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LED Displays have developed as a strong and disruptive technology that plays a vital part in our society today’s fast-paced and digitally linked world. It has become a vital component of modern communication, engaging audiences and influencing behavior in new ways, from cityscapes to corporate environments, stadiums, retail spaces, transit buses, and beyond. If you are looking for the best LED display in Hungary, I highly recommend the following:

Ledtrio Logo
0 Székesfehérvár, Ipoly utca 126
Hungary Outdoor Led Display Supplier

Ledtrio Homepage

Main Product:  Outdoor Led Displays


Tel. no: 36 70 602 7773


Ledtrio is a cutting-edge firm that specialized in the creation of LED walls and video walls that transform how brands interact and engage their consumers. They are devoted to providing businesses with visually appealing LED displays that create a lasting impression on viewers, with the company’s belief that attention-grabbing and imaginative ads offer long-term benefits. As LED technology pioneers, they are always pushing the frontiers of innovation to give companies with the tools they need to stand out in a competitive environment.

Ledtrio’s LED walls are designed to provide immersive and fascinating visual experiences in any venue. Their LED walls produce bright and dynamic material that captivates viewers and reinforce brand messaging in retail areas, events, and corporate settings. Their Video walls demonstrate the power of continuous storytelling. Their video walls, with their high-resolution visuals and exceptional display quality, turn areas into eye-catching and engaging platforms for showing content and ads.

Ledfalgyártás logo
9300 Csorna, Andrássy út 33/A
Hungary Outdoor Led Displays

Ledfalgyártás Homepage

Main Product: Outdoor Led Displays


Tel. no: 3620 486 40 66


Ledfalgyártás is a vibrant and inventive organization committed to disrupting traditional marketing practices. They specialize in LED board manufacturing and LED running light production, providing cutting-edge solutions that replace time-consuming and inefficient posters and banners with a strong and adaptable marketing tool. With an emphasis on real-time updates, their LED displays provide a substantial edge to their customers y allowing them to send relevant and compelling material to their target audience, hence increasing brand exposure and communication.

Ledfalgyártás believe that innovation is the key to unlocking new possibilities in marketing and brand communication. They enable organizations to surpass traditional advertising restrictions and stay ahead in a competitive market by leveraging the power of LED technology. Their LED displays have real-time updates and dynamic content capabilities, allowing their customers to quickly respond to shifting market trends and audience preferences.

Futófény logo
9300 Csorna, Andrássy út 33/A.
Hungary Outdoor Led Display Supplier

Futófény Homepage

Main Product: Outdoor Led Display


Tel. no: 36 20 486 4066


Futófény is a market leader in the manufacture and distribution of cutting-edge LED displays, neon signs, and lighted advertising solutions. They are committed to offering high-quality solutions that meet the different demands of businesses and organizations, and they are led by a team of certified electrical engineers. They provide a broad selection of high-quality goods, including LED walls and video walls, running lights, neon signs, and more, as well as skilled on-site installation, construction, and commissioning services as needed.

Futófény’s products are built using high-quality materials and components to ensure long-term performance and dependability. They recognize that each customer has specific needs. Their staff collaborates directly with organizations to develop customized solutions that support their branding and marketing goals. Logo
1137 Budapest,, Katona József utca 28.
Hungary Rental Led Display Supplier Homepage

Main Product: Rental Led Display


Tel. no: 36 70 464 6336

Email: is a reputable firm that specializes in offering high-quality rental LED displays to businesses and organizations in a variety of sectors. They have gained a reputation as a prominent provider of dynamic and eye-catching LED display solutions due to their strong dedication to quality, dependability, and client satisfaction. Their extensive rental services are suitable for a wide range of events, exhibitions, conferences, concerts, and any other occasion when effective visual communication is required.

Ledfalberles provides a diverse range of rental LED displays, from interior LED screens appropriate for conferences and trade exhibits to outdoor LED screens capable of withstanding varied weather conditions during concerts and outdoor events. Their LED rental displays provide high-resolution pictures, vibrant colors, and consistent performance.

Szepesi LED Kft Logo
Szepesi LED Kft
Budapest, Tátra utca 5/A, 1136,Magyarország
Magyarország Indoor Led Display Supplier

Szepesi LED Kft Homepage

Main Product: Indoor Led Display


Tel. no: 06 20 555 5085


Szepesi LED Ktf is a premier indoor LED display provider dedicated to changing interior environments with appealing visual solutions. They specialize in supplying cutting-edge LED displays that give remarkable visual experiences in a variety of interior situations, with an emphasis on innovation, quality, and customer happiness. Their interior LED displays improve communication and create engaging environments in corporate offices, retail stores, museums, event sites, and educational institutions.

Szepesi LED Ktf combines technical competence and artistic vision to provide their clients with bespoke solutions. Their team of experts knows the complexities of LED technology and collaborates closely with businesses to ensure that their interior LED displays precisely correspond with their branding and marketing goals.

LedSmart logo
Hungary Indoor and Outdoor Led Display Supplier

LedSmart homepage

Main Product: Indoor and Outdoor Led Display


Tel. no: 36 30 445 6000


LedSmart is a top supplier of cutting-edge LED solutions, committed to expertly and meticulously lighting billboards, newspapers, scoreboards, and LED walls. They consistently push the limits of LED technology and information technology (IT) background with a strong dedication to perfection, making sure that their products stay at the top of the market. Their mission is to excel in the industry by enabling their clients to use eye-catching neon signs to grow their companies as profitably as possible.

At LedSmart, they take great pleasure in our technical knowledge and mastery of LED technology. Their team of professionals collaborates with IT specialists to guarantee that their LED solutions are not only aesthetically spectacular but also technologically cutting-edge. They work relentlessly to stay ahead of the curve. logo
1095 Budapest Soroksári út 48-54 II. gate
Hungary Led Poster Supplier Homepage

Main Product: Led Poster


Tel. no: (36-1) 217 0982

Email: is a well-known participant in the display industry and a powerful influence throughout the nation. They have established their success on a strong foundation of high-quality products, great services, and a dedication to becoming long-term advertising tool specialists for their valued clients, with a strong focus on dynamic growth in the B2B business sector. Their unshakable conviction that providing knowledgeable guidance and marketing-focused product placement are essential motivates them to thrive in the usage of cutting-edge display technology.

The ultimate purpose of is to support its clients throughout every crucial stage of their business operations by giving them dependable advertising solutions that provide outstanding returns on their investments. They are dedicated to becoming more than just a provider at They make an effort to be a dependable partner for their customers, assisting them with excellent goods, knowledgeable advice, and attentive customer care throughout their advertising journey.

Visual Solutions Kft. Logo
Visual Solutions Kft.
Upper Industrial Boulevard 2B. A10, Nagytarcsa, 2142
Nagytarcsa Outdoor Led Display & Score Boards Supplier

Visual Solutions Kft. Homepage

Main Product:Outdoor Led Display & Score Boards


Tel. no: 6 70 341 5530


A trustworthy business, Visual Solution Ktf, specializes in providing the best outdoor LED scoreboards and displays. With a strong focus on quality and client happiness, they have made a name for themselves as a top supplier in the sector. Their area of expertise is in providing cutting-edge visual solutions that improve engagement and communication in outdoor settings.

An extensive selection of outdoor LED displays, expertly constructed to provide outstanding performance and sturdiness, is available from Visual Solution Ktf. With their vivid colors, sharp images, and excellent brightness, these LED displays provide readability even in direct sunshine. Their LED displays are made to grab people and create a lasting impression, whether they are used for advertising, information transmission, or boosting the aesthetic appeal of outdoor places.

H-1054 Budapest, Hold utca 23.
Hungary Outdoor Led Display Supplier


Main Product: Outdoor Led Display


Tel. no: 36 (1) 788 9964


LÉTÍFOGOD.HU is a reputable and premier company specializing in the supply of top-quality outdoor LED displays. They have established itself as a dependable and top provider in the sector by placing a major emphasis on providing cutting-edge visual solutions. Their area of specialization is in offering entrancing and dynamic outdoor LED displays that improve communication and provide riveting experiences in a variety of outdoor situations.

The extensive selection of premium outdoor LED displays from LÉTFOGOD.HU is expertly crafted to fulfill the highest requirements for performance and dependability. These LED displays ensure that material is successfully communicated to capture viewers with their vivid colors, high visibility even in direct sunshine, and clear picture quality.

GÉPBÉR-Színpad Kft. Logo
GÉPBÉR-Színpad Kft.
1048 Budapest, Tenkefürdő u. 5.
Hungary Indoor Led Display Supplier

GÉPBÉR-Színpad Kft. Homepage

Main Product: Indoor Led Display


Tel. no: 36 70 511 4701


GÉPBÉR-Sznpad Kft. is a respectable and trustworthy business that specializes in providing high-quality indoor LED displays. They are known in the market as a dependable and valued provider by putting a significant emphasis on offering cutting-edge visual solutions for indoor areas.

GÉPBÉR-Sznpad Kft. provides a broad selection of indoor LED displays that have been carefully crafted to give exceptional performance and eye-catching graphics. Their LED displays deliver material with the most impact and engagement because of their excellent brightness, high-resolution visuals, and beautiful colors.

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