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NSE is a company with full integration of industry chain resources. We can offer an advantageous price for some LED screens as we have advanced production equipment and a strong supplier system. NSE follows an international standardized production process and implements strict control and quality control on our products. We can offer you an LED screen facade with some excellent features such as:

  • Bearable of all-weather
  • Super-high Brightness
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Easy to Install

NSE LED Screen Facade

The function, design, and the effects of your exterior building are the factor to ensure that you’re building or establishment is operating at a high level. If you want to have lights to contrast and enhance the visibility and security of your building, you might need to install a LED screen façade.

NSE is a leading provider of digital media building facades that are effective to convey messages, creating attention, communicating emotions, and facilitating orientation. Creating and adopting an LED façade screen will help your location to become safer and more attractive.

Transparent Indoor LED Screen

NSE can manufacture a 60%-70% transparency of this transparent LED screen façade, making a look-through more convenient for the group of people inside and outside. The LED lamps of these transparent are totally tiny that provide a semi-invisible look from outside of the establishments. We can also provide a compact and lightweight design of transparent LED screens that are very suitable for any building’s glass walls.

DIP Front access LED Facade Screen

The DIP outdoor front maintenance waterproof LED facade screen is suitable for a wide range of outdoor applications. High brightness, high contrast ratio, brilliant and realistic images, high protection capacity. Corrosion and oxidation resistant, long service life. Quick and easy assembly and disassembly system for front maintenance, saving loading and unloading time, etc.

DIP Front access LED Facade Screen

SMD front access LED Facade Screen usually means that the LED display modules are fixed using magnetic adsorption and when maintenance is required, the module requiring maintenance is removed from the front using suction cups. This approach not only makes the screen thinner and lighter, saving space, but is also very easy to maintain.

Super Thin LED Facade Screen

The super slim LED display is the newly released high brightness and high-resolution product from NSELED’s innovation in cabinet design. It is a new display designed specifically for customers who do not have much space in their installation locations and has a more beautiful appearance.

p4 led screen

Small pitch LED screen is used in building facades, which can display a wide variety of information such as icons, videos, text, animations, pictures, etc.. It supports remote debugging and changing the broadcast content, which is suitable for customers with high requirements on display effect.

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Why NSE LED Screen Façade Manufacturer

Individually Programmable Pixels
Individually Programmable Pixels

Some are using LED lighting elements for illuminative decoration on their roof, pillar, and corner but it doesn’t have the capability on playing videos on every wall. NSE can provide those excellent features and advantages with LED façade screens. This façade screen has individually programmable pixels that give infinite possibilities on every wall corner.

No Limitless
No Limitless

The capacity to install a LED façade screen is not limitless. In able to play videos on LED facades and provides a highlight to the building, a LED media façade must be at least hundreds of sq meters, of sometimes maybe around thousands of sq meters is required to cover whole corner and surfaces. With NSE, you can choose the type of media façade depending on your building size capacity.

High Transparency
High Transparency

It is very important that the natural light of the glass walls is free from blocking when installing a LED media screen façade over the glass. NSE offers a high-transparency LED screen façade that resolves that kind of problem on your glass walling. Using a high-transparency LED screen facade is also very ideal in the situation where you turn on the lights, it automatically makes the media façade invisible.

Ultra-Lightweight and Slim
Ultra-Lightweight and Slim

This ultra-lightweight design of our LED screen façade brings multiple advantages such as reducing the risk of the screen dropping, saving shipping & installation, and unnecessary heavy & big structure support. As it is also featured as ultra-slim, these LED media façades can optimize space after installation.



Easy to Install & Maintain
Easy to Install & Maintain

You must use a stable LED screen media product when fixing and hanging a LED screen media façade in a very high building. NSE provides this easy-to-install & easy maintenance LED screen facades that are very ideal for installation and maintenance activity. An easy-to-install and maintain LED screen facade surely matters to every owner/user.

Centralized Controlling
Centralized Controlling

We offer LED screen media facades with a centralized controlling system that is very essential when installing big and multiple LED facades on several corners and surfaces. With this advanced centralized controlling system, it is not necessary for you to build some control centers. This feature surely takes you the great advantages when using an LED screen façade.


The NSE LED screen façade has high brightness and high-resolution features that provide a great video performance within your walls. Our high-resolution and high-quality LED facades screen will bring an excellent visual experience for everyone who sees it. A high-resolution LED can also provide beyond reality visual experience.

Weather Resistance
Weather Resistance

Most of the media façade is installed outside of the building where it is surely exposed to rain, UV, and salt spray if close to the sea. On investing in a LED façade media screen, it is very important that you considered the weatherproof of the product to secure a longer life span of your LED façade. NSE can ensure the quality and weather resistance of our LED screen façade products.

LED Facade Screen Features

  • High Brightness
  • Front maintenance
  • Super slim, lightweight
  • Long Viewing Distance
  • High resolution
  • Long life span
  • IP65 Waterproof level
  • Easy installation&control
LED Facade Screen Features
LED Facade Screen Features

Application for the LED Facade Display

LED Facade display screen applied to the building facade has been spread in various cities, mostly used in the city’s busy areas of the high wall facade, not only energy-saving lighting, but also to promote, and convey information, the display can be used in urban landmarks, municipal buildings, car 4s store, office building facades, commercial streets, etc…

The more obvious feature is that it can be used as a medium to help the company to promote, can present the details of the product with the help of pictures, videos, and other forms, display advertising, new product promotion, event notification, attract more people to pay attention to.

Maintenance of LED Facade Screen

The maintenance mode of LED display is divided into front maintenance and rear maintenance.

Front maintenance: the larger feature of front maintenance is to save space, will not leave too much place as a maintenance channel. So the front maintenance can reduce the overall thickness of the structure, can be well integrated with the surrounding building environment, and also ensure the effect of saving space at the same time.

Rear maintenance: Rear maintenance the greater benefit is slightly lower price, for those large LED full-color display installed in the building facade, shall be designed with maintenance channel, maintenance personnel can carry out maintenance and overhaul from the back of the screen body.

LED Pixel Dot

Why Choose NSE LED Screen Facade

Why Choose NSE LED Screen Facade
NSE- Reliable Big LED Screen Supplier

NSE can cover up a glass surface inside or outside of establishments or buildings. NSE offers a complete build, design, and service installation for all LED media screen façades. We packed our LED products very well with cartons, flight cases, or wooden cases to secure safe delivery. We also accept customization of packaging according to your command and instructions.

We are a high-tech enterprise that is integrated with sales & system integration, production, maintenance, design, and scientific research. Our company also specialized in different LED screen products. We strictly implement proper checking and testing for all of our LEDs to secure quality product results.

NSE LED Backdrop Screen

NSE LED Backdrop Screen

In late decades, buildings are conspicuous during the night. But as years pass, screen technology and LED video lighting is being designed to create more dynamic effects and concepts in the field of architecture.

NSE helps to create urban landscapes and enhance the beauty and identity of different buildings with their great capability of providing LED media screen facades. LED screen facades are also important in presenting the brand and culture of the business you are dealing with.

Branding Your Architecture and Business

All companies want to build their brand reputation from their headquarters and retail outlets by creating architectural icons. In some modern cities, it is very common to see signs and some traditional advertising LED displays on their buildings. But you will just forget that for a while.

The question is, what you should do to stand out in your building? Well, the media façade is very ideal and answers those matters. With the NSE LED screen façade, you can now create an extraordinary, high quality, and dynamic LED media screens façade.

NSE LED Screen Facade for Your Business

Glass LED Screen

Transparent LED facade screen is light in weight and does not need to change the building structure. It can be directly pasted on the glass curtain wall without taking up space, so it is widely used on the glass curtain wall.

Fixed LED Facade Video Wall

LED Facade display with information distribution function, with a wealth of playback methods, display scrolling information, notices, slogans and so on.

Naked Eye 3D LED Facade Screen

It allows viewers to enjoy realistic 3D images with their naked eyes. Attracts potential customers who pass by to stop and view the 3D brand story or product details and leave a lasting impression.

NSE – Leading Manufacturer of LED Screen Facade
NSE – Leading Manufacturer of LED Screen Facade

Make your stadiums, airport buildings, shopping malls, landmark buildings, and skyscrapers get excitement and bring new interest and perception to your business.

  • Wow! Amazing products by NSE, this LED screens media façade works great with the programmable controller. I have bought these LED screens at a low cost but it is very beautiful and very comparable to other LED products.

  • Pretty good LED products. I ran them using a brightness of 20, I control the power of LED in my lot builds and can cut it off when not being used. It helps me to save and preserve more power. Thank you, NSE for the wonderful items!

  • This LED screen façade of NSE is very easy to configure, it looks amazing, and can link together for addressable panels. So far, it working well.

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