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What are the common LED large screens used in shopping malls for advertising?

There are many application scenarios for LED displays, and they can be used both indoors and outdoors, which is popular with many users. Especially for some supermarkets, to attract customers and promote products, the demand for large screens is more frequent. So, what are the common large LED screens in shopping malls?

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  1. Indoor LED display screen

Small luminous point, soft brightness, high density, good effect, no stitching gap! Mainly used in indoor halls, bars, stages, performing arts halls, stations, airports, cinemas, etc. In shopping malls, LED displays are mainly used to place advertisements provided by merchants, such as store displays, commodity displays, catering food displays, clothing displays, cosmetics displays, etc. Consumers will be attracted by some advertisements from entering the mall, especially when they are resting, their attention to the advertising screen will be greatly increased, causing consumption or leaving a good impression.

  1. Outdoor LED display screen

Large angle, high brightness, can work in the sun, with rainproof, windproof, and moisture-proof functions, mainly used in advertisements, stations, squares, shopping malls, etc. Outdoor LED displays are very common in shopping malls, with large areas. The installation specifications need to be selected according to different environments, effect requirements, scale, budget, and other requirements. The advantage is that it can attract more people’s attention, and the advertisement content can be clearly seen in places near the shopping mall, which is conducive to the promotion of brands and products, and can also enhance the popularity of enterprises.

  1. LED transparent screen

The cost of LED transparent screens is higher than that of ordinary LED displays, and it is still relatively rare in shopping malls. The LED transparent screen has a more technological sense and can play a decorative role. The biggest feature is that it does not take up space. Usually found in commercial center buildings.

  1. LED cylindrical screen

LED cylindrical display is a common LED display in shopping malls. The LED cylindrical display made of flexible modules can be flexibly applied and bent arbitrarily, and the installation methods are also very diverse. It is characterized by personalized design and low power consumption. function, power saving function, etc.

Outdoor LED advertising screens quickly opened up the market with their unique display advantages, and many business owners gradually discovered their value. But some business owners are caught in a tangle. Today I want to introduce to you what are the advantages of outdoor LED large screens for advertising, and why outdoor LED advertising screens are so popular. I hope it can be helpful to you.

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  1. Loop high exposure

Outdoor LED advertising displays are generally placed in commercial centers, stations, or office buildings where the flow of people is concentrated. The flow of people is large, the exposure rate is high, and the outdoor display advertising is played continuously, even in the cold and wet winter, it can be used normally, and potential customers can see it anytime and anywhere.

  1. Good flexibility and creativity

There are many forms of outdoor LED advertising displays to choose from, especially the eye-catching high-definition dynamic display is easier to attract the audience. It is understood that the attention of this type of outdoor LED advertising display can reach more than 50%. Compared with traditional advertising, outdoor LED advertising display has a better effect and less disgust.

  1. High investment efficiency

The input cost of outdoor LED advertising displays is relatively low, and the investment benefit is also more significant. Due to the good conditions of the use of outdoor LED advertising displays, the reduction of environmental interference and the protection of building safety, and the higher degree of freedom for advertisers to choose outdoor advertising methods, the current mainstream outdoor LED displays are used in many cities.

  1. Accelerate the establishment of brand image

A good brand advertisement can help a company increase its market share and enable the company to have a strong brand effect in the market. A good brand has a huge position in the hearts of consumers, and they will tend to buy outdoor LED displays with more brand effect. A good brand image will also leave a good impression on consumers. This is also very beneficial for enterprises. Can effectively promote the growth of enterprise product sales.

  1. Wide audience

Now the audience of outdoor LED advertising displays has gradually expanded from the initial urban residents to urban white-collar workers, corporate executives, and other groups; at the same time, it is also expanding to small and medium-sized enterprises, institutions, and some high-end places, which are more important than traditional outdoor advertising. Advertising effectiveness and audience coverage.

The above is all about the advantages of outdoor LED advertising displays. The popularity of outdoor LED advertising displays can not only help business owners to place accurately but also improve marketing effects. It is a relatively rare promotion medium at present.

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