LED Display for Shop Windows—Shop Window LED Banner / Shop Window Digital Advertising

Business in any industry is eager to capture maximum attention from potential buyers and prevail in their sector. This is especially true for retailers and hospitality business owners competing for the fast-paced passer-by with a short span of attention available. So, how could they win in this war for customer attention?

The answer is simple. Install a shop window LED display.


What’s Shop Window LED Display?

Shop Window LED Display, or LED display screen for the shop, is one type of digital window display, specially designed for those shops and businesses with big window displays and those who want an outstanding storefront.

What enables LED display screen for shop window to be so effective in capturing attention?

We all know the more eye-catching and intriguing the digital window display, the more likely you are to draw traffic into your store. And this is supported by research, which suggests that sales can increase by 540% with shop window display.

Also, among those surveyed, 63% say that digital signage catches attention better than traditional advertising paper posters, especially true for Shop Window LED Display.

● Ultra-thin & Smart-looking & Space-saving

The shop window LED display is realized when the electric current passes through a light-emitting diode, so it doesn’t require an outer source for light as the case for an LCD product. Thus, LED window displays can be made very thin with no need for complicated circuit diagram design.

This digital window display is appealing in design, stylish and smart-looking. Since it’s ultra-thin, it’s not going to occupy much space of the store. It has been incorporated into interior design as an element that can be used to display promotional videos or as a big screen to watch TV or corporate content.

● Larger screen size and awesome visual impact

LED window display can be made into very impressive size, customized to your shop window size, delivering captivating visual impact, making it stunning to any potential customer and passerby. Old conventional TVs are being replaced by LED screens because TVs are pretty small in proportion to shop windows.

● Higher brightness & high Resolution & superior Image Quality

Another reason for the TV screen and other traditional advertisement media to be out-shadowed by LED shop window display is that they are poorly visible in well-lit areas, unlike an LED screen, which is super bright, even if it’s been placed under the huge sunlight in a summer day. Most of shop window display requires a high brightness of the screen since it’s going to be exposed to the bright sunlight behind a transparent glass.

Plus, LED display is superior in color gamut, gray level, and detailed presentation than LCD counterpart and traditional TV screens, with the perfect flatness of the screen and wider viewing angle, allowing for superior image quality that would make pass-by in awe.

● Brand-on & dynamic

The retail and hospitality business is fast-paced in nature. Retail stores might have different products franchised for different seasons. And with fast innovation in technology, the new version of any product is launched quicker than ever. The advertisement of the latest products with the retailer’s logo in visual form is important for the retailer to gain market share.

And this could bring an on-brand experience to customers, which boosts brand awareness. This new type of high-resolution LED screen has become an element increasingly popular in commercial areas, covering large surfaces and displaying spectacular multi-media content, encouraging customers to buy.

Other features of LED display screen for shop window

● More energy-saving

LCD needs an outer source for light, which has to be luminous all the time for the image to be displayed. That’s not the case for LED displays, for which only specific pixels have to be lighted to display colors. So, LED display could be much more energy-efficient, about 1/10 of the LCD display in energy consumption.

● Longer service life

LED display screen can generally be made to work no less than 100,000 hours under normal circumstances, which means it can be used for decades, longer than that of the LCD display.

● Smart control & plug and play

NSE LED poster supports WIFI, USB, HDMI, and Network cable connection. So, with your laptop or smartphone, you’re able to maneuver it freely. It has a built-in synchronous and asynchronous dual-mode media player to achieve real-time zoom in, without the need for a video processor.

NSE LED poster comes with 8 GB memory and supports USB expansion. No need to worry about program size.

● Easy installation & maintenance

NSE Outdoor LED displays adopt super slim and lightweight panel frames. Panels can be spliced together super fast with our reliable lock system. And it can be quickly dismantled. The ergonomic handle makes it easy even for one-man installation. Also, it’s easy to remove the faulty module and replace it, time and cost-saving.

Uses and applications of shop window LED display

Shop window LED display belongs to indoor screens, which are not made to be exposed to weather conditions and don’t have additional protection against water or dust, so they always must be installed inside, or semi-outdoor. Some good applications for shop window LED screens are for windows displays and storefronts of retailers in shopping centers, or as digital screens in offices, restaurants, and hotel Lobbies.


As a high-tech enterprise, NSELED is a leading manufacturer of Motion LED displays, Commercial LED displays and Creative LED displays, offering one-stop, diverse, and innovative LED solutions for the global market.

We have launched product lines in three directions, Motion LED DisplayCommercial and Creative LED Display.

For Motion LED Display, our patented Taxi Top LED display is a bestseller worldwide. It has dominated the Motion Display market together with our Car Back Window display.

Commercial LED Display offered by NSE for business to excel includes Smart LED Poster, Transparent LED Display, as well as fixed LED display for window and for wall both indoor and outdoor, favored by retailers, event management, and other commercial application.

For Creative solutions, NSE can make your vision a dazzling reality. Also, NSE supports OEM with customized designs tailored to your individual needs.

NSELED is dedicated to research and innovation, and currently, we are testing our Mini LED Banner, which is in the final stage and is ready to be launched in 2 months.

All our products have been certified by CE, ROHS, and FCC, etc, reliability and excellence proved by more than 21000 applications from over 120 countries. With our dedication to R&D and constant focus on design and customer service, NSE delivers the most cost-effective, innovative LED solutions of superior quality to our customers.

With NSELED, we display infinity and create value. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@nseled.com for any inquiry.

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