P2 (768*1920mm) LED Poster for events

Product: Digital LED Poster
Application: Event

P2 (7681920mm) LED Poster for events (1)

LED display screens are widely used in events. The most common one is that LED rental screens are used as backgrounds on the stage. LED rental screens are friendly to large-scale events and can be made into large background screens. However, for some small events or parties, the installation of LED rental screens will be more complicated. LED rental screens need to be set up with a truss. It takes a long time to install and disassemble, so the labor cost is very high. But the LED poster display is easy to install, supports synchronous and asynchronous connections, and also supports WIFI to change programs. For many customers, the function of WIFI to change programs is very easy to use. It can quickly upload pictures or videos on mobile APP, and it is also very friendly to novice customers.

P2 (7681920mm) LED Poster for events (2)

Another advantage of the LED poster display in the event is that it can be combined in any size. Each screen can work independently or can be spliced together to get a large screen. Each screen has its own control system. It does not need to purchase a separate video processor to get it to work, so it can also save some costs for customers. There are two types of event LED poster displays: indoor and outdoor. The biggest difference is that the outdoor screen is waterproof and twice as bright as the indoor screen. However, the price is also different. If you want to know more about the price, please feel free to contact our sales.

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