ISE 2024 is coming up and NSELED invites you to the show!

ISE 2024 is a high-profile exhibition that brings together global industry leaders, innovators, and technology enthusiasts. NSELED, which aims to provide exceptional LED display solutions, will participate in ISE2024.

ISE 2024 Dates and Venue

Venue: Fira Barcelona Gran Via
Date: 30th January – 2nd February 2024
Booth: Hall 3, 3A840

ISE 2024 is coming up and NSELED invites you to the show
What’s special about this year’s ISE 2024?

This 20th-anniversary edition will be the biggest ever to celebrate its 20 years of excellence in professional audiovisual and systems integration.

This year’s ISE 20th Anniversary Special Edition (ISE 2024) will be the biggest ever in the history of the ISE show, with a 17% increase in floor space over last year’s edition, 2 additional exhibition halls, more than 80 new exhibitors, a great program and a special event in Barcelona.

What does it mean to be a company that has attended multiple ISE shows?
  • Industry Involvement: Attending multiple ISE shows indicates that a company is actively involved in the audiovisual industry, demonstrating its commitment to continually learning, networking, and keeping abreast of the industry.
  • Market presence and reputation: consistent attendance at ISE shows signifies that a company is a recognized player, known for its involvement and contribution to the sector.
  • Technology Adoption and Innovation: Regular participation in ISE, especially this year’s ISE2024, demonstrates the company’s commitment to exploring and adopting cutting-edge technologies to stay ahead of the curve. This reflects the company’s proactive approach to innovation and its desire to provide state-of-the-art solutions to its customers.
  • Brand consistency and longevity: Attending ISE multiple times demonstrates the company’s brand consistency and longevity in the audiovisual industry. It demonstrates the company’s commitment and stability by maintaining a presence, building relationships, and staying relevant in the industry over time.
  • Ongoing professional development: By regularly attending these events, a company demonstrates a commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest industry practices, trends, and knowledge. This ongoing professional development helps to enhance the firm’s expertise and ability to provide valuable solutions to its clients.
So what products will NSELED bring to ISE 2024?

NSELED will be showcasing a range of cutting-edge products including e-poster screens, ultra-thin taxi roof screens, foldable rental LED screens, outdoor 3D LED displays, and ultra-thin indoor small-pitch wall-mounted screens. These groundbreaking displays will not only catch the attention of attendees but also demonstrate NSELED’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of LED technology.

  • Digital Poster LED Screen:
    E-poster screens are one of the highlights of the NSELED exhibit. The poster display offers vivid visuals, dynamic content, and the flexibility to effortlessly update and customize information. Its sleek design and energy-efficient operation make it ideal for a variety of applications such as retail shops, transport hubs, and corporate environments.
    P3 LED Poster (5)
  • Ultra-thin Taxi Top LED screen:
    Designed for taxi advertising, this state-of-the-art screen provides brands with a platform to engage with a large mobile audience. Featuring an ultra-thin profile and advanced LED technology, the Ultra Slim Taxi Top Screen ensures maximum impact for advertisers. In addition, its all-weather construction ensures durable and reliable performance in a variety of environmental conditions.
    P2.5 Slim Taxi Screen
  • Flexible Rental LED Screen:
    Another highlight of IS E2024 was the flexible rental LED screen presented by NSELED, offering a glimpse into the future of LED displays. This innovative solution solves transport and installation challenges with a flexible and lightweight design. The flexible rental LED display can be easily transported and installed at events ranging from concerts to sporting events and trade shows. Its high brightness and seamless image quality create an immersive viewing experience for the audience.
    Rental LED Display - RF Series (5)
  • Outdoor 3D LED displays:
    NSELED’s Outdoor 3D LEDs combine high-resolution LED technology with 3D visual effects to create an immersive and engaging viewing experience. Outdoor 3D LED displays open up new possibilities for advertising, entertainment, and public facilities. The screen renders realistic 3D content of outdoor scenes.
    Outdoor Rental LED Display - RS Series (1)
  • Ultra-thin Indoor Wall-mounted Screen:
    Finally, NSELED showcased its ultra-thin indoor small dot pitch wall-mounted screen that provides a seamless and immersive visual experience for indoor environments. With its small pixel pitch and high refresh rate, the screen delivers superior image quality and clarity, making it ideal for applications such as control rooms, conference halls, and retail spaces. The ultra-slim design allows for easy installation and integration into a variety of architectural environments.
    Wall Mounted Smart Display (2)

NSELED is committed to advancing LED technology and its products will demonstrate the company’s ability to provide innovative solutions for a variety of industry sectors.

Above all, if you want to experience NSELED’s latest products and different applications for yourself, you are welcome to come to our booth site, NSELED team and NSELED Europe team are looking forward to meeting you on the show spot, for more information please write to us at Thank you!

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