ISE (Integrated Systems Europe): Bringing The Best Of AV & Electronic System Integration

In every industry, there are some events that stakeholders know not to miss. These are the industries that provide the best networking opportunities, as well as expose market players to the realities and future trends shaping the industry. 

For the visual and content distribution space, the Integrated Systems Europe event is one such place. And this year, it was yet another massive showpiece outing.

History and Evolution of ISE

Integrated Systems Europe – or ISE, as it is usually called by experts – is the largest and most consequential AV systems integration show on the planet. Launched in 2004, the event has continued to be held every year, bringing the very best and brightest minds in the AV industry together for a series of networking and showcasing opportunities. 

The program, which is run and organized by Integrated Systems Events, usually runs for four days. And over the past few years, it has only continued to grow bigger. With thousands of exhibitors and hundreds of thousands of attendees, there is absolutely something here for everyone. 

As many know, the audio-visual industry continues to expand across the board. And, there is a need for players in this space to showcase the best ideas and new products that they have. With ISE, everyone has an opportunity to do just that. And, the event is open to everyone, so the potential for expanded reach is honestly limitless.

Overview of ISE 2024

The 2024 edition of Integrated Systems Europe was organized by AVIXA, CEDIA and ISE. It held from January 30th to February 2nd in the grand city of Barcelona, bringing together the biggest players in the audio visual industry for four days where they could network and share ideas.

All in all, the program was broken into several segments, each sharing some masterful insights. Some of those included:

The Smart Building Conference

A pan-European conference, this segment focused more on professionals working in the building environment. This year’s segment focused more on in-building technology, as well as the transformation of both old and new buildings to help them become better and smarter.

From case studies to presentations by industry leaders, this segment was a must-attend for industry players for sure. 

Control Rooms Summit 

Also held on January 30th, this summit expanded on the role of both data and artificial intelligence (AI) in control rooms. Primarily, this segment focused on the control room industry and the importance of both improving security and attracting talent to it. 

The Smart Home Tech Conference

Pioneered by CEDIA, this conference looked into different areas of smart home operation – from design to technical installation and even future trends in the space. It focuses on technology integration, as well as the role of cybersecurity and AI in ensuring that smart homes become even more functional.

The Content Production & Distribution Summit

Held for the second year in a row, this summit explored new innovations in content creation, management, and distribution. From advertising content to informational material, manufacturers were able to show some of the innovations in AV broadcasting, as well as prominent use cases across the board. 

The Digital Signage Summit 

Digital signage is coming for every part of the ad space. And with developers now looking to improve the immersive nature of their experiences, new technologies like the Internet of Things (IoS), automation, and much more are being explored. 

This summit looked into some of the use cases for these technologies, as well as LED innovations making waves in the fledgling space. 

The Smart Workplace Summit 

A two-and-a-half-day summit, this one focused on three major topics: the digital workplace, the workplace for facility managers, digitization experiences in meeting rooms, and more. 

Live Events Summit 

This year, the Live Events Summit focused on examining the return of live events in 2023 and the possible trends that should be seen going forward. It examined the industry’s challenges, as well as potential solutions that we might see in the future as live events continue to stage a major comeback.

Education Technology Summit

Audio-visual technology has been a marvel for the educational space. This year, the Education Technology Summit looked into the possibilities of education tech and how digital tools could help improve knowledge dissemination – especially in a field where learners’ needs remain as diverse as ever. 

Sustainability Workshop 

Climate change remains a major challenge for the audio-visual industry, and this workshop looked into how the industry can better adapt to cater to the needs of the environment. 

From strategies to improve sustainability to possible avenues for profit, this workshop provided insights for businesses looking to become greener and remain highly profitable. 

Smart Home Technology Stage

Finally, there was the Smart Home Technology Stage – a platform where dozens of exhibitors showcased their technology, engaged in discussions, and shared valuable information on different topics. These topics ranged from business and design to technology and the future of the audio-visual space.

Key Participants and Stakeholders

The 2024 edition of the ISE had some major heavyweights in the tech space coming in. Top sponsors included companies such as KNX, Shure, and Crestron. At the same time, the event had an assortment of associate sponsors such as Zoom, Google, Dell Technologies, Kinderman, and Bosch. 

With such big names backing it, this event was sure to be a success from the start. And, the eventually impressive routing was only a testament to the impressive lineup of participants and stakeholders who graced the event.

Networking and Business Opportunities

As you can imagine, the ISE 2024 wasn’t just an opportunity for everyone to come together, show what they have, and talk about emerging market trends. At the same time, participants were able to network and improve their reach.

With over a thousand companies and hundreds of thousands of participants, there were several interesting networking opportunities at this year’s showpiece event. And, at the same time, it also shows that there will be additional opportunities for networking in the future. 

If you’re a player in the industry, ISE is an event you want to attend. And with the 2025 event coming up, you can bet that there will be even more opportunities for growth


2024’s edition of ISE was a smash hit. From the insights shared to the opportunities for networking and much more, there was a lot to be seen and heard here. 

At NSE LED Cloud, we understand the importance of events like this in the audio-visual industry. And, we will undoubtedly be looking out for 2024’s showpiece event.

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