LED Digital Posters for Australia Events

Location: Australia
Application: Events

If there is a question of which LED displays are the most popular for events, LED digital posters are always the answer. Here is an LED digital poster used for a picture that feedback from our clients, LED digital posters for Australia events. It because the most popular LED item for events which is nothing more than these three important reasons.
The first one is an easy operation. The LED digital poster adopts a plug-and-play design and will provide a plug that meets the local voltage and jack requirements. The original intention of this design is because the final user is not a professional electrician, so the simpler the product is the better.

LED digital posters for Australia events
The second is multi-function. LED digital posters can be controlled through WIFI, HDMI, U-disk, LAN, etc. There are different interfaces on the side of the product for selection. In addition, the acceptable playback formats cover almost all formats, so don’t worry about playback problems.
The third is the thin and light design. The thickness of the product is only 45mm, and the weight is only 35 kg, It is not an unshakable behemoth. It is not only light in design but also has a design that can be connected to the screen. It can be used alone or with multiple LED digital poster links to be a led video wall.

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