Best Led Display in Egypt

LED Displays play a huge and diverse role in our society today, touching numerous facets of our lives and revolutionizing the way information is delivered and consumed. It is a ground-breaking medium of dynamic visual communication that has revolutionized the way information is displayed and consumed. These cutting-edge displays provide LED displays that have vibrant, brilliant, and high-resolution pictures that capture attention and engage audiences in a variety of settings. If you are looking for the best supplier in Egypt, I highly recommend the following:

LED SUN logo
199 Gesr El Suez, El Nozha, Cairo, Cairo Governorate 11786
Cairo LED Video wall, LED rental & LED commercial display Supplier

LED SUN Homepage

Main Product:  LED Video wall, LED rental & LED commercial display


Tel. no: 0020 1112375214


LED SUN is a leading developer of innovative LED display solutions for a wide range of applications. They specialize in offering top-of-the-line LED video walls, LED rentals, and LED commercial displays that transform visual experiences and are a trusted brand in the market. They think that every moment deserves to be highlighted in the greatest possible light. They turn static areas into dynamic, fascinating settings with their revolutionary LED video walls.

LED SUN’s LED video walls provide colorful, high-resolution displays that create an impression on audiences at corporate events, concerts, trade exhibitions, and even public locations. Their LED rental services cater to short-term demands, allowing companies and event organizers to have access to high-quality LED displays without the burden of ownership. Their rental solutions provide flexibility, dependability, and seamless integration for every event, from large-scale concerts to smaller festivities.

Maintenance LED logo
Maintenance LED
Mustard, Egypt
Egypt LED Video wall, LED rental, LED commercial display Supplier

Maintenance LED Homepage

Main Product: LED Video wall, LED rental, LED commercial display


Tel. no: 0020 100 603 0977


Maintenance LED is a market leader in the repair of video processor, transmitting and receiving cards for LED displays. They are a trusted partner for keeping the LED display systems functioning at top performance, with an emphasis on providing great service and technical knowledge. They recognize the vital role that video processor, transmitting and receiving cards play in the smooth running of LED displays. They have staffs that are highly qualified technicians and engineers with extensive knowledge and hands-on experience diagnosing and fixing a wide range of technical difficulties. They have the knowledge to solve any issue, no matter how little or complicated.

They take pride in their dedication to providing superior maintenance services, ensuring that LED display investment continues to provide amazing visual experiences. Regular maintenance is essential for improving the longevity and performance of display systems, and their proactive approach identifies possible problems before they become major issues, saving both time and money.

Fama Logo
Anwar Wagdy Building 4 Mazloum pasha st. Cairo
Cairo LED Video wall, LED commercial display Supplier

Fama Homepage

Main Product:LED Video wall, LED commercial display


Tel. no: 0020 100 000 9455


Fama, which was founded a decade ago, is a pioneering force in the LED screen production sector, always pushing the frontiers of innovation and offering sophisticated solutions to clients all over the world. They have been established as a trusted brand in supplying advanced LED displays for showing advertising information in a broad range of locations, from private areas to crowded major streets and iconic bridges, due to a genuine dedication to quality and a passion for technology.

At Fama, they believe in LED Screens’ revolutionary capacity to attract consumers and revolutionize advertising experiences. Their modern LED screens provide unsurpassed visual clarity, dazzling colors, and remarkable resolution, resulting in powerful displays that propel advertising campaigns to new heights.

Led screen Logo
Deep Vision
21 Omar bin Khattab Street, El Mohandeseen Cairo, Egypt
Cairo LED Video wall, LED commercial display Supplier

Led screen Homepage

Main Product: LED Video wall, LED commercial display


Tel. no: 002 01116664007


Deep Vision is a one-stop shop for the most innovative and cutting-edge large screens for both indoor and outdoor use. As an industry leader, they are dedicated to pushing the limits of visual technology, creating breathtaking displays that engage audiences and elevate experiences to new heights. They understand that a picture is worth a thousand words, and a large screen is capable of leaving visitors with lasting memories.

Deep Vision’s state-of-the-art huge displays produce spectacular pictures that create a lasting impression on those who encounter them, whether it’s an indoor event, a bustling city center, a sporting venue, or a grand outdoor performance. They are certain that quality and reliability are non-negotiable. They adhere to a strong quality control procedure from the initial design to the final installation to ensure that every Deep Vision huge screen fulfills the highest performance and durability standards. Their screens are made to last, giving you a dependable and long-lasting visual solution.

Egyled logo
Egy Led
Factory N.102 - second industrial zone – Badr City
Egypt LED video wall Supplier

Egyled Homepage

Main Product: LED video wall


Tel. no: 0020 1110002243


Egyled is a renowned Egyptian manufacturing and trade firm that specializes in supplying high-quality indoor and outdoor LED screen solutions to Egyptian markets. They are devoted to lighting Egypt with stunning visual experiences that create a lasting impression, with a passion for creativity and a commitment to perfection.

Egyled is a pioneer in the LED screen sector, bringing cutting-edge technology and unparalleled skills to a wide clientele across Egypt. Their LED screen solutions are customized to match the particular demands of each project, whether it’s transforming indoor areas into immersive visual spectacles or augmenting outdoor surroundings with compelling displays.

Capital Screens Logo
Capital Screens
199N, Pyramids Gardens, Giza, Egypt
Giza LED video wall& Flexible Supplier

Capital Screens Homepage

Main Product: LED video wall& Flexible


Tel. no: 201065358225


Capital Screens is a well-known participant in the LED display market, with over 7 years of experience, a highly skilled team of over 20 professionals, and an impressive portfolio of over 250 successful projects. They take great delight in igniting success and creating exciting visual experiences for our broad clients as a trusted brand in selling cutting-edge LED displays. They have been at the forefront of technical breakthroughs for over 7 years, always developing to suit the dynamic demands of the LED display market.

Capital Screens have been able to fine-tune their solutions due to their considerable expertise resulting in LED displays that not only meet but surpass industry requirements in terms of performance, reliability, and visual impact.

Event Planet Logo
Event Planet
Office 3, 5th Floor, Fourth Tower. Engineers Towers. Kornish El Nile. Maadi. Cairo – Egypt
Cairo LED Rental Supplier

Event Planet Homepage

Main Product: LED Rental


Tel. no: 201151123334


Event Planet is a forward-thinking event management firm that provides a wide range of advertising and market services in Egypt and throughout the world. They have been established as a dependable partner for planning organizing, and managing professional events of all sizes via a strong dedication to excellence and originality. Their devoted team of specialists is driven by a desire to provide outstanding experiences and surpass customer expectations.

At Event Planet, they think that every event is unique, and our seasoned staffs are skilled at developing concepts that are tailored to the client’s business and objectives. They methodically arrange every aspect to ensure a flawless and successful event, from corporate conferences to product launches, gala dinners, and experiential activations.

Hyper Sonic Egypt. Logo
Hyper Sonic Egypt
292 st, New Maddi, Cairo, Egypt
Egypt LED Video Wall and LED Commercial Display Supplier

Hyper Sonic Egypt. Homepage

Main Product: LED Video Wall and LED Commercial Display


Tel. no: 0020 11 555 30 888/+20 10 015 72 571


Hyper Sonic Egypt is a leading AV rental company committed to delivering high-quality audiovisual solutions for events of all sizes and complexities. They have developed a reputation as a trusted partner for offering great AV services in Egypt via our dedication to quality and customer-centric approach. They respond to the individual demands of their clients and assure flawless execution that exceeds expectations, from local gatherings to large-scale corporate events.

Hyper Sonic Egypt has a large variety of cutting-edge audiovisual equipment including high-definition projectors, LED video walls, professional sound systems, wireless microphones, lighting solutions, and much more. They accommodate every event demand with their broad choice of equipment, ensuring that every message is transmitted with clarity and impact.

3 Abd El-Aziz SelimAd Doqi, Dokki, Giza Governorate , Egypt
Egypt LED Billboard and LED Video Wall Supplier


Main Product: LED Billboard and LED Video Wall


Tel. no: 0020 333 788 89/+20 1064544440

PK MEDIA EGYPT is a leading provider of marketing solutions committed to assisting businesses in thriving in the ever-changing digital world. They provide a broad variety of integrated marketing services that are deliberately intended to generate measurable results and maximize the potential of the brand. They take pleasure in our ability to build new campaigns that engage, inspire, and drive growth for their customers, and they do so with a team of energetic and competent individuals.

PK MEDIA EGYPT recognizes that every company is unique. Their skilled strategists collaborate with their clients to create customized marketing programs that are targeted to their client’s unique goals and target demographic. Every marketing campaign is carefully targeted for maximum impact through its data-driven strategy.

Apple media Logo
Apple Media
9486 Kareem Banona St. Al Mokattam, Cairo, Egypt
Cairo LED Video Wall and LED Commercial Display Supplier

Apple media Homepage

Main Product: LED Video Wall and LED Commercial Display


Tel. no: 00202 225 916 37/ 002 010 614 555 15


LEDScreenmisr Logo
Egypt LED Banner and LED Video Wall Supplier

LEDScreenmisr Homepage

Main Product: LED Banner and LED Video Wall


Tel. no: 0020 128 323 4445

LEDScreenmisr is a cutting-edge LED display solutions company that specializes in high-quality LED banners and LED video walls. They have been established as a dependable partner for businesses and organizations looking to improve their visual communications via a dedication to innovation and client satisfaction. Their cutting-edge LED technology creates stunning displays that make an indelible impression on viewers, converting ordinary places into immersive and engaging settings.

LEDScreensmisr ‘s LED video walls are advanced installations that provide seamless, large-scale display experiences. Their LED video walls are ideal for events, retail spaces, business environments, and entertainment venues, as they feature spectacular resolutions and unrivaled brightness, ensuring that the material is shown with maximum clarity and impact.

Egy-LED-Factory Logo
Plot 102 – Second, Cairo Governorate 11829, Egypt
Egypt LED Video Wall and LED Commercial Display Supplier

Egy-LED-Factory Homepage

Main Product: LED Video Wall and LED Commercial Display


Tel. no: 0020 0111 000 2243

Egy-LED-Factory is Egypt’s first and largest facility specializing in the manufacture of cutting-edge electronic LED Screens. With the goal of illuminating the nation with modern LED technology, they have been established as the industry’s frontrunner. They take great satisfaction as a native firm in contributing to Egypt’s technical advancement by delivering high-quality LED displays that cater to a wide range of applications and sectors.

Egy-LED-Factory creates a broad selection of electronic LED screens including interior LED displays, outdoor LED billboards, LED video walls, LED information boards, and more. Their LED displays are engineered with accuracy and the most recent breakthroughs in LED technology, resulting in remarkable visual clarity, brightness, and energy efficiency.

Energy Waves Solutions Logo
Energy Waves Solutions
Sheraton Residences, Trade Center No. 2
Egypt LED Outdoor Video Wall Supplier

Energy Waves Solutions Homepage

Main Product: LED Outdoor Video Wall


Tel. no: 0020 1064403158


Energy Waves Solutions, founded in 2019, has quickly been established as a leading system integrator and distributor in digital signage, indoor and outdoor LED displays, closed-circuit television (CCTV), access control, physical security, passive and active networking, and video conferencing. They deliver creative solutions that improve connection, security, and visual communication as part of their commitment to empowering businesses and organizations with cutting-edge technologies.

Energy Wave Solutions is a digital signage specialist, providing diverse and dynamic display solutions for retail, hotel, corporate, and public venues. Businesses may use their bespoke digital signage solutions to engage audiences, provide targeted messages, and increase brand awareness.

Brothers Group Advertising Logo
Brothers Group Advertising
Nasr City 3, Officers Buildings, Extension of Ramses
Egypt Supplier

Brothers Group Advertising Homepage

Main Product: LED Sign and Commercial LED Display


Tel. no: 0020 1000307310


Brothers Group Advertising is a leader in the business, specializing in the production, assembly, and maintenance of a wide range of electronic displays. They provide both interior and external electronic display systems that reflect the pinnacle of advertising technology globally, with an uncompromising dedication to innovation and perfection. Since the beginning, they have built a reputation for providing advanced displays that enable businesses to attract audiences and increase brand awareness.

Brothers Group Advertising’s internal electronic display panels revolutionize communication within enterprises and institutions. They provide personalized solutions that increase interaction, promote products, and present information in an eye-catching manner, ranging from appealing digital signage to immersive LED Video walls.

Falcon Trade Logo
Falcon Trade
Real Estate No. 254, Faisal Al-Taawon Al-Haram
Egypt LED video Wall & LED billboard Supplier

Falcon Trade Homepage

Main Product: LED video Wall & LED billboard


Tel. no: 0020 1050408084


Falcon Trade is a prominent provider of marketing solutions that is on the cutting edge of industry trends. They specialize in providing unique and environmentally friendly marketing tactics that have shown to be extremely effective in capturing attention while utilizing minimum power. They take pleasure in offering cutting-edge marketing techniques that have a lasting influence on audiences and the environment, as part of their commitment to support businesses across all industries.

Sustainability and environmental awareness are important at Falcon Trade. Their eco-friendly marketing strategies are designed to reduce energy usage and carbon footprints, allowing businesses to embrace greener practices without sacrificing results.

6A El Adel Abou Bakr St., Abou El Feda, Zamalek, Cairo
Cairo LED Video Wall & LED Billboard Supplier

OUTSITE OOH Media Homepage

Main Product: LED Video Wall & LED Billboard


Tel. no: 0020 2 27370102


OUTSITE OOH Media is a creative and forward-thinking media company that enables marketers to capitalize on Egypt’s enormous market potential. They specialize in out-of-home (OOH) advertising and provide a wide range of creative tactics as well as modern geo-positioning solutions. They assist companies to successfully engage with their target audience and developing powerful advertising experiences by having a thorough grasp of the local landscape and consumer behavior.

OUTSITE OOH Media’s creative team creates original and eye-catching advertising campaigns that connect with people and make a lasting impact. They create appealing images and material that correspond with company objectives while also connecting with local culture and values. They provide creative solutions that maximize the reach and effect of outdoor advertising campaigns by leveraging cutting-edge geo-positioning technology. Brands offer may target messages to particular regions and demographics using their precision targeting and data-driven approach, boosting campaign success.

AVE Events Egypt Logo
AVE Events Egypt
Egypt LED Rental and LED Video Wall Supplier

AVE Events Egypt Homepage

Main Product: LED Rental and LED Video Wall


Tel. no: 002 011 0100 9426 /27


AVE Events Egypt is a leading provider of modern advertising solutions, specializing in creating unforgettable experiences for events of all sizes. With a passion for innovation and a dedication to perfection, they provide direct access to cutting-edge audiovisual equipment, on-site computer rentals, and electronics, allowing their clients to take their communications and images to new heights.

AVE Events Egypt has a large inventory of high-quality audiovisual equipment, such as high-quality sound systems, dynamic lighting solutions, high-resolution projectors, LED displays, and more. Whether it’s a business meeting, a live performance, or a private event, our equipment improves the audio-visual components’ quality and impact.

6 A – Al Adel Abou Baker, Abu AI Fedda, Zamalek, Cairo Givernante, Egypt
Cairo LED Billboard and LED Outdoor Display Supplier


Main Product: LED Billboard and LED Outdoor Display


Tel. no: 20227357681


INSITE OOH is a leading provider of cutting-edge LED Billboards and outdoor display solutions, enabling businesses to create a strong impression in the Outdoor advertising scene. As a dynamic industry participant, they are dedicated to providing high-quality LED displays that engage audiences and maximize exposure for brands and enterprises. With an emphasis on innovation and client happiness, they give a new viewpoint to outdoor advertising and increase the visual impact of marketing initiatives.

INSITE OOH’s LED Billboard and Outdoor displays have a strong visual effect, making companies difficult to overlook and creating an indelible impression on people. Their LED solutions may be modified and deployed to match diverse outdoor environments, such as cityscape, retail area, transit hub, or event venue. They provide excellent customer service, guaranteeing that their clients receive rapid help, technical consultation, and maintenance services on schedule. They stay on the forefront of LED technology, providing creative and future-proof solutions that keep their clients ahead of the competition in the ever-changing outdoor advertising business.

Alawael Digital Led Logo
Alawael Digital Led
8 Mohamed Hassanein Heikal St., El Mandara El Bahareya, Alexandria
Egypt LED Video Wall Supplier

Alawael Digital Led Homepage

Main Product: LED Video Wall


Tel. no: 0020 1200004080

Alawael Digital Led is a major producer of cutting-edge LED video wall systems that are changing the visual environment and redefining venues in a variety of sectors. They specialize in producing high-quality LED video walls that create immersive and fascinating displays for companies, events, entertainment venues, and public areas, with a dedication to excellence and innovation.

Alawael Digital Led provides a varied assortment of LED video walls to fulfill the demands of its clients. Their LED solutions reinvent visual communication and interaction, from interior installations for conference rooms and shop displays to massive outdoor video screens for stadiums and advertising billboards.

Cheops Events - Exhibitions & Events Logo
Cheops Events - Exhibitions & Events
21 C, Maadi Gardens, Ring Rd. – El Katameya, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
Cairo LED Rental & LED Video Wall Supplier

Cheops Events - Exhibitions & Events Homepage

Main Product: LED Rental & LED Video Wall


Tel. no: 0020 1090009301


Cheops Events-Exhibitions & Events is an Egyptian exhibition stand builder and contractor that specialized in offering high-quality design and construction services for trade fairs, exhibits, and events. They bring concepts to life via distinctive and intriguing stand designs and backgrounds, with a passion for innovation and a dedication to perfection. They increase the visual impact of exhibits and events as a trusted partner for corporations and organizations, creating unforgettable experiences that make a lasting impression on guests.

Cheops Events’ exhibition stands and event backdrops are built to stand out and create a strong statement, distinguishing their clients from the competition. They take pleasure in the craftsmanship and quality of work, creating long-lasting, visually appealing structures that can survive the rigors of display venues.

NewLevel Events logo
NewLevel Events
597 EL-Nargess Buildings 5th Settlement – New Cairo
New Cairo LED Rental & LED Video wall Supplier

NewLevel Events Homepage

Main Product: LED Rental & LED Video wall


Tel. no: 0020 1003858048


NewLevel Events is a results-driven event management firm that helps customers achieve new levels of success for their businesses. They provide a wide range of services, including team-building activities, product promotion, and corporate social events, using a complete approach they are devoted to delivering quality in all aspects as a trusted partner, and our expertise in LED rental and LED video walls delivers cutting-edge visual solutions to improve event experiences.

NewLevel Events provides top-of-the-line LED rental and LED video walls, which enhance the aesthetic attractiveness of events while also offering unrivaled audiovisual experiences. They have a proven track record of success, with several delighted clients who have met their goals by utilizing their event management experience. Their customer-centric approach means that they emphasize their customers’ objectives and goals, producing customized solutions that surpass expectations.

Ntech-Eg Logo
Egypt LED Screen and LED Banner Supplier

Ntech-Eg Homepage

Main Product: LED Screen and LED Banner


Tel. no: 2001100751216


Ntech-Eg is a leading producer of innovative LED screen and LED banner solutions, committed to enhancing communication and visual experiences for organizations and events. They specialize in offering high-quality LED displays that attract audiences, increase brand exposure, and create unforgettable visual displays, with a dedication to technical innovation and client satisfaction.

Ntech-Eg provides a wide selection of LED screens, including both indoor and outdoor LED billboards. Their LED panels are renowned for their remarkable brightness, clarity, and rich colors, producing immersive pictures that leave viewers with a lasting impression. Their LED banners offer vibrant and eye-catching advertising solutions for a variety of applications. Their LED banners fascinate passerby and deliver messages with visual force, from shop displays to trade fair booths.

SAM Events Logo
SAM Events
3 Ahbab El Rasoul Street, Al Sefarat Borg El Safwa, 8th Floor, 801, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt 11743
Cairo LED Rental Supplier

SAM Events Homepage

Main Product: LED Rental


Tel. no: 0020 1222222251


SAM Events is a well-known and respected company in the events management, wedding planning, professional audiovisuals, and entertainment management sectors in Egypt. Since their inception in 1998, they have built a record of excellence by creating remarkable experiences that elevate festivities and engage audiences. They have acquired a reputation as an industry pioneer for their unique approach, rigorous planning, and smooth implementation of a wide range of events and entertainment experiences.

SAM Events has over two decades of industry expertise and a team of seasoned specialists that understand event planning and entertainment. They take pleasure in their creative approach, always looking for new ideas and entertainment solutions that engage audiences and exceed expectations. Every event is thoroughly planned and performed, ensuring that every aspect aligns beautifully to produce a smooth and unforgettable experience.

Elaraby Group Logo
Elaraby Group
Egypt LED Screen Supplier


Elaraby Group Homepage

Main Product: LED Screen


Tel. no: 0020 1101019319


Elaraby Group is a well-known and trusted provider of cutting-edge LED displays, offering unique visual solutions to a wide range of sectors throughout the world. They have built a great reputation as a leading provider of high-quality LED displays, offering exceptional performance, dependability, and exciting visual experiences over several decades. They are devoted to altering environments and reinventing the way information and entertainment are communicated as pioneers in the LED technology area.

Elaraby Group provides a wide selection of LED screens, including both indoor and outdoor LED billboards. Their LED displays are well-known for their remarkable brightness, rich colors, and high picture clarity, making them suitable for advertising, entertainment, events, and a variety of other uses.

Yafta Map Logo
Yafta Map
12 Street 161, Maadi, Cairo
Cairo LED Screen Supplier

Yafta Map Homepage

Main Product: LED Screen


Tel. no: 201028928491


Yafta Map is a specialist website dedicated to transforming how billboards are shown and rented for advertising campaigns. They provide a user-friendly platform that allows customers to access a wide range of billboards and conduct whole online advertising campaigns with a single click. They are devoted to providing businesses with an easy and smooth experience to boost their brand visibility and efficiently reach their target consumers as pioneers in simplifying the billboard advertising process.

Yafta Map has a broad selection of billboards in various places, providing companies with a variety of possibilities for promoting their products and services in crucial regions. Their cutting-edge technology enables customers to hire billboards and execute whole advertising campaigns fully online, removing the complications and time-consuming processes connected with traditional advertising approaches.

Egypecs Group Logo
Egypecs Group
21 C, Maadi Gardens, Ring Rd., El Katameya, Cairo, Egypt
Egypt LED Video Wall Supplier

Egypecs Group Homepage

Main Product: LED Video wall


Tel. no: 002 02 27231755


Egypes Group is a well-known and trusted event consulting agency that provides full one-on-one consulting services to businesses and organizations looking for professional advice on event design and execution. They specialize in developing innovative plans for exceptional events, producing events both locally and internationally, and overcoming specific issues with venues and destinations. As dependable partners, they assist their customers in achieving their goals, elevating their brand presence, and providing exceptional experiences that make a lasting impression on guests.

With years of event industry expertise, Egypecs Group has a thorough grasp of event planning and execution, guaranteeing that customers receive first-rate consulting services. Their diversified portfolio includes events of varying sizes and industries, demonstrating their agility and competence in delivering effective outcomes across several industries.

nageh-eg logo
FGiza Governor, 446 Al Haram street Nasr el deen -Giza
Giza LED Banner Supplier

nageh-eg Homepage

Main Product: LED Banner


Tel. no: 01119749181/ 01022632100

Nageh-eg is a prominent manufacturer of high-quality LED banners, committed to igniting businesses and increasing their exposure via attractive and dynamic advertising displays. They specialize in creating unique LED banner solutions that create a lasting impact on audiences and help businesses stand out in a competitive industry, and they have a strong dedication to quality. As LED technology specialists, they strive to produce high-quality solutions that fulfill their clients’ diversified advertising demands.

Nageh-eg has a large selection of LED Banners that are excellent for both indoor and outdoor use. Their LED banners are engineered to provide amazing brightness, rich colors, and eye-catching animations, making them an excellent choice for advertising campaigns, events, and promotions.

Interactivo Digital Platform Logo
Interactivo Digital Platform
Sheraton Buildings, Block1158, Building 21 Ground Floor, Heliopolis, Cairo Egypt
Cairo LED Video Wall Supplier

Interactivo Digital Platform Homepage

Main Product: LED Video Wall


Tel. no: (+2) 02 2269 5681/2/


Interactivo Digital platform was formed in Greece in 2007 as a reseller of interactive education products. Since then, they have evolved and expanded their capabilities to include distribution for numerous more major companies in AV integration, Digital signage, and interactive Education Technology. They expanded their horizons in 2009 by entering various countries’ markets including Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo & Bosnia. Since its inception in Egypt in January 2013, they have been recognized as a leading “One Stop Shop” for cutting-edge digital solutions, offering seamless integration and innovative technologies for AV systems, Digital Signage, LED displays, and expertise in Digital Retail & Customer Experience Solutions.

Interactivo Digital Platform specializes in the integration of innovative audiovisual systems for a wide range of industries, including corporate offices, educational institutions, retail spaces, and public events. They provide customized solutions that improve communication and create immersive experiences.

Double Bass Logo
Double Bass
Ahmed El-Zomor St, Front of Enppi, Nasr City,Cairo, EG
Cairo LED Screen Supplier

Double Bass Homepage

Main Product: LED Screen


Tel. no: 0020 1009991200


Double Bass is a well-known and respected firm in Egypt and the Middle East that specializes in audio cassettes and automotive accessories. With a tradition of expertise, they are devoted to producing superior products that meet their clients’ audio and automotive demands. As industry pioneers, they are continually working to extend their local client base while expanding into new global markets through smart export projects.

Double Bass provides a diverse selection of high-quality audio cassettes that provide audiophiles and enthusiasts with superb sound integrity and a nostalgic listening experience. They provide a wide range of automotive accessories, from audio systems and speakers to useful and elegant car-enhancing goods. Logo
4004 El Malika Farida street El Mearag - Cairo - Egypt
Egypt LED Billboard and LED Commercial Display Supplier Homepage

Main Product: LED Billboard and LED Commercial Display


Tel. no: 0020 1113994443

Email: is a leading provider of cutting-edge LED billboards and commercial displays, devoted to igniting businesses and increasing their visibility via creative visual solutions. They specialize in creating top-tier LED displays that attract viewers, promote brand engagement, and create memorable advertising experiences, with a love for technology and a dedication to perfection. They empower businesses to stand out in the market and effectively communicate their messages with the power of dynamic and vibrant visuals as pioneers in the LED display industry. has a large selection of LED billboards that are intended to provide magnificent and eye-catching advertising displays for both indoor and outdoor applications. Their LED billboards deliver unrivaled visibility and impact, helping businesses make an indelible mark on their target audience. They provide cutting-edge LED commercial displays appropriate for a variety of commercial settings such as retail stores, malls, hotels, and corporate offices. Their commercial displays are perfect for showing products, promotions, and information because they have outstanding clarity and brilliant colors.

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