Best 10 Led Display Supplier in Greece

Led Display had become essential to modern society nowadays. It produces vivid and compelling graphics. LED technology offers legible messaging even in difficult lighting circumstances due to its superior brightness, high contrast ratio, and excellent color reproduction. LED displays provide a flexible alternative for advertising, information distribution, and brand promotion, from outdoor billboards to indoor walls and signage. If you are looking for the best supplier of Led Display in Greece, the following companies are highly recommended.

Digigate ike
147 Evelpidon Ave. (formerly Varis-Koropiou Ave.)
Evelpidon Led Display Supplier

Main Product: LED Poster, Rental LED Screen


Tel. no: 30 210 66 20 063


Digigate ike’s main product line is made up of LED Posters, a revolutionary replacement for conventional printed posters. These digital displays offer vibrant and dynamic material using high-resolution LED technology, capturing attention and making a lasting impression. LED posters give businesses a flexible and eye-catching advertising solution that shines out in any setting because of its sleek appearance and numerous mounting choices.

Digitate Ike is an expert in renting LED screens, giving companies a powerful platform for showcasing colorful images at conferences, exhibits, festivals, and other temporary installations. Viewers will have an immersive experience because of the amazing image clarity, remarkable brightness, and flawless integration of these portable LES displays. They guarantee that customers have access to the ideal LED screen solution to meet their unique requirements, offering a variety of sizes and configurations.
Parodos Iasi | Pigeon | P.C. 121 36
Pigeon Led Display Supplier

Main Product: LED/LCD screen, LED Poster


Tel. no: 30 210 364 2031


In Greece, is a well-known supplier of advanced technology LED display systems. They are committed to refining visual communication and developing memorable brand experiences, with a core focus on LED posters, LED Screens, and LED Panels.

With a strong focus on innovation, quality, and client satisfaction, has made a name for itself as a reliable business partner for companies in a range of Greek sectors. The business’s wide list of successful installations in the retail, hotel, entertainment, and other industries is proof of its knowledge and commitment to providing top-notch LED display solutions.

Papaflessa-Keramopoulou 24 TK 551 33 Kalamaria - Thessaloniki
Thessaloniki Led Display Supplier

Main Product: Indoor/Outdoor LED Display


Tel. no: 30 2310 435 505


Graphishellas is a top supplier of high-end indoor and outdoor LED display systems. They equip organizations to capture their customers with a visually spectacular and compelling display by focusing on cutting-edge technology and a dedication to quality.

Graphillas has established a strong reputation for providing outstanding LED display solutions for a range of markets, including retail, hotel, entertainment, and transportation. The company’s portfolio of accomplished installations is evidence of its know-how, attention to detail, and dedication to going above and beyond customer expectations.

Techno Led pixel light
Miltiadis Karatzi, Nea Alikarnassos 716 01, Heraklion Crete - Agias Sofias 16 Rhodes - Lenorman 196 Athens
Athens Led Display Supplier


Main Product: LED Display Screen


Tel. no: 30 690 756 6616


Techno Led pixel Light’s primary product line focuses on LED display screens that offer superb performance and breathtaking graphics. These displays have been painstakingly created and built to offer exceptional brightness, great color reproduction, and seamless integration for a variety of applications.

In order to fully comprehend each client’s particular needs and provide them with individualized LED display solutions, Techno Led Pixel Light takes pride in its customer-centric approach. A flawless and effective implementation is ensured by the company’s skilled team of specialists, who offer full services such as consulting, design, installation, and continuing support.

3 Agias Paraskevis, Menemeni, Postal Code 56122, Thessaloniki, Greece
Thessaloniki Led Display Supplier

Main Product: LED video wall


Tel. no: 30 6948 789010 


Modern LED video wall solutions are best offered by ExpoLedTeam, a top company in Greece. They empower organizations to produce compelling visual experiences that engage audiences by putting a strong emphasis on innovation and pushing the limits of visual technology.

To meet a variety of purposes and applications, ExpoLedTeam provides a wide selection of LED video wall solutions. Their LED video walls deliver immersing and compelling pictures that improve the entire viewing experience in control rooms, retail areas, corporate settings, and other situations. They have skilled staff that collaborates closely with customers to offer bespoke LED video wall solutions that meet their unique requirements. They provide full services to ensure a smooth and effective implementation, from original design and installation to continuing technical support.

Agia Sophia 48 Postal code: 54622 Thessaloniki
Thessaloniki Led Display Supplier

Main Product: Indoor/Outdoor LED Display, LED rental screen


Tel. no: 30 2310 2310 14


Skyled is a leading supplier of cutting-edge LED display systems. They are dedicated to altering visual experiences and attracting audiences, with a particular focus on indoor and outdoor LED displays as well as LED rental screens. These displays have undergone thorough design and development to deliver exceptional brightness, great color reproduction, and smooth integration for a variety of applications.

Skyled partners with top producers to provide cutting-edge LED display devices as part of its dedication to quality and innovation. They make sure that customers have access to modern displays that are dependable, efficient with energy, and provide great performance by being at the forefront of technological breakthroughs.

Leof. Amarousiou 5, Likovrisi 141 23, Greece
Likovrisi Led Display Supplier

Main Product: Indoor/Outdoor LED Display


Tel. no: 30 210 282 0466

The main product offering of VCLED is comprised of indoor and outdoor LED displays that are engineered to provide great picture quality, adaptability, and dependability. To provide outstanding graphics and smooth integration for a variety of applications, these displays are meticulously made utilizing advanced LED technology.

For clients, VCLED also offers installation, maintenance, and technical support services, assuring a smooth and trouble-free deployment. The business’s skilled team of experts works directly with clients to comprehend their objectives and produce customized LED display solutions that meet those goals.

I. Agathou 48 Elefsina
Elefsina Led Display Supplier

Main Product: LED Rental Screen


Tel. no: 30 21 0554 2855


AFOI KARYOTI O.E. provides a broad variety of LED screens for rent, including indoor and outdoor screens, permanent and portable screens, and big and small screens. They provide a wide range of services, including installation, rigging, and technical support, to go along with their rental options. Their LED displays are employed for a range of purposes, including, exhibitions, athletic events, trade exhibits, and business gatherings.

AFOI KARYOTI O.E. is a trustworthy and knowledgeable LED screen rental company that can give its clients the greatest rental experience. They have skilled expert professionals that are committed to making sure that clients are happy with their LED screen rental.

Ledabel Display Technology
Agiou Alexandrou 96, Paleo Faliro 17561 Athens / Greece
Athens Led Display Supplier

Main Product: Indoor/Outdoor LED Display, Rental LED Display, LED Poster


Tel. no: 30 698 575 6949


Ledable Display Technology is a major provider of indoor and outdoor LED display rental and LED poster solutions. They have a team of skilled engineers and technicians that are committed to providing clients with high-quality LED display products and services.

Ledable Display Technology provides a diverse range of LED display solutions, including interior LED screens, outdoor LED screens, and LED posters.  LED displays from the firm are available in a number of sizes and resolutions and may be tailored to match the individual demands of customers. Ledable Display Technology also provides LED poster solutions, such as single-sided and double-sided posters, as well as posters with integrated lighting.

Kromnis 10 Argiroupoli 16452
Argiroupoli Led Display Supplier

Main Product: LED Wall, LED Curtain


Tel. no: 30 21 0995 8830


Vissiontech specializes in the design, fabrication, and installation of LED walls and LED curtains. They have a team of engineers that are passionate about technology and have a goal to develop revolutionary LED solutions that will transform the way consumers interact with visual media. The product of the company is noted for its excellent quality, dependability, and adaptability. They provide a comprehensive selection of LED wall and LED Curtain solutions to satisfy the requirements of every project, from modest inside displays to huge outdoor installations.

Visiontech is dedicated to giving the finest service possible to its clients. They have a team of professional engineers and installers that are committed to completing each job on time and to the highest standards. They also provide comprehensive post-installation support services such as training, maintenance, and repair.

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