LED Display Module Manufacturer

LED Display Module Manufacturer

NSE is a LED display module manufacturer. We offer stable quality and cost-effective products, and we design LED screens for various uses.

NSE LED Display Module

The LED module is a small circuit for LED screens that integrates the LEDs and other electronics to reproduce videos and images. Some manufacturers conduct white balance aging tests and video aging tests. The purpose of the test is to assure reliability and eliminate broken LEDs.

NSE can custom-make any LED display module upon customers’ request. You can send us your requirements or specifications and we will work for your complete solution.

SMD Indoor LED Display Module

NSE can manufacture a wide range of SMD LED display modules for indoor use. You can order any module type according to your specifications and requirements. We offer custom and standard LED display modules modules all the time.

SMD Outdoor LED Display Module

NSE’s SMD LED display module for outdoors provides a glance and great vision even at a far distance. This display module is widely used for some events like outdoor concerts, advertising, outdoor parties, and other outdoor occasions.

SMD Flexible LED Display Module

Our flexible LED display module is designed to meet some particular positions and designs of an LED screen display. It has a strong magnetism that is recessed along the whole module to provide good bending ability and easy installation.

Custom Irregular LED Display Module

We provide customized services, can be customized non-standard sizes and different shapes LED modules such as diamonds, triangles, circle, etc. to meet the needs of different projects.

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Why Choose NSE LED Display Module

High Contrast
High Contrast

NSE’s LED display module has a high contrast ratio, high uniformity, and good evenness. It provides clear vision even in the daytime.

High Resistance
High Resistance

Our display module for LED display screen has a high resistance to temperature, antioxidant, and anti-static.

Low Maintenance
Low Maintenance

Each pixel of our LED display module can be replaced respectively. This would reduce the cost of maintenance.


Our small LED modules can transform and install on cabinets or structural frames and make up a big LED screen.

LED Display Module Sizes

You can choose from our LED display module size options.

    • 128x128mm, 160x80mm
    • 160x160mm, 192x96mm
    • 192x192mm, 240x240mm
    • 244x122mm, 244x244mm
    • 250x250mm, 256x128mm
    • 256x256mm, 320x160mm
    • 384x192mm, 240*120mm
    • 320*320mm,480*320mm
    • 200*150,150*168.75
LED Display Module Sizes
LED Display Module Resolution

LED Display Module Resolution

Here are our module resolution options for LED Display:

    • 32×16, 32×32, 52×52
    • 64×32, 64×64, 80×40
    • 84×84, 96×96, 104×52
    • 128×64, 128×128, 160×80
    • 172×86, 174×87, 192×96
    • 208×104, 256×128

LED Display Driving Mode

You can choose from our driving mode option below:

    • 1/4Scan, 1/8Scan
    • 1/13Scan, 1/16Scan
    • 1/32Scan, 1/20Scan
    • 1/26Scan, 1/32Scan
    • 1/40Scan, 1/43Scan
    • 1/52Scan, 1/58Scan
    • 1/64Scan
LED Display Driving Mode

Customization Options

We can customize your LED display module based on the:

  • Pixel Pitch (mm)
  • LED Color (Black or White)
  • Module Resolution
  • Brightness (Nits)
  • Module Size (mm)
  • Driving Mode
LED Display Module Application

The LED display module is useful for different areas such as:

  • Offices
  • Function Hall
  • Malls
  • Broadcast Studio’s
  • Stages
  • Etc.

LED Module Parts and Components

Electronic Board

An electronic boar is a circuit with conductor tracks made with copper and interconnecting its components. It is a plate that is assembled with an automated integration process. The resistant to rain LED screen, anti-humidity & insulation treatments are applied to provide additional layer protection. LEDs are inserted on the front. At the back, the integrated circuit chips (ICs) are assembled and manage all the aspects that reproduce images such as brightness, color, and circuit power ports.

Frontal Mask

The frontal mask is a front piece made with black plastics. It provides the right size of holes and matches the LED’s position. In general, it is placed or assembled on the module surface with small screws. This mask or grid provides functions in the LED modules such as:

  • Protection for the LEDs.
  • For LED screens for outdoors. It helps to improve the LED screen visibility through direct sunlight by adding a ledge with a visor type.
Rear Plastic Structure

This rear plastic structure is part of the black plastic which provides rigidity to the printed circuit. This plastic structure also provides fixation through the chassis of the LED cabinet. Some rain-resistant LED screens, it usually integrated with a rubber gasket to ensure no water and moisture can enter the LED displays’ interiors.

What is the function of the LED display Module?

The LED module or LED panel for LED display screens is made with a small circuit that provides integration on the LEDs and other essential electronics so that the images and videos are reproduced through LEDs.

What are the basic LED components?

In able to reproduce images and videos, LED needs three basic parts such as the main LED display, controller, and content source.

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