Top 10 Led Display in Slovakia

LED displays are designed to be used in advertising by simply displaying products, images, brand names, videos, and other information that could attract customers. It plays in a big role in our society especially for those who wanted to start a business or to enhance business. If you are looking for a professional and trusted supplier of LED displays in Slovakia, I highly recommend the following below.

Neon OKAVER - svetelné reklamy, s.r.o. Kovarce 12, 95615 Kovarce, Slovensko
Kovarce Led Display Supplier

Main Product: Indoor and Outdoor Led Display


Tel. no: +421 38/531 61 65


Neon OKAVER is a professional company that produces illuminated advertising and 3D signage. Their main goal is to create a great solution for the company and business through the help of LED screens. Every 3D LED display they made is able to work 24 hours by displaying images, videos, animation, brand names, and others that use to attract customers.

The LED Display made by Neon OKAVER is perfect to use On roads, pedestrians, shopping centers, small or large businesses, and others. The company has more than 30 years of experience and they make sure to provide small or large dimensions, individual 3D letters, and others in order to satisfy clients’ needs.

Mediascreen s.r.o.
Hlavná 117/21, 076 22 Hriadky
Hriadky Led Display Supplier

Main Product: Large LED Screen


Tel. no: +421 919 421 570


Mediascreen s.r.o. is a leading company that produces thousands of large LED screens in order to use in a wide range of projects. Aside from large LED screens, they also made LED billboards, city boards, and LED screens for televisions and radios. They are a company that offers consultations, sales, installation, and excellent services.

They have 10 years of experience in the LED screen business. Mediascreen s.r.o. is guaranteed to provide custom-made solutions depending on clients’ and customers’ needs. Everyone will be satisfied because Mediascreen s.r.o. provide high-quality LED screens and individual approaches.

LEDAdvizor, s.r.o.
Východná 10, Nitra
Nitra Led Display Supplier

Main Product: Large outdoor LED screen


Tel. no:  +421 911 845 645


LEDAdvizor, s.r.o. is a trusted company that produces more than 16 large outdoor LED screens found in Slovakia. Not just that, they also made more than thousands of LED screens and they become the most modern DOOH networks company. The company makes sure that all of its products made are eco-friendly and offer low power consumption. At LEDAdvizor, s.r.o. they always focus on paying attention to every client’s needs.

They are a company that offers rental, and sales of LED screens that are widely for different fields of applications such as events like concerts, lives shows, and others. At LEDAdvizor, s.r.o they offer discounts for online clients depending on the modern outdoor and indoor LED screens they needed.

Galvaniho 6, Bratislava, Slovakia
Bratislava Led Display Supplier

Main Product: Indoor and Outdoor Led Display


Tel. no: +421 940 65 75 75


LED PLAY is a company that produces a wide range of LED technology such as exterior LED screens, corporative advertising LED screens, Indoor LED screens, storefront LED screens, LED boards with running text, transparent LED screens, digital advertising stands, shaped video panels, and many more. The main purpose of their product is to meet the needs of the advertising industry, improve business, increase profit, and get more customers.

The company has more than 11 years of experience in the field of digital display. LED PLAY always uses modern LED components for better performance. Their company has its own well-establish factories and is equipped with rich experience staff that helps in the production of advertising LED screens.

Dostojevského rad 5 81109 Bratislava
Bratislava Led Display Supplier

Main Product: Outdoor Led Display


Tel. no: +421 917 915 114


CONFIDENCE MEDIA SR, sro is a top company that produces more than 10,000 digital displays for outdoor advertising. They are the only company that before they import they ensure to satisfy customer needs. Not just they produce LED displays but also they are specialists in planning and also buying outdoor advertising.

With more than 20 years of experience, that company has enough knowledge in creating high-quality LED displays for outdoor advertising. They can help everyone to enhance the quality of their businesses and make their product or service visible. CONFIDENCE MEDIA SR, sro cooperates with more than 90 advertising providers.

Pšeničná 10, 821 06 Bratislava
Bratislava Led Display Supplier

Main Product: Stage-led display


Tel. no: +421 2/536 334 64


Hurricane is a leading company that has the ability to turn events into occasions. Their main product such as LED displays is perfect to use for green screen studios, new-level studios, conferences, events, and others.  Hurricane is equipped with professional personnel, and project management, offers creative solutions, strong technical background and so much more.

Hurricane has more than 20 years of experience to provide creative solutions for any event. For many years they gather more than 3150 events that happen across the world. With the help of their LED technology, they can help to stand out in the events.

CSH sro
945 01 Komárno, K.Thalyho 39/6
K.Thalyho Led Display Supplier

Main Product: Print


Tel. no: ‘+421 905 465 256


CSH sro is started in year 2012, they become popular because they offer speed, reliability, and flexibility for every customer’s needs. The company offers LED displays, advertising screens, and many more. With more than 8 years of experience, they learn how to handle clients that most of their client are really loved the services that they offer.

Their main product is everything that customers need for wide format printing, screen printing, digital textile printing, pad printing, screen printing equipment, and others. They rest assured that all of their products made passed quality standards in order to give quality assurance for every client.

FX Vision sro
ul. Janka Kráľa 1 Banská Bystrica, 974 01
Bystrica Led Display Supplier

Main Product: Large LED and LCD screens


Tel. no: +421 948 480 200


FX vision sro is a company that focuses on offering excellent services through sound technology and LED display. They offer large screens and LCD screens that are widely used for the advertising industry, digital billboards, and for those who want to rent. Their main services to offer our technical support, sales, rental, and many more to make sure everyone could be satisfied.

The company offers different series of LED screens such as the HNC series, comet series, L series, D series, S series, GN series, etc. With many years of experience, FX Vision sro can build more than 25 LED screens, and they satisfied more than 300 clients.

AAA Media
Oravská 18A 903 01 Senec
Senec Led Display Supplier

Main Product: Led Advertising Display


Tel. no: +421 911 222 910


AAA Media is an advertising company that provides comprehensive advertising services through the help of LED technology. Their goal is to achieve client marketing goals, to enhance the quality of business establishment by simply displaying videos, images, brand names, and other information.

The main goal of the company is to provide for the needs of everyone, especially for those who to start a business or enhance their business. It has the ability to attract customers, get their attention, and that helps to gain more profit.
Coburgova 74 917 01 Trnava
Trnava Led Display Supplier

Main Product: Mobile Advertising display


Tel. no; +421905 231 107 / +421917 113 909

Email: is a company that specialized in mobile LED displays that are available for sale and rental. All of their product is perfect to install in any type of vehicle such as buses, auto, trucks, and others. They make sure that every LED display made can be easy to install without the need for equipment.

Aside from the mobile LED screen, the company also offer mega board, billboard, LED screens, city light, and many more.  The is also a famous company that offers other services such as engraving, digital printing, screen printing, graphic designing, 3D advertising, and many more.

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