As a new type of urban media publicity tool, LED display has replaced the previous pictures and text billboards, and has been widely used in various commercial events with a more vivid display effect, and we can see led displays every day and everywhere. It led panels are one of the most popular methods to display the content of the event or promote an event. NSELED is a company committed to providing solutions for commercial LED displays. Today let’s see how a led poster display is used in events together.

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LED Poster Display from Algeria, Africa

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What is a LED poster display?

A LED poster is a piece of urban equipment used to present information. At the same time, The LED poster supports WIFI, USB, HDMI and network cable connection. Users can use a computer or smartphone for control. It has a built-in synchronous and asynchronous dual-mode media player, enabling real-time zooming in and out without a video processor. It can be divided into indoor and outdoor two series with different pixel pitches, such as P2, P2.5, P3, etc. The most difference between indoor and outdoor is the outdoor series is 100% waterproof with a higher resolution. In a word, an LED poster display can display the information which you want in a modern and high-end way, and it is the most popular choice for the client to promote their business.

What is the reason why LED posters are popular for events?
  • Ultra-thin, and unique appearance design :
    The screen is as thin as 4.5cm, and the simple and elegant design is suitable for any form of event.
  • Suitable size for picture and video display
    576*1920mm, this size is the most popular in the market. When you link 6pcs together, it is a 16:9 ratio which means you don’t need to deal with the picture to display it directly. Furthermore, custom size is warmly welcome to suit different project requirements.
  • High resolution: NSE LED poster display has stable performance, high resolution help to display the content well, no matter what kinds of event content can be displayed perfectly.
  • Removable: The base of each LED poster is equipped with wheels for easy movement. And events have the characteristics of fixed time and fixed place, LED posters can be easily installed or moved, saving time and effort, and can be easily used in different events.
  • Linkable: 2-16pcs linkable, You can use single or multiple links, and it can be used horizontally or vertically to meet the decoration style of different events and the requirements of displaying different content. Makes Events look higher-end and more layered.
  • Easy to carry and maintain: Digital LED posters use the aluminum cabinet to achieve a lighter product weight, which is 35kg only, And its maintenance method is very simple, and it can be repaired without special technical personnel. It brings great convenience to Event activities and greatly reduces the possibility that the led poster cannot be used normally on the day of events.
  • Cost-effective,environmental-friendly:
  • Indoor and outdoor series for choice: Indoor and outdoor series for choice, if your event is indoor you can choose an indoor item which is a cost-effective way. But if the event is outdoor, and you are worried you will meet bad weather on your event date, the led poster cannot work well. Outdoor series 100% waterproof with a high resolution, it can work well in bad weather, and outdoor led poster can suitable for -20-70℃ work environments, no matter rainy, snowy or wendy it will not affect a led display work normally. High brightness ensures the video and picture content can be displayed even in direct sunlight.
What is the Function of an LED Poster in an event?

LED posters, as the name suggests, are electronic posters used for display. Because the content displayed is different, the functions it offers are different.
Welcome display: Place an LED poster to play the events theme and welcome message at the entrance of events. It can not only give guests a good feeling, but also attract the attention of pedestrians, and promote events invisibly.
Display Content: The LED poster can play the content you want to play anytime, anywhere. Whether it is pictures or videos, it can be played clearly in full color, and you can display your event content and themes in high-definition.
Live display: In addition to displaying the video of the event content, the LED poster can also be broadcast live, making the event even more upscale.

What are the applications of the led poster used in events?

LED posters can be applied to events of various themes and forms. The following is the application of the LED display screen in three common events for reference.

  • Wedding events: In wedding events, LED posters are generally used to display the photos of the wedding protagonists, or to welcome guests at the entrance.
  • Sporting events: In some sports events, the use of led display is also very common, generally used to play event content, event schedule, or pictures of athletes.
  • School events: School clubs often hold some activities, and LED posters are often used to display the content of the activities and promote the activities. Not only that but because of the mobility of the LED poster, a LED poster can usually be used in different club activities in the school.

Nowadays, electronic products have become more and more popular, and LED posters can be seen everywhere because of their high-definition and colorful display of pictures, text, and videos. In addition to being used in events, led posters are also widely used in other places, such as shopping malls, exhibitions, showrooms, airports, etc. We can see led posters. NSE LED specializing in the led screen industry for more than 11 years, NSE focus on providing LED motion display and commercial LED display at the highest quality for global customers. A professional team including R&D, production, sales, after-sales, etc departments to ensure customer satisfaction. FCC, CE, ROHS, ETL, UL, certificated factory to ensure quality stability, company reliability, and environmental protection. 2-3 years warranty 7-24 hours online and Europe local services to ensure each of our customers have a pleasant experience with us. Proud to say that so far our products have been exported to more than 130 countries and have won unanimous praise.

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