LED Cabinet

LED cabinets or LED screen frames provide a seat for LED screens and protect them from various environmental factors, including rain, sunshine, and damage from shipping. 

  • IP 65 waterproof protection
  • High heat dissipation capability
  • Available in various sizes and configurations
  • Easy installation
  • Excellent shock absorption for both indoor and outdoor cabinets

What Is an LED Screen Cabinet?

LED cabinets or LED panel frames are metal or plastic platforms that aid the assembling or mounting of LED screens. They mainly serve as support, protection, and connectivity systems for LED panels. These cabinets are usually enormous, so installers mount multiple LED displays on one cabinet to make one huge screen. 

LED Cabinet by Pixel Pitch and Cabinet Size

This LED TV cabinet is suitable for outdoor displays and high-resolution indoor applications due to its 3mm pixel pitch and 480 x 480mm cabinet size. The small pixel pitch allows this screen to produce incredibly vivid images and accurate colors even when the viewers are closer to the display. 

The 4.8mm pixel pitch, accompanied by a 480 x 480mm cabinet size, has massive application in indoor settings. However, its use cases are not only restricted to indoors; businesses leverage it for small outdoor advertising. With high resolution and an average 65-inch screen size, it displays images and text without degrading due to distance or viewing angles.

Like other NSE LED cabinet materials, the P6, 576 x 576mm LED TV cabinet has an IP65 rating. It can withstand harsh environmental conditions like rain, sunshine, dust, and snow without losing structural integrity. These LED screen cabinets maintain display quality in short and longer viewing distances, so they can be used indoors and outdoors.

The P8, 640 x 640mm LED Cabinet is ideal for large outdoor settings and gatherings and more cost-effective than the previous cabinets. However, if you are considering indoor use, they may not provide the same level of detail in shorter viewing distances as the smaller pixel pitch cabinets.  

These LED sign cabinets are perfect for large outdoor gatherings and settings like stadia screens, large 3D billboards, and street advertising. The P10 and 960 x 960 LED video wall cabinets are built with large viewing distances and angles in mind, so they have consistent display quality from all viewing angles.

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LED Cabinet by Manufacturing Materials (4)

  • While the P8mm is used outdoors for out-of-home advertising and in festival and concert venues, die-casting aluminum has higher applications indoors, like in a P2.5mm cabinet material used due to its lightweight and high precision. However, NSE offers different LED cabinet designs, depending on your preferred customization needs. 

  • The steel LED metal cabinet is resistant to rain, scratches, and other environmental factors. NSE manufactures steel LED cabinets in various sizes, pixel pitches, resolutions, and refresh rates (usually an average of ≥1920HZ), which is ideal for advertisers that want to display fast-moving content seamlessly. 

  • The iron display cabinet LED provides robust protection and stability for LED screens due to its high durability and strength. It can also withstand prolonged exposure to harsh weather and environmental conditions. However, it is heavier and more challenging to transport due to its weight.  

  • Unlike the die-casting Iron cabinet, the  carbon fiber LED cabinet is lightweight, thin, and easy to move around. While NSE provides various customization

LED Screen Cabinet Features

    • Ingress Protection (IP) Rating: IP65
    • Impact Resistance: LED display cabinets can withstand scratches, vibrations, and impacts during delivery or lifting
    • High Heat Dissipation
    • Design Flexibility
    • Durability and Strength
    • Energy Efficiency and Long Lifespan 
    • Modern LED Cabinets are Thin and Lightweight 
    • Large Viewing Angles
    • Easy Assembling and Unmounting

LED Screen Cabinet Advantages

  • High Strength and Cost-effectiveness – NSE LED panel cabinets are made from strong materials like die-casted aluminum, iron, and steel for strength and durability. They are also energy efficient and have long life spans, reducing unnecessary expenses. 
  • Thin and Lightweight – LED cabinet weights determine the handling, shipping, installing, or unmounting procedures handlers will incorporate. With NSE’s thin and lightweight LED screen cabinets, you don’t have to worry about facing challenges during mounting or uninstallation. 
  • Great Heat Dissipation – NSE LED TV wall cabinets have inbuilt cooling systems that dissipate LED module-generated heat effectively. They also have ventilation passages to prevent overheating, maintain operational integrity, and prolong lifetimes.
  • Display Accuracy – The LED modules’ high calibration and grid-like arrangement enable these cabinets to provide accurate colors and display quality from all viewing angles and distances. 

Your Trusted LED Cabinet Manufacturer—NSE LED

When purchasing LED cabinets, manufacturers that offer energy-efficient, durable, strong, waterproof cabinets and great customer support must be considered. In addition, customization, accessible after-purchase support, swift delivery, and affordability are other important benefits that few LED cabinet builders offer. 

With NSE LED, you can have peace of mind knowing that your LED cabinet is built by professionals using the finest materials. Contact the team at NSE today to join the thousands of satisfied customers in over 100 countries enjoying high-quality LED cabinets alongside professional support.

Parameters P3mm P4.8mm P6mm P8mm P10mm
Module Size 192 x 192mm 244 x 244mm 192 x 192mm x 18mm  256 x 128mm 256 x 256mm
Cabinet Size 480 x 480mm  480 x 480mm  576 x 576mm 640 x 640mm 960 x 960mm
Screen Size (inch) 32-inch LED display cabinet (Customizable) 32 and 43-inch LED display cabinet  (customizable) 50-inch LED display cabinet (customizable) 55-inch LED display cabinet (customizable) 65-inch LED display cabinet (customizable)
Brightness ≥6000 ≥6000 ≥6500 ≥6500 ≥6500
Cabinet Weight 5.8 kg min 7.5 kg min 15 kg average 15 kg avg 18 kg avg
Viewing Angle (Degrees) 120 avg (Customizable) 120 avg (Customizable) 120 avg (Customizable) 120 avg (Customizable) 120 avg (Customizable)
Refresh Rate ≥1920HZ ≥1920HZ ≥1920HZ ≥1920HZ ≥1920HZ
Power Consumption 300 W/sqm 300 W/sqm 250 W/sqm 250 W/sqm 550 W/sqm (min)
Cabinet Material Available materials include Aluminum, Iron, steel, carbon fiber, and plastic composites Aluminum, Iron, steel, carbon fiber, and plastic composites Aluminum, Iron, steel, carbon fiber, and plastic composites Aluminum, Iron, steel, carbon fiber, and plastic composites Aluminum, Iron, steel, carbon fiber, and plastic composites
Cabinet Design Customizable Customizable Customizable Customizable Customizable
Source of Power Electricity Electricity Electricity Electricity Electricity
Maintenance Front and rear maintenance Front and rear maintenance Front and rear maintenance Front and rear maintenance Front and rear maintenance
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