LED Poster for IKEA Singapore

Location: Singapore

Product: LED Poster

All kinds of advertising information can be seen everywhere in shopping malls, including traditional printed and posted advertisements, and fabric light box advertisements, the most common of which are LED display advertisements. Compared with printing and light box advertisements, the advantages of LED advertising displays are more obvious. The size of the LED display can be customized, the display content is diversified, the color is rich, and the installation is simple. It is easier to attract customers’ attention, so it is becoming more and more popular in commercial advertisements.

LED Poster for IKEA Singapore

The LED poster is a very popular product in the LED display industry recently. It is very popular as soon as it comes into the market. Each panel of an LED poster is independent and can be used alone, or several panels can be spliced into a large screen. Occasions have different application requirements. It can be used as a rental screen for activities or as an advertising screen in stores. The control methods are diversified and support synchronous and asynchronous system control. It comes with HDMI, Network, WIFI, and USB control interfaces. Provides an audio interface to connect to audio equipment, and the diversification of LED poster usage scenarios makes up for the shortcomings of conventional displays and is liked and recognized by many customers.

This is a case where our LED poster series products are applied to the display window of IKEA in Singapore. From the pictures, we can see that the display effect is very good, the picture quality is very clear, and the color is very bright. Every customer will stop and watch when they pass by the display window. Customers appreciate us I am very satisfied with the product. It is the greatest encouragement for our company to be recognized by IKEA. I hope there will be more opportunities for cooperation in the future.

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