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NSE is a trusted manufacturer of interactive LED displays that is suitable for both education and business applications.

  • Touch screen for manipulating information
  • Smart and intelligent features
  • Installation support from the NSE team
  • Manufactured according to your specifications

NSE Interactive LED Display

LED interactive screen is a new product developed on the basis of the conventional screen, and is also a product of the stage application process. Make its static display into a display effect that can interact with objects presented in front of people’s eyes, greatly increasing people’s curiosity and personalized experience.

The working principle is through the screen internal induction chip will pass through the object circuit signal back to the LED display control center, LED interactive screen according to the return signal track will need to design the effect presented on the LED display above.

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Interactive LED Display

Digital Interactive Floor LED Display

In some daily application scenarios, we should have seen a lot of LED interactive floor tile screens applied in video game cities, shopping malls, tourist places, and so on. Commonly used material footing flowers, people walk past the flowers will naturally bloom according to the trajectory of people walking.

Backdrop Interactive LED Display

The interactive effect it can achieve is the biggest difference from other display devices. When the performers change their dance posture on the stage and make any body movement, the content displayed on the LED interactive screen will also change, which can help the show be more shocking.

Transparent Indoor LED Screen

We offer transparent interactive touch LED displays featuring no obscuring objects, wireless transmission, infrared touch technology, and built-in speakers. With low power, it has HD resolution and can clearly transmit feedback on the content that needs to be played.

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Interactive LED Display Advantages

More Flexibility
More Flexibility

Our interactive LED displays are more flexible. We offer interactive LED displays that have the ability to customize which fit for what you need for your businesses.

Digital Annotation
Digital Annotation

NSE interactive LED display offers digital annotation. It is more durable than other traditional whiteboards, and also has less wiring than other traditional interactive system.

Small Options
More Attractive

Mainly to attract people flow, novel interactive effects will certainly attract and guide the flow of people to visit, while good design and artistic effects for the venue to increase the interactive atmosphere

Wide View Angle
Wide View Angle

The Interactive LED display offers a wide angle of up to 178 degrees to ensure whenever you can sit you see the screen. It has optical bonding for an ultimate visual experience.

What is an Interactive LED Display?

An interactive LED display is a large size screen. It has a screen surface that allows the viewer to make interaction with the screen. It is perfect for collaborative spaces such as stages, performances, events, music and advertising businesses, meeting rooms, etc.

These displays offer a built-in software solution, high-quality image/video display, and enhanced connectivity for the viewer. Interactive LED screens come with perfect display effect and high resolution.

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Interactive Multi-Touch and Special Writing Technology

Interactive Multi-Touch and Special Writing Technology

Two Ways of Implementing Interactive Screens

All along, the traditional LED big screen in the form of one-way communication to the audience, not only passive but also gradually lacks motion and innovation.

There are two methods of the interactive screen: First, cell phones, PCs, computers, and other ports for network operation, combined with the popular QR code, APP, and other functions to achieve the joint interaction between the LED big screen and the audience.

Second, the LED display screen can carry touch technology (sensor) to achieve direct human-screen interaction, which is the most direct confirmation of the LED floor tile interactive screen.

High Definition Ultra 4K Resolution

NSE manufactures interactive LED displays that are integrated with UHD 4K resolution. Thus, provides the following benefits:

  • Breathtaking visuals
  • Clarity of the information displayed
  • Clear and accurate visual presentations

With its high definition feature, viewers and users can actively present information with high clarity.

Why Choose NSE Full Color LED Display

NSE – Professional Interactive LED Display manufacturer in China

Indoor LED Screen 7
Why Use DIP LED Display

As a professional manufacturer of interactive LED displays, we offer more accurate touch response with zero deviation. With our interactive LED displays, there is no gap between LED cabinets, making touch smoother than other displays.

With the emergence of interactive technology, LED display applications are more diversified, and human-screen interaction has become the main direction of LED display function and value enhancement!

Interactive LED Display

Choose NSE Full Color LED Display for Your Business1

NSE interactive LED displays to offer a lot of benefits and advantages.

  • Smart touch technology
  • Customizable screen sizes
  • Ultra-HD 4K resolution
  • Multi-touch screen
  • Wireless screen mirroring
  • Strong and stylish design
  • Aluminum alloy materials
  • Enhanced content visibility
  • Impact resistance, durability, and safe to use

NSE can provide interactive LED displays that are suitable for different applications including:

  • Conference
  • Education
  • Meetings
  • Media advertising
  • Smart governmental services
  • Intelligent retail
  • Freestanding inquiry kiosk
  • Airports
  • Schools, and more

We specialize in customizing interactive LED screens for your special applications.

Custom Interactive LED Display to Boost Your Business

party and event led display

LED interactive screens are developing at a high speed and have become an indispensable part of the display field. In the stage construction LED interactive screen is playing a huge role, for the smooth implementation of the performance played a lot of embellishment role.

University led display

Through engaging physical games and interactive videos, the LED interactive screens will provide a unique learning platform. With specially designed educational content, the interactive LED screens can effectively increase students’ motivation to learn and strengthen their sense of collaboration and social skills.

Indoor Big LED Screen

Our Marketing Interactive LED Advertising Display supports a smart split screen that is widely used for shops, malls, elevators, restaurants, airports, showrooms, and more. It can also be customized with your logo.

Your Leading Interactive LED Display Source
NSE Round LED Display Dominates the Global MarketZ

NSE has more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing interactive LED displays. We actively participated infamous worldwide exhibitions, PROLIGHT AND SOUND, VISCOM, EUROPSHOP, and more.

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  • “Your Interactive LED Display is very efficient to use, programmable which you can access using a smartphone. Thank You NSE, I will always choose you.”

  • “I really satisfied for your products NSE especially your interactive LED display which has a charging fort, touchscreen, audio recording and video and many more. Five stars for you and for your team”

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