Taxi LED Display in Egypt

Product: P3.33 outdoor taxi top LED display
Size: 960*320mm
Location: Egypt

P3.33 outdoor taxi top LED display Egypt

NSE has been in the LED display supplier industry for close to 12 years and is already the industry’s premier manufacturer and designer of car LED roof displays.

We are still doing research and development work every year to improve the appearance and performance of our products. We have independently developed and produced the P3.33 taxi top LED display.

For those who are looking for a more energy-efficient solution. We have developed another smaller size version of the P3 taxi LED display which may be a good option.

aLED screens with small pitch pixels have become increasingly popular in recent years. To keep up with market demand, we have developed the HD P2.5 taxi LED display as an option for high-end models, meeting users’ requirements for higher resolution.

From outdoor P5 roof LED screens to P2.5, we aspire to achieve better contrast and brightness. Our outdoor P2.5 roof signs have a brightness of up to 5500nit.

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