LED Display remote control for venue

Product: Rental LED Display
Application: Venue

In order to realize the remote control of the LED display and get rid of the traditional wired fixed computer control, most of the LED displays now have the function of remote control. There are mainly four ways to realize the remote control of the LED display:

LED Display remote control for venue
1. Remote control via wifi: To connect the WIFI of the LED display to realize content transmission. It has the characteristics of fast transmission speed, but it will be affected by the distance, the closer the distance, the stronger the signal;
2. GPRS for remote control: GPRS module needs to be installed with a mobile phone card to dial up and access the Internet to realize content transmission. This control method has no distance limit, as long as there is a mobile phone signal, you can receive information, but there will be a certain amount of Internet access fees;
4. 4G, 5G for remote control: the working principle is that the 4G or 5G module transmits content through a wireless network connection. The transmission and response speed is very fast. If the transmission content is larger, the Internet fee will be higher;
3. RF for remote control: The working principle of RF wireless control is to use a specific frequency to achieve content transmission. The transmission distance can reach 300-1000M. However, the available frequency bands are limited, so this control method is used less.
Within those four remote control methods, the WIFI control is the most used remote control method, for other control methods can be used according to actual needs.

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