Indoor P3.91 Rental LED screen in USA clubs

Location: USA
Application: clubs

The three screens in the picture that looks like TV are our best-selling model P3.91 rental screens. Most customers think that the rental LED screens can only be hoisted with hanging beams and used in various activities and exhibitions. today Let me introduce a case where a rental LED screen is used for wall-mounted.

The picture shows a boxing stadium in the United States. To introduce the personal information of the players and the game situation to the audience, the client specially installed three LED screens on the wall. The owners choose rental LED screens instead of TVs because the rental LED screen’s brightness is higher than that of TVs. the display effect is better. Secondly, the LED screen has a built-in controller, and customers can update the playback content anytime and anywhere, and update the game record for the audience in time.

Indoor P3.91 Rental LED screen in USA clubs

Wall-mounted rental screens can be used in various scenarios such as shops, clubs, hotels, restaurants, etc. They are very popular with customers because of their quick installation and convenient maintenance. Our company has long-term stock and can arrange delivery in the shortest time, saving customers The time, customers receive the goods as soon as possible can bring benefits as soon as possible.

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