LED Dance Floor from NSE LED

  • Long life span of up to 100,000 hours
  • Fully waterproof led dance floor
  •  Anti-slip and wear resistance

What Is an LED Dance Floor?

An LED 3D dance floor is a display technology mostly used in nightclubs, weddings, dance schools, and other business events to light up the room and entertain the audience. The dance floor LED can be made from various materials. However, the best manufacturers, like NSE LED, use toughened glass as the base or panel material. 

This ensures the LED dance floor can carry as many people as possible without cracking or breaking. Unlike traditional event planners who use flowers, static billboards, and projectors to improve the event setting, adding LED dance floors to your decorative elements will provide better visual appeal and a touch of uniqueness to your venue. 

Aside from that, it will enable you to offer a more immersive experience to your audience. In addition, these display technologies give you the flexibility and customization freedom you need. With this, you can control what kind of content you showcase and at what time. 

Tech Spec of NSE LED Dance Floor

The NSE LED dancing floor consists of a toughened glass base panel and tempered glass material, backed with thousands of RGB LED lights that show the visual effects and lights you see. These 3D displays come in different shapes and sizes, consume less energy, and are affordable. Besides the technology backing them and their energy efficiency, here are other tech specifications of the NSE LED light dance floor

Parameter  Value
Lifetime 60,000 hours – 100,000 hours
Pixel Pitch P5, P6, P7.5, P8, P10.4 dancing floorLEDd display.
Material Tempered glass
IP Rating IP65
Use Cases Outdoor and Indoor
Amazing 3D Effect

Bright LEDs with brightness levels of ≥4,500 nits are placed inside the LED dance floor panels between two mirrors. The lighting bounces from these mirrors, offering an immersive 3D effect and endless color possibilities to modify your surroundings due to the RGB configuration.

Lower Heat Reproduction

Even though each light-emitting diode in a 3D LED lighted dance floor produces rays independently, they do not form infrared radiation, so they have less thermal emission than traditional incandescent bulbs and Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lighting (CCFLs). This infrared radiation that LED dance floor lights do not emit ensures that the floor is not hot to touch or step on.

High IP Rating

The NSE 3D mirror LED dance floor for sale is designed with a high IP rating of IP65. This ensures that they are waterproof and have excellent effectiveness in blocking other liquids, dust, accidental contact, and debris.

Why Choose Us?

NSE LED is a leading LED dance floor manufacturer. Our 3D dance floors are designed to add a touch of uniqueness to your event and store. Our LED dance floor rentals and the ones for sale are equipped with (red, green, and blue) RGB color reproduction, ensuring that the LEDs produce various colors and transition into the next smoothly.

In addition, they are lightweight, ensuring easy delivery or movement from one location to another. We also offer incredible customization options to cater to every client’s display needs. NSE interactive LED dance floor is furnished with the flexibility to be leveraged for various settings, including concerts, nightclubs, weddings, retail stores, etc. 

So, if you’re searching for the best ‘led dance floor hire near me,contact us, and we’ll design the perfect dance floor for your event.

NSE LED Dance Floor by Size

For better customer satisfaction, NSE manufactures LED dance floor for rent and sale in various sizes. This is to ensure that all clients no matter their display needs have access to world-class dance floors. Below are some of the common products available by sizes:
NSE 16x16 LED Dance Floor: This tempered glass-powered LED dance floor by NSE LED has an average size that can contain a minimum of 35 guests dancing all at once.
NSE 20x20 LED Dance Floor: Like every other dance floor NSE LED manufactures, this dance floor LED display can be synced with music to elevate the audience experience. Besides it also has sparkling lights that illuminate their entire venue while accommodating a minimum of 50 guests dancing at once.
NSE 60x60cm LED Digital Dance Floor: The 60x60cm NSE LED digital dance floor has excellent load bearing capacity, enabling it to accommodate as little as 30 guests dancing simultaneously. It can also be synced with music and used to display animations, graphics, and videos.

Applications of NSE LED Dance Floor

NSE LED runs a customer-first policy that ensures we manufacture LED dance floors that do not limit our clients’ creativity. Thanks to the flexibility of our high-performance 3D LED video dance floor. You can use it for various display purposes and still gain more visibility and great results. 

Each NSE LED dance floor setup can be used for stage performances and in bars, auditoriums, weddings, clubs, and birthday parties. But that’s not all! Other applications of the dance floor tiles LED include:

Dance Academy

The indoor/outdoor LED dance floor is used by dance schools during stage performances and practice sessions to improve audience and student experiences.

Commercial and Retail Stores

The dance floor LED RGB display produces various eye-catching patterns, colors, and effects that keep customers entertained, making them an effective advertising tool in commercial and retail stores. Aside from ads, they are also used to keep customers busy while they wait to be attended to.


This is one of the most popular use cases of the dancing floor-led display. It is leveraged in parties, concerts, festivals, wedding venues, and clubs as a DJ LED dance floor and regular dance time for guests to enjoy an immersive first-hand experience.

What Are the Advantages of LED Dance Floors for Advertising?

Generally, advertising helps you attract customers, make them more aware of your products, build trust, and gain long-term value, but without the right tools, your ad will not yield results. This is so, especially when leveraging conventional methods other businesses use. 

Nevertheless, incorporating unconventional techniques like using NSE LED interactive LED video dance floor makes you stand out and differentiates you from competitors. It increases brand awareness and audience reach and, in turn, boosts sales and revenue. Besides these benefits, other advantages of LED dance floors for advertising include:

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