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How Much is an LED Screen?

Many consumers are familiar with the features, characteristics, and designs of LED displays, but they may be perplexed by the fact that different LED screen products may share the same design and even the same specifications but be sold at very different prices.

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The overall range of LED screen prices starts at $300 and goes up to $200,000. We will quickly examine some main factors affecting the LED screen price, and then delve deeper into the most important ones.

As a professional LED screen manufacturer from China, we have a skilled business team, localization service team, and technical staff. At NSELED, we can give our clients information about the cost of LED displays as well as the cost of LED display components. These include the  LED modules,control system, video processor, power supply, cables, , LED steel cabinet, LED die-cast Aluminum cabinet, installation structure,wooden case packing or flight case packing and more.

What Affects the Price of an LED Screen

Width & Height
Width & Height

You must choose the desired horizontal LED screen length in millimeters. Additionally, determine in millimeters the desired vertical height for your LED screen. You can use a professional laser rangefinder if the dimensions are particularly big.

Installation Type
Installation Type

The LED display can either be fixed or movable. A fixed installation will always stay in the same location, while a movable display can be frequently relocated. Installation methods include wall mounting, column mounting, roof mounting, hanging, etc.

Purchase Location
Purchase Location

Choosing a local dealer is advised if you care more about after-sales support than you do about price. Overall, it is cheaper to buy from Chinese LED screen suppliers because of low-cost parts and processes. However, the after-sales support will be limited.

Images & Videos
Images & Videos

We may recommend the best pixel pitch for your images and videos you will display on the screen. When there are more than 60,000 pixels in total, choosing the pixel pitch is typically advised in accordance with the viewing distance; for example, the ideal viewing distance.

Indoor vs. Outdoor
Indoor vs. Outdoor

Outdoor LED displays are made in locations that are exposed to the elements. They are therefore more expensive than indoor LED displays and need shielding to increase their water resistance and an enhanced brightness. Indoor screens do not require this, and are cheaper.


You must take into account the cost of transportation, import duty, and customs clearance when purchasing an LED display from China or any other nation. This price ranges depending on the mode of transportation, distance, and other factors.

After-Sales Expenses
After-Sales Expenses

These include maintenance and repair costs. Annual maintenance and regular cleaning will be necessary for the first 5 years, and the repair costs can quickly rank up a decent sum. Be aware of the warranty and local companies that can assist you at all times.

Cost of Use
Cost of Use

The cost of use includes electricity costs, venue rent, and advertising costs. The power consumption range is 0.3-0.8KW per square meter per square hour. Venue rent depends on the flow of people. Advertising costs are extremely variable.

LED Screen Size Cost

The price of an LED screen is typically determined by the square meter, which is determined by multiplying width and height of the screen. There is no set size if your LED display is positioned in the air. In this case, the following determines size and price:

  • Location of the LED display’s installation
  • Function of this LED display
  • Maximum distance from which the audience will see the screen

A reputable LED display manufacturer, like us, will therefore provide you with realistic size recommendations. The maximum viewing distance should be 30x the height of your LED display.

Of course, in addition to purchasing an LED display, you’ll also need to purchase the necessary controls, packaging, spare components, etc.

Installation Locations & Prices
LED Pixel Pitch

LED Pixel Pitch

The price will increase as the pixel pitch gets closer since there are more LED lamp beads in a flat square. The closest viewing distance you’re using and the desired pixel resolution will determine how you choose the pitch.

For instance, while using a similar-sized LED display panel, the closer the viewing distance, the higher the resolution that can be presented with the same size, and the clearer the images and videos on the screen.

Installation Locations & Prices

Some common installation locations include:

  • Rooftop & roadside
  • Shop displays
  • Corporate receptions & lounges
  • TV studios
  • Airports, harbors, stations
  • Event venues
  • Traffic displays
  • Stadiums & sports halls
  • Shopping malls

In terms of price, outdoor screens will cost more than indoor ones, and screen with higher resolution will also cost more.

Installation Locations & Prices

Price of Materials

Price of Materials_LED Lamp Bands
Price of Materials_IC

The overall price of your LED screen depends on the cost of the raw materials. Let’s discuss three main components of LED displays and their materials.

LED Lamp

The price for LED lamp depends on the Brand,brightness, viewing angle,the color, and color temperature. About 1K pieces of the most basic 3535RGB LED lamp beads costs about $8-$10, although cheaper rates are offered in China.


The display effect and longevity of the LED display will be directly impacted by the LED display driver IC’s quality. The purpose of the LED chip is to guarantee the LED display’s stability, stop the LED flicker issue, and offer high-quality content display. The LED chip will also have a direct impact on how quickly the LED display refreshes.

Power Supply & Cable

The power supply should be highly reliable and good-quality because it guards the safety of the LED screen, preventing it from combusting.

Price of Shipping Your LED Screen

Air Freight

Air shipping is the greatest option when the delivery deadline is really short, especially when stage LED screens must arrive at the destination on time. This shipping method is quite expensive.

Sea Freight

Since fixed LED screens tended to be heavy and large, most importers of LED screens opt for sea transportation. Even though it takes a long time, maritime shipping is chosen by about 70% of LED screen importers since it is relatively affordable.

Train Freight

Only some nations, including those in Europe and Russia, can connect to China via train; this route takes 20 to 30 days and costs more than air shipping but less than sea shipping.

Door-to-Door Freight

Some importers of LED screens transport the displays via door-to-door shipping. If the weight of the LED screen is under 100KG, it is the most cost-effective option.


The LED display has the following HS code: 852859. This code determines the customs taxes that you will pay. When importing an LED screen in some countries, you will require the certificates, which will also cost money.

After-Sales Costs

You can either install the screens by yourself, hire a local company, or ask your supplier to provide installation services. If the LED screen is about 10m2, then you can install it by yourself, only paying the cost of the installation structure. Hiring a local company is a safer option, but you will pay labor fees. If your supplier offers this service, then you will need to cover the price of the installation structure plus the price of local installers, round trip, living expenses, an average salary of $1400-      $2000 per month, and other technical costs.

Installation Costs

Maintenance and repair make up after-sales costs. Regardless of whether the LED display is inside or outside, front upkeep will cost more for the LED display itself. However, you will spend less on the installation structure. Most maintenance is possible to do on your own, but you can hire a local business to take care of it. As for repair, you can hire a local professional or pay one-way freight for the supplier to assist you. These costs highly depend on the nature of the malfunction.

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LED Screen Price FAQ

How to get a quote for the price of an LED screen?

To receive a quick and accurate quote, simply send the following information to us:

  1. The size and type of the LED display
  2. Clear images and videos of the installation location
  3. Installation requirement
  4. Ability of handling freight and clearing customs
Is LED more expensive than LCD?

While LCD is short for liquid crystal display, LED stands for light emitting diode. The location and kind of light used change between the two. LCDs employ fluorescent lights, but LEDs use diodes. LEDs offer a superior quality, crisper picture with high definition output and are also thinner than LCDs. Thus, for indoor applicaito, LED screen prices are generally higher than LCD screen prices. But in outdoor application, LED screen prices are lower than LCD screen prices.

Where is LED screen used?

LED screens can be widely used on various applications including OOH,Commercial areas, Hotels, Government offices, Meeting rooms, event Hall, Public transportation areas etc.

Which type of LED screen is best?

There are two main forms of LED technology: IPS (In Plane Switching) and VA (Vertical Alignment). Each variety has advantages and disadvantages of its own. For example, IPS gives higher viewing angles while VA has better contrast and performs better in dimly lit environments.

How is an LED screen made?

A LED display is made up of a lot of closely spaced LEDs. The diodes work together to create an image on the display by individually adjusting their brightness.

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