Indoor P3 LED poster Application Meeting

Location: Algeria
Application: Meeting

​Today I would like to share with you an application for an Indoor P3-led poster in Algeria. Indoor P3 led poster is the leading product in all led poster categories of NSE because of its affordable price and complete functions. The picture is a case where Algeria’s customer applied a 6pcs cloud screen to an important meeting.

Indoor P3 LED poster Application Meeting
LED poster has been widely used in various meetings because it can help customers to better complete the meeting. LED Posters can display the theme of the meeting, introduce the content of the project, and live broadcast the meeting in real-time. The standard size is 576*1920mm, we can customize the size for you according to your needs. Of course, many customers will care more about how to upload a video to the led poster for this product, our indoor P3 led poster is WIFI/4G/HDMI/Internet control, and supports most formats of video and pictures, which means you can Through the app, you can easily realize the need to change the video anytime and anywhere. For any technical problems, we have technicians to solve them remotely in real time.
NSE Indoor P3 led poster combines favorable price, complete functions, exquisite appearance, and so on. If you want to realize a digital display application with a limited budget, welcome to inquire about our Indoor P3 led poster

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