Outdoor Taxi Top LED display in Russia

Product: P3.33 outdoor taxi top LED display
Size: 960*320mm
Location: Russia

P3.33 outdoor taxi top LED display russia

After various market surveys, we have launched four models of taxi-led displays: P2.5/P5/P3.33/P5. For those who are new to rooftop displays and have a limited budget, the P5 taxi top LED display would be a good place to start. 960*320mm screen size is not only brighter but also more cost-effective.

But if you want a high-resolution taxi screen, the P2.5 taxi screen is perfect for you. At the same time, our P2.5 is a slim, lightweight taxi display that is more energy-efficient, looks better, and has a clearer display.
Alternatively, if you want an LED display with HD performance but a tight budget. Our popular P3.33 taxi screen is your best bet. With a brightness of 5000nits, the P3.33 will bring images to life on both sunny and cloudy days!

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