Integrated Systems Europe(ISE) 2025: Fira Barcelona, Spain

The time to prepare for the upcoming ISE 2025 AV Expo scheduled for 4-7 February in Fira Barcelona, Spain is now. Why? Because it is where the best AV and electronic integration systems players converge to showcase their innovative products and solutions.

About Integrate Systems Europe (ISE)

ISE, the leading European trade Expo, hopes to attract over 70,000 visitors and exhibitors from over 160 countries who will attend to experience or showcase innovative AV products and integration solutions across a wide range of technology zones.  

Who Will Attend the ISE Trade Exhibitions?

Those who attend the annual ISE trade can be categorized as AV product suppliers or the companies that deal in AV products and integrated solutions, and the end-users.  

The AV channels that showcase their products at the ISE annual exhibitions include AV product manufacturers, distributors, resellers, software developers, and live events.  

The end-users who attend the exhibition to learn and purchase new products and solutions include all the companies, businesses, or individuals who directly benefit from AV solutions.  The trade show, therefore, attracts end-users of AV and IT solutions, professionals, and AV systems integrators in various fields. 

With up to seven technology zones represented at the exhibitions, ISE provides a rich platform where 

  •  AV and IT professionals gather, connect, and start collaborations with desired clients.
  • Suppliers launch new products and innovative solutions
  • Businesses make deals and initiate partnerships
  • Exhibitors and brands get noticed
  • Buyers learn, take notes, and make purchases

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Why You Should Attend ISE 2025

There are numerous advantages to be gained by participating in ISE 2025, whether you’re an exhibitor, vendor, or end-user. 

As a visitor in the AV or IT sector, you will have a valuable chance to explore about 7 technology zones, including enlightening conferences and educational courses. 

With over 1,400 exhibitors expected to attend, exciting and innovative products and solutions will enrich the 8 Fire.

As a visitor, anticipate inspiration and new industry trends, and discover trustworthy suppliers.

That’s not all! Over 40% of the guests expected to attend the ISE 2025 are senior corporate executives and important decision-makers. So, as an exhibitor, the chances of getting new buyers and business partners are promising.

The ISE 2025 – Market Sector & Technology Zones

The ISE 2025 Expo will provide a fertile business breeding ground for different market sectors and technology zones.

ISE 2025 Market Sectors

Some of the key market sectors that will be present at the ISE 2025 include, but are not limited to: Digital Signage, Digital Startups in AV, Professional Audio, Education and Technology, Smart Building, Broadcast, Control Rooms, Pro Audio, Lighting, Unified Communication, Live Events, Digital Content Creation, Digital out Door or Digital Out of Home(DOOH) Advertising, etc.

ISE 2025 Technology Zones

At the ISE Trade Expo halls, exhibitors will represent the following AV and technology industry zones to showcase new and innovative products and solutions. 

Unified Communications & Education Technology Zones: Halls 1 and 2)

The unified communication and technology exhibition zone showcases innovative interactive display solutions, communication tools, and other technologies used in education and training within schools, colleges, and universities. 

The equipment and tools in this exhibition zone are ideal for specialists in education and training, networked businesses, offices, and boardroom displays.

Residential and Smart Building Zone: Halls 1 and 2)

ISE exhibitions also showcase residential and smart building zones where home or workplace automation players present their smart home solutions. As a visitor, the exhibitions within the zone will equip you with knowledge of the latest technology within the smart building industry. 

Technologies you will access include smart building entry and exit solutions, temperature management for energy saving, and smart lighting solutions 

among others.

Digital Signage and DOOH Zone: Hall 4

If you are in the Digital out-of-home advertisement industry, then ISE Digital Signage and DOOH Zone is the technology zone you will love to explore

Whether you are in the hospitality sector, education, healthcare, or the corporate sector, digital signage exhibition offers solutions to your indoor and outdoor advertisement or promotion needs. 

Audio-visual (AV) Broadcast Zone: Hall 4

The ISE 2025 AV broadcast zone features suppliers showcasing CCTV cameras, tracking devices, display monitors, and other AV networking solutions.

Lighting & Staging Zone: Hall 6

For live event organizers and stage performances or presentations, the Lighting and Staging Zone is a  Channel that promises an immersive experience. 

Whether you plan on putting up a massive concert at the stadium, or a small performance or ceremony stage, this technology zone has all the magical stage lighting solutions worth discovering and lighting up!

Audio Technology Zone: Hall 7. Demos in Hall 8)

The audio technology zone offers all the audio solutions you need for boardrooms, auditoriums, or stadiums. These include but are not limited to the sound chain, amplifiers, audio networking, and loudspeakers, among other solutions. 

Multi-Technology Zone: Halls 3,5 and 8.1 )

The Multi-technology exhibition zone is the core of the ISE 2025. This is where the AV industry showcases its finest and most diverse range of innovative solutions and brands.

 A visit to the multi-technology is a great opportunity to access a wide range of technology products from leading manufacturers. 

Some of the main exhibitors in this zone include manufacturers of projectors and display solutions and broad-based audio companies. 

Brands represented in the multi-technology zone include but are not limited to Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Epson, Absen, Crestron,  Jupiter Systems, and many more

ISE 2025 Venue & Attendance Details

Exhibition Venue

Fira Barcelona, 

Gran Vía Venue

Av. Joan Carles I, 64

08908, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat

Barcelona, Spain

Registration Details

To become an exhibitor, click here 

To find Registration Details and Other Updates, click here.

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