Indoor P3 LED Poster Applicated Netherlands Showroom

Location: Netherlands
Application: Showroom

The picture shows the showroom of our customer in the Netherlands. The customer specializes in the advertising industry and provides advertising services for various local shops and retail stores. Our company’s LED screen has attracted the attention of many shop customers. Many customers bought it and placed it in the shop window. to display the latest products and discount offers.

Indoor P3 LED poster applicated Netherlands showroom

The size of the LED screen in the middle of the picture is 576*1920mm (1.9 feet x 6.3 feet). This size is obtained after market testing and display effects. It is the best-selling size so far. if you want to start an advertising business and don’t know what product or size to start with, then This product will be your best choice, with its beautiful appearance, low cost, and large market. Many of our customers started cooperation with LED posters and gradually developed into loyal customers of NSE.

At present, our customers are all over the world, and they all praise our product quality and service. We are also happy to provide you with professional service. Our company has offices in Europe, the United States, and Dubai. We can solve any problems for customers and provide technical support at any time. Customers are also welcome to visit the office.

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