LED Poster for University Lectures – in Switzerland

Product: P3 Indoor LED Digital Poster
Location: University lectures

The continuous updating of the times makes the LED display gradually replace the original traditional posters. When we see LED digital posters appearing in university lectures, we will find that it is not only because of its dynamic display function but more importantly, its reusability and flexibility.
It is inevitable to use in lectures to change the content on the screen in real time according to the content of the speech. The control methods of LED Digital Poster include WIFI, HDMI, USB, and 4G, to support synchronous and asynchronous control, making real-time replacement of content a reality.

LED Poster for university lectures - in Switzerland

The LED digital poster can be used repeatedly. If any displayed content needs to be changed, you can edit the displayed content on your computer and mobile phone. It avoids the waste of traditional posters that cannot be used due to small printing errors. Not only saves time on multiple printings but also saves money.
Generally speaking, the layout of the lecture site needs to be adjusted according to the site’s situation. The base of each LED digital Poster is a patented product with sliding wheels. In addition, when designing this product, it was considered that an adult can easily push the product, so the frame material is aluminum, and the final weight is only 35 kg per unit, which is convenient for flexible adjustment according to actual needs.

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