Product: P3.33 outdoor car top LED display
Size: 960*320mm
Location: USA

P3.33 outdoor car top LED display

Taxis are an important mode of transport in cities with their large numbers and the convenience they bring to the commuters. They hold a large presence in busy urban areas.

Advertisers favor car LED advertising because of the large number of cars and taxis moving around the city which help the ads reach more impressions and thus a bigger sales revenue. At the same time, taxis with presentation of various products in an aesthetic way on the LED screen can help boost the image of the city.

The installation of LED electronic display screens in taxis serves as a platform for information dissemination, beautifying the appearance of the city, and help the economy grow.

As the most brand new media, vehicle-mounting LED advertising display will attract more attention from the whole market, with the opportunity to create a sensational effect and gain unexpectedly huge communication value for enterprises.