LED ball screen—one of the hottest products at the 2023 exhibition

Thanks to all customers for their support, we have achieved great success at the Euroshop exhibition. The most frequently asked product at the exhibition is the LED ball screen. The main parameters of the ball on the exhibition are:
Pixel pitch: 3mm
Diameter: 1M
Installation: Standing
Such a representative product made many customers know that there is an LED display company called NSE in Shenzhen China.

LED ball screen

There are three main types of LED Ball Screens that are common on the market:
  • Watermelon rind led ball
    The early LED spherical screens on the market are called watermelon rind spherical screens, which are composed of PCBs similar to watermelon peels. The disadvantage is that the graph cannot be played normally at both ends.
  • Football-shaped led ball
    The main component is a triangular PCB board. This kind of spherical screen is also called a football screen. It overcomes the disadvantage that both ends of the watermelon rind LED spherical screen cannot play images. However, there are many types of PCBs, and the pixels are honeycomb-shaped. The deployment limits the pixel pitch. This kind of LED ball screen generally needs to be made relatively large, and software writing is also very troublesome;
  • Six-sided led ball
    This is a relatively new product. There is a LED ball screen composed of some quadrilateral PCB boards. The pixel distribution is closer to the conventional rectangular LED display. Divide the outer surface of the entire LED spherical screen into 6 surfaces with the same shape and size, then divide each face into four units with exactly the same shape and size. Therefore, as long as the content that can be played on the conventional display can basically be directly used on the six-sided LED spherical screen.

Six-sided led ballLED Ball Screen

Why do customers like LED magic ball displays?
  • Generally, The LED display screens are rectangular, and only a few screens are heterosexual, like balls, hexagons, five-pointed stars, and so on.
  • The shape of the LED ball screen is a ball, which gives people a sense of fullness and tension because the ball itself has a strong desire to possess the surrounding space, and the ball is generally the center of visual gravity. The view of the universe and the shape of the ball give people the feeling of the atmosphere. The softness of the shape makes people feel comfortable and gains a lot of love.
  • Used to replace products of the same shape, such as the earth, the moon, the sun, various balls, etc., will people feel familiar with products of similar shape to replace the original products.
Why do more and more environmental applications choose LED magic ball displays?
  • The LED ball screen plays the role of modern decoration. In the near future, with the gradual spread of the LED special-shaped screen, both self-employed operators and big brand manufacturers can attract more customers by making full use of the advantages of LED special-shaped screens. In order to bring more economic benefits, LED special-shaped screens can not only introduce products but also decorate the environment. As a novel display screen, the LED ball screen can play pictures and texts in real-time in the video, play various programs synchronously and convey multiple pieces of information.
  • LED Ball screens can be used in various public places, such as museums, planetariums, science and technology museums, children’s palaces, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, waiting halls, star hotels, etc. The LED ball screen can directly project spherical objects such as footballs on the display screen, allowing the audience to watch the details of the picture different from the conventional ones in a 360° full view, and intuitively enjoy the perfect video quality.

LED special-shaped screen

What are the advantages of LED magic ball displays?

As a new type of media tool, the LED ball screen has good market development, outstanding product innovation, energy saving and environmental protection, and remarkable economic and social benefits. let us check what are the specific characteristics that LED ball has:

  1.  Special shape: spherical three-dimensional playback, 360° viewing without dead ends, the viewing angle of the spherical LED display is 360 degrees, and the video is played in all directions, without the viewing angle problem of the flat LED display;
  2. Seamless splicing: using trapezoidal circuit design, seamless splicing can be realized;
  3. Uniform sampling: support uniform sampling technology, the display screen is not distorted;
  4. Flexible control: LED display is compatible with asynchronous, offline, and online;
  5. Good heat dissipation: adopt aluminum structural heat dissipation solution;
  6. Easy installation: it supports floor installation, hoisting, embedded installation, etc.;
  7. Easy maintenance: support front maintenance and rear maintenance;
  8. High resolution and high refresh rate: Most of the places of use are high-end applications, and the products are required to have high definition and high refresh rate in order to make the display screen stable, flicker-free, and smear-free, matching the place of use.

After having an in-depth understanding of the LED magic ball, do you also need such an eye-catching product to make your brand or company famous?

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