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What Is an LED MENU Screen

The LED menu screen is any display that uses light-emitting diodes (LED) as its primary light source to create interactive and detailed menu options. LED menu screens are available in various forms, from handheld devices to large-scale displays.

The term ‘LED menu screen’ could mean different things depending on the context. Sometimes, it could be the digitalized menus in restaurants, bars, food service, pubs, and other dining areas. In other cases, it could be the pop-up menu on your device screen.

It could also refer to the big screens in many airports, bus stations, and train stations displaying various routes and their prices. One thing’s certain: LED menu screens are often brightly colored and eye-catching! 

LED Menu Screen By Connectivity Options

The Video Graphics Array (VGA) is an analog interface that connects older computers or video sources that use the VGA output. With it, you can easily set up your LED menu screen and show off all the exciting content you want your audience to see.

The High-definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a digital upgrade of the VGA port. It can transmit high-definition audio and video on your LED Menu screen over a single cable. With multiple HDMI ports, you can easily switch between various input sources like a digital signage player, laptop, or Blu-ray player.

The USB port is the most common port available today, so setting up your LED menu display will be a breeze. This LED menu screen has USB connectivity for both power input and content playback from compatible devices.

To keep your audience stuck on your screen, you can switch up your display and show different things at once on one screen. An LED menu display board with DisplayPort MST (Multi-Stream Transport) will help display different content simultaneously on multiple portions of the screen.

This is by far the smartest and most stress-free LED menu screen option in terms of operation. The wireless LED menu screen has built-in Wi-Fi, enabling wireless content updates and remote management via a dedicated app.

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LED Menu Screen By Set up Position (3)

  • You can set up your colorful LED menu screen and affix it to a ceiling for a wide audience. With one glance at the top, your audience can enjoy an exciting display from any part of the room they are in.

  • For this LED menu screen, you just need to know the direction your audience will look at and mount your screen there. If you have a large display screen and do not want to risk moving it around, you should mount it on a wall.

  • This type of LED menu screen is most common in restaurants and some retail shops. It’s portable and a great fit for compact spaces. With a tabletop LED menu screen, you can communicate with your audience in a unique style.

Customize Your LED Menu Screen

  • Low Brightness 1920 x 540 LED Menu Screen – If you have a narrow space or need a secondary menu option for your restaurant, a low brightness 1920 x 540 pixels LED menu screen will be great. It will effectively communicate your content indoors without compromising on the display quality.
  • Medium Brightness 4K LED Menu Screen – With 2000 nits brightness and a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels, a medium brightness 4K LED menu screen will give you high visibility in areas like airports or shopping malls.
  • High Brightness 8K LED Menu Screen – Ten thousand nits and a resolution of 7680×4320 pixels can withstand extreme lighting conditions and still produce stunning visuals. This outdoor LED menu board is best suited for use in areas with high traffic volume.

LED Menu Screen Features

  • Connectivity Options – From HDMI to VGA and even wireless options, connecting to an LED menu screen can be fast and easy. Once you settle on one compatible with your device, you can set up your display screen in no time.
  • Color Compatibility – An LED menu board can offer various color capabilities, from monochrome (single-color) to full-color displays, allowing businesses to showcase vibrant and eye-catching content.
  • Customizable Designs – Regardless of the space available to mount your display, you can easily opt for a customizable design that will fit your preference. From ceiling-mounted LED menu screens to tabletop options, there’s a display option you would love.
  •  Multizone Display – Thanks to the multizone display feature, the content you display on your LED menu screens can be highly engaging. You can program your screen to display different content on different parts of the screen simultaneously.

LED Menu Screen Advantages

  • Space Efficiency – Space constraints can’t hinder you from engaging with modern solutions like the LED menu screen. Even if all you have is a tabletop, you can get an LED menu book and use proper use of your business space.
  • Better Customer Experience – LED menu screens offer dynamic and visually appealing content options for your customers.  An LED display will enhance the customer experience, making dining or shopping more enjoyable and memorable.
  • Interactive Elements – Some LED menu screens feature easy-to-scan codes that allow customers to interact directly with the menu. With an LED touchscreen menu, your customers can easily place their orders and complete purchases without having to call on you often.
  • Improved Selling Opportunity – Everyone loves an easy and stress-free transaction; an LED menu screen can facilitate that. People will always opt for your product with a digital menu board display and even spread good words about your exceptional service.
  • Improved Brand Perception – LED menu screens convey a modern and technologically advanced image. Consequently, brands that opt for digitalized solutions like the LED menu screen will enjoy a positive perception from customers and improve the establishment’s overall ambiance.
Pixel pitch 1.8 mm 2.5 mm 3.5 mm 4 mm
Resolution Full HD 2k 4k 8k
Connectivity  VGA HDMI USB Wireless
Multizone Display No  Yes  No  Yes 
Brightness  1,000 nits 3,500 nits 5,000 nits 7,000 nits
Viewing Angle 150 degrees 160 degrees 180 degrees 180 degrees
Color Capability Monochrome Dual color Dual color Full color
Touchscreen  No  Yes  Yes  Yes 


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