LED Backdrop Screen Manufacturer in China

LED Backdrop Screen Manufacturer in China

NSE is a leading manufacturer of LED backdrop screens for stage background uses. We produce any shape and size of LED backdrop screen to match your needs.

NSE LED Backdrop Screen

NSE LED backdrop screen is designed with numerous LED screen modules. Depending on your shooting requirements, our LED backdrop screen is available in small or large backdrops. We produce them with high quality for an excellent immersive on-location experience.

NSE has over 12 years of experience in LED backdrop screen production with the use of high-end raw materials. You can trust our products since it has passed several certifications such as ROHS, CE, FCC, and many more.

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Indoor Rental LED Stage Backdrop Screen

LED rental display as a custom die-cast aluminum cabinet design, light, thin, fast installation for its most important features. Specially used for stage performance, cultural and artistic activities LED display.

Indoor Light-Weight Front Access LED display

LED screen not only has its unique advantages in color, high brightness, energy saving, etc., but also has the characteristics of the flexible application, display screen switching more flexible, can easily complete the stage background switching.

Outdoor Rental Stage Backdrop LED Screen

NSE Outdoor Rental Stage Backdrop LED Screen can guarantee lightweight and super thin. It is IP65 rated to resist water and is available in different shapes, sizes, and dimensions.

Flexible LED Stage Backdrop LED Screen

Flexible LED backdrop stage screen is more widely used, now many large variety show sites, game competition sites, concert sites are useful to the Flexible LED screen stage. The display effect is also more than ten times higher.

LED Poster Standee

The movable stand-up LED poster for the stage backdrop can provide clear and bright pictures or video quality. Plug and play design make it easier and more convenient to use, suitable for small stage and event backdrop.

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Why NSE LED Backdrop Screens


Whether it’s a concert, festival gathering, or conference, our LED backdrop screen creates seat transformation – every seat can be a front-row seat.

Cost Reduction
Cost Reduction

You are able to step up the event and then leave your audience amazed without incurring production costs. You can use these screens to highlight your trade fair.


You can always find LED backdrop screens for different events. They are weatherproof allowing you to engage your audience without worrying about the rain.

Convenient Transportation
Convenient Transportation

The housing is made from lightweight aluminum for easy transportation. They also have many features that make them easy to transport, such as cabinets with gear locks.

Modular Design

NSE LED backdrop screen comes with a modular design that makes them flexible in numerous sizes of events. These designs allow the LED backdrop screens easy to transport and assembly. For assembling, the panels are split and used in patterns or columns as a digital stage set.

Being an expert manufacturer in China, we use aluminum materials for the LED backdrop screen housing. It provides lightweight for easy transportation. It also has interlocked cabinet structure that can save installation costs, suitable for temporary installation like staging or rental.

Modular Design
Innovative Design

Innovative Design

The innovative designs of the NSE LED backdrop screen to allow you to showcase logos or pictures of your event sponsors or brand. It can give you an opportunity to provide your guest with an excerpt into relevant history, data, and the live shot’s behind the scenes.

NSE LED backdrop screen is ideally suited for events that need a visual to cover wide areas or to view over a long distance. Being a leading manufacturer in China, our expert engineers can design our LED backdrop screen uniquely to create circular or curved displays – both convex and concave.


If you’re looking for a reliable LED backdrop screen for your business, NSE is the best place to source. NSE LED backdrop screens are ideal for the following applications:

  • Outdoor and indoor stage background
  • Large events
  • Large opera house
  • Theater, hotel, auditorium
  • Lecture hall, multi-function hall
  • Upscale entertainment
  • Karaoke package room, nightclub, Di bar, etc.

Why NSE LED Backdrop Screen

Why NSE LED Backdrop Screen
Why NSE LED Backdrop Screen

NSE is an expert when it comes to the production of LED backdrop screens since we own a fabrication factory and assembly line. NSE LED backdrop screen is specially designed to provide advertising opportunities for the event organizers. It provides something unique, fresh to any occasion, and a long-lasting impression.

NSE is a leading LED solution in China that provides your different project needs. We can provide an LED backdrop screen with two years warranty. NSE aims to create value for our dear clients by supplying cloud-controlled and cost-effective LED backdrop screens.

NSE LED Backdrop Screen

Strong Display Impact

NSE delivers the latest LED backdrop screen in the market for over 12 years. Some benefits of LED backdrop screen are the following:

  • Available in all weights and sizes
  • Ease of transportation
  • Available in a group or single series
  • Achieves horizontal or vertical orientation
  • Brightness to light up the stage
NSE Custom Services

NSE supplies LED backdrop screens with economical cost, high resolution, and unique features, such as the following:

NSE LED Backdrop Screen for Your Business

Curved LED Backdrop Screen

LED curved stage display with thin, light weight, high pixel density, bendable display plane, low installation cost, etc., which can realize various curvature requirements and provide a variety of screen sizes and clarity.

Divided Large LED Stage Backdrop Video Wall

The large stage LED video wall can be cut into multiple video screens for broadcast, and the display can be used independently, in combination, in any combination to play the relevant background.

Portable LED Stage Backdrop Screen

The Portable LED Poster screen has the feature that it can be moved at will, and several units can be spliced into any desired size, making it the best choice for small stages.

LED Backdrop Screen Manufacturer in China – NSE
LED Backdrop Screen Manufacturer in China – NSE

We have an independent testing laboratory for the low and high-temperature tests, Anti-UV tests, brightness and illumination test, hot and cold shock test, and waterproof tests.

  • I really appreciated the services NSE provide us. They always communicate to help us develop our project needs. Also, they give us the latest and long-lasting LED backdrop screen.

  • As a user of NSE LED products, we got excellent LED backdrop screens, post services, and maintenance of NSE LED. Their team always supports on a quick single call.

  • I’m glad that I’ve been associated with NSE LED for many years. Their products especially the LED backdrop screens really satisfied me compared to other LED solution providers. Also, I got quick support from their professionals.

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