LED Poster for Kia Motors Exhibition

Recently, NSE supplied Kia Motors’ branch in Ecuador with a wall-mounted display for the Kia Motors Exhibition. The display can be seen as a wonderful display and is a great match for Kia.

NSE is a customer-focused company with a team of professional designers and engineers, strong design and customization capabilities, and we have a wide range of products with a variety of options to choose from, under the coordination of our company’s various departments can be the most suitable and most satisfactory solution for you.

LED Poster for Kia Motors Promotion

So what kind of service does NSE provide to every customer?

1. Attentive and meticulous pre-sales service
In the whole process, the first to contact customers must be our overseas sales engineers. They will receive every customer patiently, explore the real needs of customers, and recommend suitable products and solutions according to the needs of customers. Each of our sales engineers realizes the specifications of our products, how to use them, how to operate the software, and how to maintain them. Customers can contact our sales engineers for any information they need and they will help you in any way they can.
2. Professional technical support team
Our company’s designers and engineers have more than ten years of experience in display, every time according to the customer’s needs, designing the most constructive design. Worried that you don’t know how to use the installation after receiving the product? It doesn’t exist. Our engineers will make the most convenient installation method according to the designed program and will record and demonstrate how to install and use the products for customers before shipment, which is convenient to solve the problems and troubles that customers will encounter in subsequent use.
3. Lifelong effective after-sales service
Our company provides lifelong after-sales service support, no matter how long it has been, as long as there is any problem with the product, you can first contact our sales engineers, who will identify whether it is an operating error or a product problem with their rich experience. If it is an operating error, please listen to their advice and use the product according to the steps of the tutorial. If it is a design or technical problem, our sales and engineering staff will work together to provide you with remote technical guidance until the product is ready for use. In case of problems with the product itself, our company supports repairs and replacements during the warranty period. NSE has a branch in Europe, and Italy, a repair center in Dubai, and an agent in the United States, and we are committed to solving your problems closer, better, and promptly.
4. Product customization service
Whether it is the installation method or the size and shape of the product, we can customize it. A logo can also be added to the display to show your company’s brand name. For example, in the cloud screen, in the installation mode, you can choose to stand, hang, or wall-mounted, the bottom of the bracket can also be customized for folding models, and lifting models, can also be customized as a double-sided cloud screen; the size of the different options. Our taxi screens can also be customized with bezel colors and Logos, and with the ultra-clear and ultra-thin aluminum frame design, they are definitely a fashionable favorite.
5. Safe and reliable product production and packaging
NSE has a complete set of production lines to meet the needs of mass production, which can ensure that all the displays received by the customer are of the same batch without great deviation. The quality of production can also be guaranteed. All raw materials used in production are of high quality and highly recognized in the industry. In the packaging above, the box will be put to protect the display of the thick sponge, The box will be bracketed outside the wooden box for double protection, before shipment will be an aging test, to ensure that the products handed over to the hands of customers is no problem.

Based on the above, please be confident in choosing NSE, which welcomes and looks forward to a friendly and trustworthy relationship with you.

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