Taxis are large in numbers and they can reach spotless coverage as they run around all the time.
Taxi as the carrier will help the advertisement weave the largest outdoor media network in the city.

The combination of the bright and eye-catching design and good communication effect of the LED display advertising media with the on-board GPS smart terminal of the taxi can allow the company and the product to maintain the brand image and increase its popularity in the market for a long time. And by incorporating strategic promotion or seasonal product promotion activities, the taxi top advertising can achieve the rapid establishment of brand image, influence consumers’ purchase decisions, and lift brand loyalty.

The taxi LED vehicle has the characteristics of “chasing the crowd” that any other media does not have, that is, a taxi that follows the bus with a large number of people on board can have those people exposed to the ads presented on the taxi LED screen.

The height of the taxi LED screen is right in line with the pedestrian’s eyesight, which helps the ads reach the audience at close range to achieve the greatest visual experience. At the same time, advertisements are particularly eye-catching for motorists.