Taxi LED Display in Ukraine

Product: P3.33 outdoor taxi top LED display
Size: 960*320mm
Location: Ukraine

NSELED has an excellent R&D department and after-sales service with independent design and R&D capabilities.
Our taxi roof LED displays are fully weatherproof and shockproof. With anti-static and lightning protection, making them more durable for long-term use. The taxi roof led display features extremely low power consumption, intelligent power management, over-voltage protection, etc.
Our taxi top-mounted LED display combines a modular design with different components so we can easily install it and perform quick maintenance. It is also easy to plug and unplug the SIM card and change the control methods.
For the installation of the display, our roof-mounted LED display units can be easily mounted on different roofs via roof racks. All installation and replacement can be done with a screwdriver; no specialist equipment is required.
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