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LED Standee Display Supplier in China

NSE provides high-quality LED standee displays for corporate lobbies, theaters, retail stores, Car 4S shops, hotels and bank purposes. The LED standee display can be customized to your specific requirements:

  • Plug and Player LED display
  • Easy move and installation
  •  Custom shapes based on your requirements
  • Multi-functions

NSE LED Standee Display

NSE LED standee display is an edge-to-edge screen available in aisle shape. However, NSE can produce other shapes too. These displays are ideal for sale promotion due to their dynamic and appealing visuals. Typically, they are placed outside to catch the attention of the customers.

At NSE, we can customize the LED standee display according to your requirements. You can specify your ideal orientations and sizes for your marketing and promotional based purposes. All of our LED standee displays are manufactured from high-quality materials through our state-of-the-art machines.

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thin double side led display

The double-sided LED standee display has two digital screens for double ad exposure. These tools are ideally suited for information display and retail advertising.

LED Standee Display with Mirror

NSE produces an LED standee display with a stylish mirror. It is the best way to integrate technology into an elegant interior. It can also be customized to your specifications.

LED Poster Standee

NSE provides high-quality LED poster standee with many benefits such as high contrast ratio and high refresh rate. It can guarantee a wide viewing angle for an excellent visual experience.

Interactive Touch LED TV

It provides information in physical copies and digital format. These displays can create professional and interactive business environments. Sleek and slim design guaranteed.

P2.5 Digital Standee

Our P2.5 digital standee can guarantee wide viewing angles and front and back service access. Our P2.5 digital standee is manufactured from high-quality materials with a long life span.

LED Standee Display for Events

NSE has all sizes of LED standee displays for events. The LED standee display is also suitable for party halls, functions, and hotels. You can guarantee high-quality and reliable performance.

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Why NSE LED Standee Display

Superior Display Quality
Superior Display Quality

Perfect for promoting schemes, campaigns, and communication for educational institutions like universities and schools.

Versatile Installation
Versatile Installation

Numerous installations for LED standee display such as hanging installation, base standing installation, bracket standing, etc.


The LED standee display can be plugged with a USB in order to upload content such as videos and images.

High Brightness
High Brightness

Available in P2.5 and P1.9 for numerous resolution needs. Our LED standee display can guarantee high brightness.

Excellent Features

NSE manufactures reliable LED standee displays with the following features:

  • LED Signage Bezel: Perfect for your promotional application.
  • Multiple Installation: Bracket standing, base standing, hanging, wall-mounted, creative installation.
  • Easy Plug-and-Play: Install – Fix – and light up the screen.
  • PowerBox: It is embedded with a powerful and convenient eight-core SOC (System-On-Chip) media player.
  • Wide Viewing Angle: Maintains realistic image color even from the edges.
Excellent Features


NSE LED standee display is a perfect solution for traditional backlight signage, posters, and printout banner replacement. It is manufactured with the following benefits:

  1. It reduces costs by replacing slower, less efficient, and costly distribution information via printed methods.
  2. It increases sales through awareness of services, products, promotions, new offerings, etc.
  3. Merchandising that creates virtual product presentations.
  4. Improves customer experience through showing videos and giving new ideas about the services and products.

Multi- Mounting and Installation Options

Mount horizontally or vertically? No problem. NSE LED standee display is designed to be mounted horizontally and vertically. The content can be shown in either landscape or portrait mode. Thus, you can create your ideas and place the standees anywhere in your location.

NSE is a leading LED standee display manufacturer in China you can trust. We provide OEM and ODM production services to support your business. Our LED standee display can guarantee quality certifications like FCC, ROHS, and CE.

Multi- Mounting and Installation Options

Choose NSE LED Standee Display

Choose NSE LED Standee Display
Choose NSE LED Standee Display

NSE LED standee display is a perfect way for large format outdoor and indoor full-color real-life-like content display. A durable display that can resist testing of weather conditions and bright ambient.

We supply a wide range of high-quality LED standee displays with cost-effective and timely delivery. The device provides true color performance that can support full HD resolution and a realistic viewing experience.

NSE is capable of manufacturing high-quality LED standee displays at affordable prices since we own an advanced fabrication factory. We can produce customize LED standee displays to your specific needs.

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NSE LED Standee Display


The LED standee display is widely utilized in many industries, such as:


Our LED standee display provides features that maximize client value and gain business growth. These are:

  • Attractive display and slim appearance
  • Eye-catching images
  • Magnificent visual experience
  • Easy maintenance
  • User-friendly
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Designed with slim depth and simplicity

NSE LED Standee Display for Various Industries

Educational Institution

NSE LED Standee display is the best solution for educational institutions because it promotes campaigns, schemes, and communication. It offers a dynamic display of every information regarding campus information, curriculum, faculties, and courses.

Food & Beverages

Food and beverages industries utilized LED standee displays as a strategy to improve eatery expanding revenues and innovative pictures. These standees are made of high-quality materials that can be customized in different sizes.


The standee provides an impressive and eye-catching digital display that can showcase surgical schedules and different information for visitors, patients, and staff. The LED standee display is ideal for healthcare areas due to its size modification and material supremacy.

LED Standee Display Expertise
LED Standee Display Expertise

NSE LED Standee Display with Customized Branding and Color. We Provide a Complete Viewing Experience with Excellent Audio Quality.

  • I really appreciated the quality services of the NSE company. They always support on-call availability and never disappoint us. Also, they always provide us with the latest and long-lasting LED display products.

  • NSE is highly recommended for LED standee display sources in China. They provide us with high-quality displays that helped me enlarge my business.

  • I would consider NSE as the only manufacturer of LED displays for my business. Their team provides us with unbeatable products and services. They never misguide or manipulate us. NSE also provides the same specifications and quality as what they are committing, resulting in our satisfaction.

LED Standee Display

An LED standee display is a digital signage consisting of a flat screen displayed or mounted on a stand to show content. A digital LED standee display is used to advertise, entertain, inform, and communicate with customers about particular products or brands.

Usually, the LED standee display manufacturers will customize these screens depending on your unique requirements.

Factors Determining LED Standee Display Price

The price of digital standee displays varies depending on the manufacturer and the features of the LED standee display.

Size of Display Screen

There are different sizes of led standee displays i.e., 55 inches, 43 inches, and 32 inches. The larger the size of the LED standee display the higher the cost. This is because a larger LED screen requires more modules, thus making it more expensive. The cost of the LED standee display increase as the size increase.

Pixel Pitch in Digital LED Standee Display

Pixel pitch determines how clear and sharp the images or videos appear from a distance. Screens with smaller pixel pitch are more expensive than larger pixel pitch because they require more modules of LEDs per square meter. This makes it more expensive than a larger pixel pitch.

Purpose (LED Display for Indoors or Outdoors)

Outdoors LED standee is more expensive due to the extra protection that outdoor display requires. It requires protection from ultraviolet rays, wind, and rain thus making it more expensive than indoor display.

Standee Display Screen Resolution

Resolution determines if a full-color led standee display will have high-quality images or videos. The higher the resolution, the higher the cost. This is because higher resolution requires more pixels per unit area. That is, it requires more Diodes which are needed to create images and videos. Increasing the resolution of a screen increases the cost of an LED standee display.

Additional Features

When led standee displays have additional features and improvements like brightness, viewing angle, contrast ratio, color gamut, control software, and weatherproofing. These additional features affect the price of LED standee display.

Features of LED Standee Display

  • Touchscreen – LED standee display touch screen enable users to access and get the information they need and engaged with the display.
  • Motion sensor – LED standee display has a monitor sensor that detects the movement of customers and it starts to play enabling the customers to engage more.
  • Plug and play mode – Digital standee comes with a ready-to-use plug and play mode and thus does not require any software to install the panels.
  • Portable and lightweight – It can be easily transported and moved to a different location due to its lightweight.
  • Intelligent Operation system – Digital Led standee display comes with admin control to manage and supervise content.
  • In-built speaker – LED standee display has an inbuilt speaker to increase engagement with customers and add ads that speaks.
  • Multi-function – LED standee display can show different ads on the same screen frame.


LED standee display contributes a lot to business and enhances customers’ engagement, boosts brand, and increases sales. It offers a great range of marketing and advertising. LED standee display comes in different sizes, shapes, screen patterns, and models.

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