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Taking my personal experience as an example, vivid and dynamic LED screens will always catch my eye. If you are looking for fresh equipment to make a long impression at a trade show, why not take a look at our new favorite LED Screen Posters when conventional print no longer works.

A LED screen poster is a self-contained screen used to present videos or images both indoors and outdoors, allowing you to link up to 6 or more pieces to add more personality. In this article, we will share the successful cases and pros of LED posters in trade shows.

led poster for exhibition

NSELED Poster in the USA Exhibition

What Are the Successful Cases Of NSE LED Screen Posters At Exhibitions?


LED posters are getting popular in trade shows or exhibitions thanks to their improving light-emitting diode (LED) technology. In the past years, NSE LED posters have serviced numerous trade shows around the world. Let us take a look at which exhibitions they attended in the past month.

  • P3 LED Screen Posters at the U.S. Trade Show

From April 26 to 28, NSE P3 LED poster serviced at the 2022 Entelec Conference & EXPO. The Enteric is the premier energy operator member association held annually. Our P3 LED poster helps our U.S. customers stand out and grab the attention of passing visitors.

The NSE P3 LED poster series is definitely the uncrowned king among all LED screens. It includes indoor and outdoor LED posters with breathtaking high resolution, plug &play, easy control on the app, and unlimited content formats. This ultra-lightweight LED poster is ready to go with your next exhibit.
Take a closer look at the pictures on spot. The U.S. customers connected 5 units to form a large video wall, creating an immersive space fit for their needs. Actually, LED posters in current markets support 6 units linked together. What sets NSE apart from other competitors is that our LED posters can be daisy-chained up to 10 units regardless of indoor or outdoor LED posters.

USA led poster for exhibition

NSELED Poster in the USA Exhibition


  • P2.5 Customized Digital LED Screen Poster at the Canada Trade Show

Previously, we reported our P2.5 customized digital LED poster at a Canada trade show. Given the existing conditions, our expert team recommended our indoor P2.5 LED poster in a customized size of 640*2400mm. In this way, our indoor LED poster can match and brighten up their brand at the show.
Apart from the lightweight frame and adequate brightness, the P2.5 LED poster balances a stunningly high resolution and a viewing from 2.5 meters, allowing for a pleasurable reading experience at a closer distance.

What Are The Pros Of LED Screen Posters For Exhibitions?
  • Attention-grabbing

When visitors are easier to perceive and understand your content, they are more likely to be curious about your brand and approach your booth in turn. As one of the trendsetters, NSE designed and created this all-in-one LED poster to help exhibitors to captivate their targeting audience, making a long-lasting impression. This stylish LED screen poster is insanely identical to your working goals as a marketer.

  • Reusable and Eco-Friendly

The LED screen posters are built to conform to Eco-friendly ideas. With a couple of simple clicks, you can change your featured products and marketing plan whenever and wherever you like. For example, if you are a marketer in the outdoor sporting industry, this smart LED screen poster will go with you from IWA, ISPO to Outdoor Retailer Summer.

In fact, LED posters use less power than fluorescent lighting options or LCD screens. NSE adopts the latest SMD to help you consistently deliver message without a rest. You won’t worry about the environmental issues while having your LED screen poster run for a long time. This is why it is well received by vast nature lovers around the world.

  • Stable and Sturdy

LED posters or LED poster mirror LED screens consist of outdoor LED poster series and indoor LED display series. Our outdoor LED posters are designed to be used in outdoor conditions all year round and have been tested in the most adverse lab tests. You will certainly see the screen clearly in the bright daylight with the brightness of over 5,000 nits. The compact aluminum frame makes it more sturdy and more elegant than ever.

  • Customizable

You must have seen too many LED posters the same in frame color and size when you visit trade shows. At NSE, we offer customization services at the size, and frame color to match your own brand, and we can even print your logo if needed. So you can tell your brand’s story in the most dynamic way!

  • High Returns on Investment

When you decide to invest in LED poster mirror LED screens, you will get a powerful device to beat other competitors at a trade show. Buying LED posters from NSE allows you to possess the plug and play, easy remote control, and daisy chain features. The latest visual technology is all at your fingertip. Buy one today and enhance the FUTURE of your brand tomorrow.

Nseled poster from canada

NSE LED Poster in Canada

Choose NSE As Your LED Screen Poster Supplier


Whether you are looking for regular LED poster mirror LED screens, or customized ones, you will always find a solution at NSE. Our competence has been proven in the most core fields of LED screens.

We offer:


NSE Factory

  • Latest improved LED screen poster. All of our LED screen poster features attention to detail and a commitment to quality. Both NSE indoor and outdoor LED posters are characterized by ultra-slim, ultra-light and stunningly elegant frame. With our improved technology, you can even connect up to 10 LED posters to fit your needs.
  • Customizable service. You can specify the size, frame color and other dimensions to better match your company idea. We can print your brand logo on the frame and it’s all up to you. Talk to us if you want to custom LED poster mirror LED screens. Let NSE help you create your own stylish booth!
  • 7/24 service. We pride ourselves on building and maintaining relationships with our clients at a 24-hour unparalleled service. Our talented experts have vast experience in LED poster solutions for trade shows. Have a trade show coming up? We can help you create your customized LED screen poster.
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