As a kind of mobile media, the Car top LED display is characterized by stronger communication power, wider coverage, and better effect. Compared with other LED displays, the Car top LED display will always be in motion.

Ads can be broadcast at any time as the car moves around, which helps the ads reach larger impression rate and wider coverage than a fixed advertising platform.

The car top LED display has high brightness, strong adaptability, all-weather playback. Ultra-high-brightness LED allows its content to be visible from a long distance under the sun. It adapts to cold, hot, dry, and wet environments.

The operation is simple and it’s easy to use. Whether you are using a computer or a mobile phone, you can update content anywhere and any time you want.

Modular design with reliable performance and easy maintenance. The display screen, control, and power supply are designed separately, and they are self-contained modules, which are more stable and easy to maintain.