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LED Poster Display

The Ultimate Buying Guide

The use of LED poster displays Probably, you would like to know the LED poster basics, specifications, benefits, working principle, available options, features, or the best brands in the market. Here is a one-stop resource you need to be an LED digital poster display expert.

Chapter 1

Definition Of LED Poster Display

Digital LED poster is flat or curved display screen using light emitting diodes (LEDs) arrays to display graphics, images or videos. It is the LED arrays that form pixels. Here is how digital poster displays look like:

curved led poster screen

Curved LED poster screen

flat LED poster screen

Flat LED poster screen

Chapter 2

Parts Of LED Poster Screen

Poster displays are assembly of parts and components. The number of parts or components depend on the design and configurations of the display screen.

Some of the most common parts include:

Display Screen: This is where your adverts or information will appear. The screen uses LEDs. The displays come in different sizes and configurations.

Outer frame: The frame forms the outer protective structure which encloses other components of the poster display screen.

Control system: It consists of various integrated circuits (ICs). The control systems form the poster display’s “brain”. It stores information, allows you to control various parameters, receives commands and controls all functions.

There are two options here:
1. Synchronous control system – it displays information in real-time. Once you connect the poster display to computer, it will display content on the screen.

2. Asynchronous control system – it does not display the same content on your computer screen. It will display content in the memory. Therefore, the memory storage will limit the amount of content you can display.

Power supply: Receives power from the power grid, then steps it down to safe voltage and current.

Input/output ports: It is a plug and play port allowing you to upload content or information in the poster display. USB and HDMI remains the most common options.

Mounting options: They may include wall mounting or ceiling mounting. However, these two come as additional accessories.


Chapter 3

Benefits Of LED Poster Screen

Recently, the number of businesses adopting LED poster screen display have increased significantly.

It is due to the many benefits poster display offer such as:.

  • Flexible design
  • Most are portable
  • Attractive display
  • Wi-Fi control
  • Maintenance is easy and fast
  • Low operating cost
  • Low power consumption
  • Clear images with wide angle
  • Mobile App option available upon request
  • Easy to integrate with existing advertisement systems
  • LED offer guarantee long service lifespan
  • Allows for multi-mode operation
  • Perfect splicing allowing for multiple configurations


Features Of LED Poster Display

Over the years, LED posters have evolved with manufacturers incorporating a range of features. So, whenever you are shopping for any LED poster screen, try to evaluate every feature. It is the only sure way to get the best poster display.

Glue On Board (GOB) LED: GOB is a progressive technology which uses epoxy glue to protect LED modules.

The glue in GOB is:

  • UV resistant
  • Dustproof
  • Shockproof
  • Waterproof

Additionally, it helps in heat dissipation, while guaranteeing high transparency. As a result, this improves performance of LED poster screen.

IP Rating: IP rating shows the degree of protection against liquid and solid materials. Of course, the design, material and assembly techniques will determine the degree of protection from water and dust. For instance, an IP65 poster display is waterproof rated.

Supported Video Format: You should consider a digital poster display which supports a range of file formats. This way, you will eliminate possible incompatibility issues.

Multiple Input Options: Modern LED poster screens feature a range of inputs/outputs such as LAN, RJ 45, USD and HDMI. Therefore, you can easily integrate the poster display with the existing systems.

Control Options: There is either synchronous or asynchronous control systems.

Quality Visual Display: Quality of the display is an important feature you cannot ignore. Remember, you want visible adverts. When it comes to poster display quality, you should consider high contrast ratio. Of course, this goes alongside high refresh rate.

For example, you may consider:

  • HD image of 5000:1
  • High quality LEDs
  • High performance driving IC
  • 2880Hz refresh rate will guarantee unmatched

In such circumstances, you will get high quality graphics or images. However, the Nits brightness will depend on where you plan to install LED poster screens.

Base of Poster Display: For the free standing LED poster screens, the base is a critical feature. It should be stable enough to support weight of the screen. Furthermore, the base may have wheels. This will make it easier to move the poster display from one point to another.

Cloud Management: With this functionality, you can manage content the digital poster displays real-time. You can update content remotely using your phone or iPad. Where possible, you may choose LED poster screen with live streaming capability. With the asynchronous and synchronous controller, you can live stream ads easily. Remember, most digital LED posters can support mobile Apps and windows systems.

Poster Display Structure: You should go for durable, lightweight, portable and slim structure. Additionally, you should evaluate the brackets, which are easy to assemble and disassemble.

Seamless Splicing: With this feature, you can connect the same screens for seamless video and image display. The poster display screen should have easy to assemble and disassemble connectors.

Multiple Installation Options: The ability to install LED poster video display in different ways makes it adaptable in most advertising platforms. You can cascade, use brackets of standing base.

Plug And Play Capability: LED poster video display screen will automatically play videos, images or text from your USB device. You don’t have to reinstall or reconfigure the software.

Managing Dynamic Content In Poster LED Display: In most cases, poster LED display screens have vertical format. Therefore it implies you must have content that can fit the display screen.A good poster display should have easy to use tools for easier video and image configuration.

For example, you may consider:

  • Help adapt video or image on the screen
  • Control time slots
  • Manage technical features such as image or video brightness


Digital LED Poster Display Specification

Knowing digital LED poster screen display specifications will help you choose perfect accessory for indoor and outdoor adverts. As a matter of fact, it will be misleading to give specific numerical value for each specification. It is because LED poster screen manufacturers tend to vary the values to get the best display panel. Of course, they also consider the production cost.

Therefore, whenever you are evaluating the digital poster display panel, you should check:

  • Type of LED and module size
  • Ingress protection rating
  • Contrast ratio
  • Service lifespan
  • Processor and driving IC
  • Screen resolution & display area
  • Viewing angle
  • Control system asynchronous or synchronous
  • Power consumption/input power specifications
  • Color temperature
  • Ease of servicing
  • Processing speed
  • Dimming capability
  • Size and net weight
  • Brightness
  • Refresh rate
  • Dimensions
  • Working temperature
Digital LED Poster Display Specification

Chapter 4

How Poster LED Screen Works

There are two critical aspects here:

  • Knowing how LED screen works
  • How to display adverts on the poste display

How LED Display Work

LED screens use light emitting diodes forming display cell. It is the display cell that forms pixel, which produces a multiple color options.

LED screens use light emitting diodes forming display cell. It is the display cell that forms pixel, which produces a multiple color options.

Direct lit: These displays are large, affordable, display less complex image and not suitable for HD image display.

Edge lit: Screens are thinner since LEDs are on the screen’s edge. It is important to configure the screen properly to avoid dynamic lighting problems. The edge lit poster displays are popular in most advertising.

Full array: Allows for dynamic lighting and color display. These LED screens are the most expensive.

Within these display screens, there are blue, red and green LEDs. By adjusting LED intensity, you can form billions of color options. When you combine these pixel modules, the end result is a complete LED display for making posters.

How to Display Images/Videos On LED Digital Poster Display

Apart from the screen, there is the controller system and power supply on the back panel. The controller is an intelligent integrated circuit with the ability to:

  • Monitor condition of LED
  • Image displaying sequence
  • Control brightness of LED panel

In fact, this is the “engine” of poster display. It coordinates all functions for seamless view.

Now, how do you integrate all these?

1. Prepare the image or video you want to display

2. Connect your LED poster screen display and power it ON

3. Program the poster display (where possible)

4. Transmit the advert (image or graphic) to the display panel via USB, HDMI, Bluetooth or cloud system

The controller will coordinate all operations depending on the program.

LED Digital Poster Display
LED Digital Poster Display

Chapter 5

Installing LED Poster Video Display

Although LED poster video display offer unlimited mounting options, you may consider:

1. Prepare the image or video you want to display

2. Program the poster display (where possible)

3. Connect your LED poster screen display and power it ON

Free Standing LED Poster

The poster have a strong base that can withstand the entire weight. Here, you don’t need any additional support structure.

Ceiling Hanging Poster Display

You need supporting structure hanging from the ceiling and the poster display back section. These designs are suitable for window advertising.

Wall Mounted Poster Display

In most cases, these installations are suitable for indoor advertising. Like the ceiling installation, you will install metal structure secure the LED poster screen.

Other LED poster display installation include:

Bracket standing: The LED digital poster display has a robust structure that extend outwards to secure the screen.

Multi-screen cascade: You will install more than one LED display screen.

Creative installation: You may also refer to the installation as creative splicing. Here, you can install the LED poster screen horizontally, vertically or in any design.

Chapter 6

Types Of LED Digital Poster Display Screen

With the advancement in technology, there are many LED digital poster display classification criteria. For instance, you may consider design, technology, mounting, option, size, and functionality, just to mention a few.

Outdoor LED Digital Poster Display

These poster displays are suitable for outdoor applications. Mostly, they are IP65, to protect the poster displays from various environmental conditions. Additionally, their nits brightness range from 4500 – 5000 nits.

Indoor LED Digital Poster Display

As the name suggests, these LED poster screens are suitable for indoor applications. They should be at least IP54 and 500 nits. Other classification criteria may include:

  • Flat or curved poster display
  • Smart LED poster display
  • By size – where we have small to large LED poster display
  • Mounting options such as LED wall poster and freestanding LED poster screen

In short, the features, and design form integral classification criteria for digital poster displays.

Chapter 7

NSE Digital LED Poster Display & How It Compare to Other Brands

NSE digital LED poster display remains to be the most sought for advertising platform for both indoor and outdoor use. From innovative designs, HD screen resolution, wide viewing angle, ability to connect multiple posters to competitive prices – NSE digital poster displays are comparable to none. Even when it comes to installation, you have multiple options at your disposal.

NSE digital poster displays are available as:

  • Freestanding
  • Wall mounting
  • Hanging
  • Custom installation option

What’s more – NSE digital poster displays are:

  • Portable
  • Ultra-thin
  • Easy to operate
  • Offer multiple image display options

You can choose from a range of NSE digital poster displays such as P2 LED Poster, P2.5 LED Poster, and P3 LED Poster. Additionally, there is the indoor LED poster, outdoor LED poster, double sided LED poster, and foldable LED poster. Of course, you can get custom options upon request. Even in the LED poster screen technology and innovation, NSE is the chess master.

Whether you are looking for:

  • Smart poster LED display
  • Plug and play design
  • Energy saving features
  • Smart cloud control system
  • Multiple input options HDMI or USB
  • Multiple unit cascading or screen splicing
  • 4G/3G connectivity and WIFI integration or,
features of led poster display

You will get unlimited options for your dynamic indoor and outdoor advertising needs. Moreover, we offer unlimited technical support and 2 years warranty. What are you waiting for? You can be part of this innovative and transformative journey in the LED digital poster display market. NSE digital poster is your best bet in outdoor and indoor digital advertising.

Chapter 8

Factors Determining LED Digital Poster Price

Today, you will find many LED posters for sale with varying prices. This is due to a range of factors, which you are going to learn here.On average, a LED digital poster display price can range from 131 USD to 2,200 USD. Why should we have such as wide variation?

Poster Display Design: A poster display with a bracket standing will cost more than one with base standing. Also, expect to pay more for LED video poster display with a larger screen than small screens.

Driver Integrated Circuit: In case the IC has more capabilities, you will definitely pay more for the poster display screen.

LED Lamp: High quality LEDs will cost more than low quality options.

Pixel Pitch: Most probably you have seen P3 LED poster, P2.5 LED poster or P3 LED poster. The “P” refers to the pixel pitch. An LED poster screen with finer pixel pitch will be costlier.

Material: Poster display with high quality material will cost more.

Apart from these, other factors affecting the price include functionality, brand, and customized features.

Chapter 9

Limitations Of LED Digital Poster Screen

Even as you plan to buy your LED poster video display, you may encounter some challenges. However, the benefits of these digital poster display outweigh the limitations.

For instance:

  • Extremely high temperature and “old age” may cause color shift
  • Low quality digital posters have inconsistent contrast ratio
  • The initial high LED poster price is a one-off thing. LED poster screens are durable with low maintenance and operation cost. You will recover this from sales/ads revenue.

In short, these limitations should not discourage you from buying LED digital poster display. Trust me, investing in these poster display is still a profitable venture.

difference between LCD and LED poster display

Chapter 10

Difference Between LCD Poster Display And LED Poster Display

There are two main types of digital poster displays in the market – LED and LCD poster displays. However, choosing between the two types of digital displays can be an overwhelming task without a complete comparison.

Let’s make this simple and straight forward:

LED Poster Display LCD Poster Display
Power consumption Consumes less power, hence energy efficient Uses more power than LED display
Refresh rate High refresh rate hence, better picture quality and performance Relatively low refresh rate, hence LED display have better picture quality
Brightness Higher brightness, hence suitable for most outdoor applications. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about strong ambient light Nits brightness is lower than LED. Hence, the brightness is lower than the LED display
Viewing angle Wider viewing angle Narrow viewing angle compared to LED
Durability Most LED poster can serve you for more than 80,000 hours LCD poster display last for only 2 to 3 years
4K display Can support 4k display Cannot support 4k display
Backlighting technology Uses light emitting diodes Uses cold cathode fluorescent lamps
Initial cost High Low
Thickness Available in extremely thin sizes You will hardly find thinner designs since it is not possible

From the comparison, it is quite clear that LED posters are better than LCD display.

Chapter 11

Troubleshooting LED Poster Display Screen

Although LED digital poster displays are durable and reliable, at times, you may experience certain challenges.

Note: Even as you troubleshoot LED digital poster displays, whatever you do must not void the warranty.

Here are some common problems and possible solutions:

Problem Cause Possible Solution
Stripes appear on the screen especially when powering the LED poster ON/OFF Graphics card interference Adjust the LED post graphic card
Screen does not power ON/or there is no response after switching On Power supply could be faulty/Other internal components could be faulty Start by testing power supply. If the power supply is working, test the LED poster screen components
There is no image on the screen The problem could be signal cable or there is interference Check the card system, signal cable. Also, check to ensure there is no signal interference
Flashing screen Setting in LED studio Debug the LED studio, check system and hardware setting
Blurred images or low brightness on the screen Card program error or failure Restore card to default settings, replace card or adjust minimum brightness
Ghosting A problem with communication channel or card Replace communication channel, or replace card


Most of the problems vary depending on the type of LED poster display.
Therefore, you should refer to the product user manual. You will find more troubleshooting and maintenance instructions.
In fact, you may encounter problems which are unique to your series of LED digital poster display.

Chapter 12

Poster LED Screen Maintenance Tips

Without proper maintenance schedule, poster LED screen will not serve you for long. Therefore, maintenance should be a routine. However, in case of malfunction or component failure, only authorized dealer should handle the process. It is even critical when the poster display screen is still under warranty.

Here are some LED poster screen:

1. Install poster screen in friendly environments – temperature should be -20 °C to 50 °C. For high temperature, provide additional cooling system. The relative humidity should be 10% to 90%.

2. Always pay attention to switching sequence and interval as instructed by the manufacturer. In most cases, you should switch on your computer, then allow software program to loadd before switching ON poster display.

3. Never turn ON/OFF power frequently when digital poster display is ON.

4. Clean poster display surface regularly to prevent dirt accumulation. Use a soft cloth to avoid scratching the screen.

5. Check hardware component for any possible damage

6. Keep digital LED poster display software up-to-date. You should delete any unused files to free space.

7. Let only professionals handle the poster display and its accessories

8. Protect LED digital poster display from fluctuating power conditions

In addition to these, you should conduct regular inspection to ensure digital poster display functions properly.

Chapter 13

Applications Of Poster LED Display Screen

LED digital posters display captivating images, videos and graphics. A reason they are perfect choice for most ads in:

applications of poster LED display screen


Shopping malls

In-store advertising

Bus stations

Schools and universities

Exhibitions or trade fair




Showrooms, etc.

In short, you can use LED poster screen in anywhere. They offer perfect advertising solution for both indoor and outdoor.


LED poster display plays an integral role in modern advertising. Therefore, you must choose high quality, durable and reliable poster display. Always get the best LED digital poster display model, and consider the specifications. At NSE, have the best poster displays in the market – contact us now for competitive prices.

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