Taxi LED Display in New Zealand

Product: P2.5 outdoor taxi top LED display
Size: 960*320mm
Location: New Zealand

New Zealand

Car LED displays can be used on the roofs of taxis, private cars, and operational vehicles. Taxi roof LED displays to feature a high refresh rate and greyscale to present dynamic and fine images on the screen.

The LED display has an internal intelligent control system that allows for self-testing of the module, remote control of the screen, self-testing, and updating of the content on the screen at any time. The module circuit has an intelligent self-test function and remote monitoring can detect faults or failures in the luminaire and locate them in the circuit, meaning the system can save the cost of sending technicians to carry out on-site servicing.

The frontal water resistance up to IP65 protects it from early aging and other natural damage. As a result, it presents a smaller effect and remains brilliant for longer periods of time.

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