LED Ribbon Board from NSE LED

  • Full-color and 360° full-motion display
  • High efficiency
  • Fanless design with advanced video processing power

What Is an LED Ribbon Board?

LED ribbon boards are made up of a thin, flexible strip or ribbon-like panel embedded with LED lights. They are mostly used in stadia and sports arenas to display live information such as scores, statistics, announcements, and other relevant content during sports events or entertainment shows. 

In stadia and sports arenas, they are placed along the edges of the field or court, making them visible to the audience no matter the viewing distance or angle. Aside from entertainment, advertisers use them for marketing their products and services since they tend to reach thousands of sports fans in one day. 

LED ribbon boards are known for their flexibility, and vibrant, and dynamic visual effects. They can display text, graphics, animations, and even video content. Their flexible nature makes it easy for manufacturers to curve, bend, or shape them to fit different architectural designs and spaces. 

Tech Spec of NSE LED Ribbon Board Display

Regular or mini LED ribbon board displays are the best technologies powering modern entertainment and marketing. To reach a larger audience, boost sales, and increase brand awareness, consider getting an LED ribbon board from NSE LED. 

They have no noise, offer high durability, and have long lifespan screens, perfect for indoor and outdoor showcases. This table highlights the technical specifications of the ribbon or fascia display boards.

Parameter  Value
Lifetime 100,000 hours
Display Colors 16-bit (displaying up to 281 trillion colors). 
Brightness ≥5000nits
IP Rating IP65
Energy Consumption 200 W/sqm (min)
Refresh Rate ≥6000Hz
Slim Profile

The NSE LED ribbon boards have a thin and sleek profile, making them discreet and suitable for installations where space is limited. Their slim design also contributes to their lightweight feature, making them easier to handle, ship, and install.


The NSE LED ribbon board has high efficiency, making it suitable for various indoor and outdoor settings. Their design and configuration enable them to maintain clear visibility and immersive displays even when subjected to challenging lighting conditions. 

NSE also equips the ribbon boards LED with adjustable brightness settings, allowing you to fine-tune your display’s brightness levels based on the ambient lighting conditions. 

Color Accuracy

They can reproduce a wide and precise range of colors, ensuring the displayed content maintains its authenticity and visual appeal. NSE LED considers applications where accurate branding, logos, and image representation are crucial and builds the boards to meet those needs. 

Why Choose Us?

NSE LED uses the best methods and materials to manufacture LED ribbon boards and other modern display technologies that create immersive viewing experiences for your audience. The company’s fascia display boards add depth and a life-like feel to your content using the 16-bit color processing technology.

Reliability is embedded in every detail of NSE LED ribbon boards. They design, manufacture, and test each display to ensure flawless performance even in demanding environments. Whether advertising in stadia or event spaces, you can count on NSE ribbon boards to shine consistently and brightly all year round. 

NSE also understands that each client is unique, and their team works closely with you to create LED ribbon boards that align perfectly with your brand identity and event goals. Contact the team at NSE today, and let their LED ribbon boards elevate your displays and increase your brand visibility.

NSE LED Ribbon Boards by Pixel Pitch

NSE LED ribbon boards come in pixel pitches to suit different settings. However, each has versatile designs and can be shaped to fit unconventional spaces. Some common products available in small, medium, and large pixel pitches include
P3 Indoor LED Ribbon Board: Its high resolution ensures the content remains detailed when viewed up close in small venues like conference rooms and galleries.
P6 Indoor LED Ribbon Board: The P6mm LED ribbon board balances resolution and viewing distance. These boards suit bigger indoor environments, large retail stores, airports, and corporate lobbies. They provide an immersive viewing experience while accommodating slightly larger viewing distances than the P3mm indoor ribbon boards LED.
P10 Stadium Outdoor LED Ribbon Board: With a lower resolution than the P3mm, this is designed for settings with greater viewing distances from the display. The P10mm outdoor LED ribbon boards are ideal for outdoor installations like sports stadia, concert venues, and transportation hubs.

Benefits of NSE LED LED Ribbon Board Displays for Your Business

The NSE LED ribbon displays are attention-grabbing and can attract sports fans watching live and those watching remotely to pay attention to your ad and take action when they need your products or services. 

While it requires a one-time investment, it offers a higher return on investments (ROI) in the long run. This is because the fascia displays have a long lifespan of up to 100,000 hours, increase sales and footfall, and require little maintenance. 

Applications of NSE LED Ribbon Board

While LED ribbon boards are commonly used in huge sports arenas, they are effective marketing tools for large retail stores, transportation hubs, corporate event venues, restaurants, museums, hotels, and shopping malls. 

When it comes to customization, NSE LED offers an outstanding LED ribbon board service to suit your display needs. There is no limitation to what brands or industries can utilize the fascia LED displays to increase brand awareness and boost sales. Some common use cases include. 


 In large outdoor stadia, NSE LED ribbon boards are often installed along the upper tiers of seating, encircling the venue with their impressive 360 display. They are used to display team logos, advertisements, promotional content, and interactive messages. These boards contribute to the stadium’s atmosphere and the event’s excitement.


Sports Arenas

NSE LED ribbon boards are flexible and have high brightness ratios, making them ideal for sports arenas, including football fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, skating games, etc. They usually surround the perimeter of the playing field or court, providing real-time information to the audience and displaying live scores, game highlights, and adverts. 

Entertainment Venues

Entertainment venues such as concert halls, theaters, and auditoriums do proper indoor LED ribbon board mounting to enhance the appeal of performances and events. These venues use the fascia boards to showcase upcoming schedules, artist names, and messages complimenting the main stage’s content. 


What Are the Advantages of LED Ribbon Board for Advertising?

The ≥5000nits adjustable brightness level of the NSE ribbon boards LED ensures that your brand logo, message, and ad content are displayed brightly even in the most challenging weather. This increases brand awareness, boosts credibility, and gives the audience a positive perception of your company.

Ads displayed with the fascia display boards have an instant effect on the audience because they catch the audiences’ eyes quickly and register your brand in their minds. Here are other advantages of the LED ribbon board for advertising:

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