has been serving international customers, most of whom are European and American customers. Of course, many customers from all over the world have chosen us. So why do customers trust us so much and choose us?

1. High-quality and beautiful design

Many of our products have passed Rohs, CE, FCC certification and have been recognized by many countries, and we conduct 72 hours of non-stop aging testing before shipment to ensure that the screen is perfect when it reaches the customer. of. Many customers have also reported that our screens are still being used after 5 or 6 years. For example, NSELED’s flexible screen case at Incheon Airport in South Korea is still in use after 6 years, and the display effect is still as good as new.

2. Localized services, more convenient and secure

NSELED has national offices and has set up exhibition halls and service centers in Milan, Italy, the United States, Japan, Dubai, Libya, Latin America, and Ecuador. It is convenient for interested customers to visit nearby exhibition halls and learn about screen information. To facilitate future after-sales service. Installation services are supported in Europe and the United States. In the future, more partners will join us and open showrooms and service centers in more regions to better serve customers everywhere.

3. Various types, of support customization

NSELED not only has LED poster screens, but we also have almost all LED products. Even special-shaped screens can be customized for you. For example, spherical LED screens, flexible LED screens, etc. NSELED has provided many customers with a wide range of indoor and outdoor creative display LED screen solutions over the past 13 years, and has rich experience.

4. Customer-centric

NSELED adheres to customer-centricity and considers customer needs. First, it can be reflected in the customized services. Second, NSELED provides pre-sales and permanent after-sales services. If you have any questions before the sales, you can consult our sales staff. They will answer you in detail and provide help. After-sales, as long as If you have any questions, please contact us. Our sales staff and engineers will provide remote online technical service support and the localized office will provide offline technical service. You can rest assured that NSELED as a brand will always exist and continue to improve itself in the process.

Regarding the improvement of technology, NSELED participates in many international exhibitions every year. First, at the exhibition, it can establish face-to-face contact with customers and better understand their needs and ideas. Second, NSELED displays new products and new technologies every year, so that customers can see See our growth.

What LED screens does NSELED have in the United States?

1. Digital LED poster

As mentioned above, many customers in the United States have purchased our LED poster screens. Customers use LED poster screens to participate in exhibitions or events and for in-store and outdoor advertising displays. Its easy-to-move, plug-and-play features reduce a lot of installation and operation time for customers and bring them an excellent experience.

2. Car advertising

NSELED’s Taxi Top LED screens are also loved by many customers. They can be used as advertising carriers to make good use of the space on the roof. Our taxi screens are double-sided and have a wide viewing screen that can be seen by pedestrians on both sides of the road. The screen is high-definition and bright, and the picture is still clearly visible even at noon when the sun is the brightest. We also support custom sizes and provide different frame color options, and customers can also add their logo on the outside of the screen. NSELED’s taxi top LED screen has cooperated with LYFT, and many customers have purchased taxi LED screens, which have become one of the best-selling products.

Of course, NSELED also provides a transparent rear window screen, which utilizes the space of the rear window of the car and has a transparency of up to 80%. You can also clearly see the environment and vehicles outside the car from inside the car without blocking the view. It is very safe. The transparent rear window screen, can provide good advertising effects and reflect personal style.

3. Indoor wall-mounted LED screen

NSELED also has many wall-mounted LED display USA projects, providing many American customers with excellent video walls in the United States. NSELED’s wall-mounted LED screens are easy to install, and we also provide customers with detailed installation video tutorials to help customers complete installation better and faster. The wall-mounted video wall is modular and can provide maintenance, installation, and disassembly before magnetic suction. , can achieve the effect of seamless splicing.

4. Store window LED screen

NSELED also provides window LED screens for many retail stores, including hanging window LED screens and transparent window LED screens. Both types of window screens are high-brightness and can be lit up during the day or night. They are also ultra-light and thin, saving window space. The picture on the screen can be seen from the outside of the transparent LED display window screen without completely blocking the picture in the store. You can also clearly see the outside picture from inside the store, which not only adds color to the window but also does not affect the view of the window. NSELED’s window LED screens can customize the size and shape of the screen according to the size of different windows, providing customers with good solutions.

What is a shop window LED display (2)Of course, NSELED not only has these screens but also has projects in the United States. As an importer that can provide LED display USA, you can contact us at any time as long as you have projects related to LED display USA. NSELED will provide you with professional and complete services. For more information, you can also consult: sales@nseled.com

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