Integrate Expo 2024 – Why Should You Attend?

After a successful trade show in 2023, the Integrate Expo returns to ICC Sydney, Australia with a bang! The Integrate Expo 2024, which will run from the 21st to the 23rd of August, will provide a valuable platform for businesses, Pro & Commercial audio-visual (AV) players, and the interactive technology industry players to enhance their brand awareness, and to develop new business opportunities locally and internationally.

What Is Integrate Expo?

Integrate is Australia’s leading AV and Integration trade show, where reputable local and international brands gather to showcase their products, and solutions and to meet qualified buyers. 

Some of the key players that the event brings together include CCTV security experts, integrators, professionals in the media production industry, top talent and innovators showcasing their new solutions, end-users of AV solutions, and local and international product brands, among others. 

The event also serves as Australia’s Audio-visual(AV) learning platform where various businesses gather information on new AV technologies by getting insights from professionals.

The event’s education and training program facilitates the convergence of renowned speakers and brand specialists for an enhanced learning‌ experience. 

Integrate Expo 2024 Venue and Location

The organizers chose the International Convention Center (ICC) as the venue for the upcoming Integrate Expo 2024. The building provides a state-of-the-art space that spans 250,000 square meters. Its three distinct areas include a Convention Center, an 8000-seat award-winning ICC Sydney Theatre, and an Exhibition space of 35,000 square meters.

Who Will Attend?

The expo welcomes AV, media production, and security professionals, providing a hub for learning, collaboration, networking, and discovering AV and systems integration trends.

With AV technology rapidly changing and considering how AI and IP technologies continue to change how businesses operate, this will be a valuable event for industry businesses and players to stay up-to-date with advancements in the AV industry.

According to the report from the previous Integrate Expo 2023, the upcoming trade show is anticipated to draw a larger number of visitors consisting of:

  • Core Audio-Visual & Integrators
  • ICT & Systems Integration players
  • Senior Business Executives 
  • Products Wholesaler/Distributors/Manufacturers
  • Live-event Professionals
  • End-users of solutions from different sectors, industries, and institutions

Some of the top industry sectors you should expect to attend the Integrate 2024 Expo include:

  • Core AV and Systems Integration industry
  • Corporate and IT
  • Education and Training sector
  • Advertising and Media sector
  • Building and Construction industry
  • Retail and Wholesale sector
  • Live Events and the Entertainment Industry

Why Exhibit at The Integrate Expo 2024?

The Integrate Expo 2024  provides a platform that brings together AV and IT experts, industry decision-makers, and those searching for new and innovative solutions and products.

So, as an exhibitor, the trade show allows you to put your best foot forward and shine above the rest in your field. Therefore, as an exhibitor, the trade show will provide you with an opportunity to:

Enhance Your Brand Awareness

As the focal point for industry players, the expo will be a hub to showcase innovative solutions in AV and Information Technology systems.

Because the Expo will attract a wide range of valuable attendees and potential business partners, it will allow you to enhance your brand awareness by presenting your products and solutions to the world!

Launch New Innovative Solutions

Some attendees of the expo will focus on identifying new and innovative solutions that they can adopt to address different end-user requirements. Consequently, the exhibition gives you a unique opportunity to showcase your newest AV and IT technology solutions to the individuals who are most important to you. 

Attract New Sales Leads

The Integrate expo will attract serious buyers that matter. About 95% of the expo attendees believe the trade show will add value to their businesses. 

So, as an exhibitor, within the 3-day expo period, your company or business will attract new sales leads as you will directly engage with the right target customers or business partners.

Stamp Your Authority as an Industry Player.

In the current competitive world, you can’t risk being left behind. Your authority as an industry player needs to be felt. There is no better place to earn respect in the AV and IT industry than by actively participating in the marketplace. 

Reach More Business Partners

Apart from showcasing innovative solutions in the Audiovisual(AV) and integration industry, the Integrate Expo 2024 will include a security exhibition and a conference. 

Therefore, if your solutions cut across different industries and sectors, you will reach a wider and richer market.

Exhibition Categories: 

Some of the exhibition categories you should expect at the Integrate Expo 2024 include:

  • Audio System and Equipment
  • Collaboration Technology
  • Digital Signage/Electronic Signage, and Engagement
  • Residential AV Solutions
  • Education Technology
  • Entertainment Technology
  • Media Production & Distribution
  • Networks
  • Smart Buildings

What to Expect At The Expo

Integrate Expo 2024 -Tech Talk 

The trade show will include a ticketed Tech Talk for a more enriched learning experience. The Tech Talks will touch on sustainable technology, AI, and real-time video analysis.

Integrate Expo 2024 – AETM Conference 

On the first day of the trade show, IT and AV professionals will benefit from the Audiovisual and Educational Technology Management (AETM K-12) conference focusing on the latest technologies. 

Security Exhibition & Conference

Integrate Expo 2024 will benefit security professionals and end-users attending the security exhibitions at the Trade Hall. 

Visitors attending the security exhibitions at the Trade Hall will receive enlightenment on addressing current security challenges through a special conference. Here are more details.

How Do You Register?

  • To attend the Integrate Expo  either as a visitor or a media representative, the registration form is here
  • For more details, including how you can book your stand click here
  • To make an Exhibition inquiry,  here is the link

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