KOSIGN has become one of the most revered shows in the signage and display industry. And for anyone looking to get on the right footing as they make their way into the design and digital signage industries, KOSIGN is the perfect stage. 

The event is coming back for yet another installment in 2024, and from all indications, this is about to be the biggest and most impressive digital and design event of the year. So, if you’re interested, this is your cue to get started! 

KOSIGN – The Landmark Digital Signage Event For Korea

For 32 years, the Korean Sign & Display Show – or KOSIGN, as it’s been fondly called – has been blazing the trail when it comes to exhibiting the best of the best in the digital signage and visual display industries. 

 Primarily, KOSIGN focuses on businesses, offering a unique opportunity for B2B companies that offer a reliable and effective digital signage and design solution to meet new clients and expand their reach. That said, individuals and small corporations can also benefit immensely from what this occasion offers as well – so, this is an occasion for everybody! 

As Korea’s biggest industrial exhibition in the signage and digital industry, KOSIGN has continued to play a leading role in building and evolving the outdoor advertising industry across the board. Everything from outdoor advertising to graphic design is explored in this space, and that means that it caters to a broad audience. 

What Is In Store This Year? 

For 33 years, KOSIGN has been the leading B2B exhibition event in the signage and digital industry. And over that time, exhibitors and companies have expected a level of consistency. 

Well, with 2024 now in full swing, this year’s edition is already in the world. The organizers have announced that 2024’s marquee event will be held between the 28th and the 30th of November this year, so if you’re serious about improving your standing in the digital and signage business, then you want to make sure that you get your tickets as quickly as possible. 

2024’s KOSIGN event is expected to carry the theme, “Digital Beyond Signage.” The event will be headlined by several notable companies sharing their products and ideas, as well as hundreds of guests who will be attending to learn and grow their business. 

For this year, the organizers of the KOSIGN event are looking at two things – innovation and growth. This essentially means that they will be looking to showcase the very best products out of the industry and also provide an opportunity for industry players to grow and expand their reach. If you think that you have something that can change the paradigm of this industry – or you are a business person looking to sign that next big check, this is the event that you’ve been waiting for! 

Activity Lineup For KOSIGN 2024 

The objective for 2024’s edition of KOSIGN is to ensure that the event is bigger than anything that’s been seen ever before. And for that to happen, the organizers have brought in the best of the best. 

Have a look at some of the major activities that are set to headline this event: 


For graphic designers, KOSIGN Next will most likely be the ultimate draw. The event will provide access to the biggest and most impactful graphic design trends in the industry, as well as a look into how these trends are shaping the future of visual displays.

Open Marketing Stage 

The open marketing stage is the primary hub for showcasing what you have and how it will serve members of your target audience. Participating companies and exhibitors will get the opportunity to show their products to a captive audience, while individual and corporate participants will also be able to see the cutting-edge graphic design technology. 

Start-up Pavilion 

As graphic design and visual trends have evolved, several startups have been able to capture this growth and use it to their advantage. At the Start-up Pavilion, these companies will get the chance to share their insights and products. 

KOSIGN Conference

This is an event which every participant will benefit from. Companies in the signage industry – as well as experts and thought leaders – will be given the opportunity to share their thoughts and insights as this fledgling industry expands.

Researcher Training 

For outdoor advertising business workers and research professionals, this is one training session that should not be missed. Learn from the best in the field, and sharpen up your research and sales skills. 

What Will Be On Display At KOSIGN 2024? 

The main exhibition stage at KOSIGN 2024 is set to feature an expanded set of items and products. All of these include things like digital signage, printing equipment, LED and lighting options, ink fiber, 3D printing apparatus, and so much more.

At the same time, the event is expected to hold simultaneously with Digital Printing Seoul 2024 – another notable event in the digital signage and printing industry. So, there are opportunities for some cross-networking. Two events targeting the same industry will only provide more chances for you to network, so make sure you don’t miss this one. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I get a ticket for KOSIGN?

Tickets for KOSIGN will be available on the event’s website, https://kosignshow.co.kr/kosign2023/?ckattempt=1, when they are launched. We recommend that you keep an eye out and constantly monitor the site to be aware when they do launch. 

How much do KOSIGN tickets cost? 

For now, we’re unsure how much the tickets will cost. However, keep a close eye on the event’s website to know more about the tickets when they are on sale. 

Can I get a refund of my ticket price if I can’t make it? 

According to the event’s website, refunds for tickets will be made available until KOSIGN 2024 itself ends. 

How do I apply as an exhibitor? 

We recommend that you reach out to the event organizers if you’d like to attend this event as an exhibitor. At the same time, please note that the prices for exhibitors tend to be higher than those for regular attendees. 

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