Indoor P3 LED Poster Case of a Canadian

Location: Canada
Application: Trade show 
Today, I will introduce the case of a Canadian customer at the exhibition. The customer is a company that makes fireplaces. It participates in many home furnishing trade shows every year. The exhibition usually only lasts for three days. How to stand out at the exhibition and attract the attention of the audience has become the customer’s most important thing. The customer finally chose the LED poster screen developed by our company among many advertising products. The customer liked the appearance design of the product very much.
Indoor P3 LED poster case of a Canadian
In the beginning, he only bought a sample for quality testing. Unexpectedly, the customer was very satisfied after receiving the product, and the software is easy to operate, and the transportation is convenient, so I immediately bought 9 more LED posters, and now I take these 10 LED posters to the exhibition every month. Since there are 10 LED poster screens for advertising, the customer saves a lot of energy to introduce to the guests. The audience will first get the information they want to know about the company from the LED poster screen. The LED poster screen can also be very good in the exhibition Do brand promotion for the company online, so that more people are familiar with the company’s brand.
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