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Interactive Touch LED TV

  • Experience a New Level of Entertainment with Interactive LED TV
  • Interactive Touch LED TV is an advanced display technology that offers a touch-sensitive interface, allowing users to interact with content in real-time.
  • It enhances collaboration, communication, and engagement in various settings, making it a versatile solution for modern digital environments.
What are the main benefits of an Interactive Touch LED TV?

The main benefits are:
Intuitive touch control of the TV without needing a remote.
Ability to navigate menus, launch apps, browse the web, play games using simple touch gestures.
Enable multiple users to interact with the TV at the same time for collaborative experiences.
Provides an engaging and fun experience for users.

Can I connect external devices like DVD players?

Yes, the touch LED TVs have multiple HDMI ports and other input ports to connect external devices like DVD players, gaming consoles, set-top boxes, and more.

Can the touch function be disabled?

Yes, there are settings on the TV to disable the touch functionality if desired. You may want to disable touch when cleaning the TV screen or to prevent unwanted touches during regular TV viewing. The touch function can be easily re-enabled from the settings menu.

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